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Summertime Fun at the Fair…St. Ann Carnival
by Cate Murway

Summer means cherished good times; memorable small town celebrations and traditional carnivals … all are something magical!
The 16th Annual St. Ann's Carnival and Italian Festival is here in historic Bristol on the Delaware this week.
There are express lanes at grocery stores, hurry-up offenses in football, and on-the-go lifestyles that find everyone going their separate ways, so slow down the pace.
You’ll love this Carnival. It will remind you of days gone by with its good, all American, small town fun!
Signs, signs… everywhere a sign. So don’t miss out.
St. Ann's Carnival is an authentic old-fashioned six-night small town carnival festival that culminates this Saturday.
The fun and games and rides and lots of food started Monday at 6 p.m. and continue through Saturday night in the parking lot of St. Ann Church on the corner of Dorrance and Pond Streets.
Proceeds from the carnival support St. Ann Parish and its programming.

The Pastor, Trinitarian Father Thomas A. Morris, who has been the pastor since July 2011, is overseeing preparations for the festivities but credits the Bristol Borough Council President and the volunteers with its success.
Father Thomas stated, “It is a tremendous effort by many people. None of this could be done without the cooperation and generous hearts of the volunteers who sign up to help. Parish Projects Manager Ralph DiGuiseppe, Jr. donates many, many hours of his time to help plan for this annual event, long before the start night, and he has assembled a group of volunteers to help him.”
Ralph has benevolently “always organized the carnival with his core group of friends and the parishioners” on whom he relies.
Ralph’s other Parish responsibilities in his volunteer position of Parish Projects Manager include the overseeing of any project of building, repair or maintenance throughout the entire parish plant. This position is nominated by the Pastor and confirmed by the Parish Finance Council.

Ann D. Casmirri, proprietor of Seasons Embroidery Works, Inc. embroidered the navy blue St. Ann Volunteer polo shirts for the volunteers who serve the food, staff the booths and make everyone feel welcome.
She enjoys “seeing all the people having a great time and getting together with friends.”
Local businesses have donated baskets for the basket raffle fundraiser.
Ann included golf balls in her donation of a Seasons Embroidery Works, Inc. golf basket with an embroidered black polo golf shirt and a red embroidered gold towel bearing images of St. Ann Church.

The St. Ann Carnival provides good Italian food, fun for the family, amusement rides and a myriad of games of chance.
Craving fair food?
The aroma of freshly fried dough entices all to what seems to be the classic favorite treat of the Pizza Fritta, a Neapolitan street food that enjoys a cult-like reverence amongst the locals. The concept is simple - pizza dough and here’s where the fun begins…. the dough is immersed in a hot oil bath, deep-fried until crispy. It can be a meal or a great tasting snack when it is loaded with sauce and cheese, or doused with your choice of granulated or powdered sugar.
This is clearly not a diet dish but one of the finest addictions of all Italian treats, another memorable experience!

Donnie Petolillo skillfully prepares the sausage topped with onions and peppers, and meatballs smothered in sauce. All are fresh and delicious from his Cesare’s Italian Specialties Ristorante. It’s as good as it gets.
Chewy and sweet raw, or toothsome, tender steamed clams are also included with the menu selections.
Refillable juice containers are available this year for the youth.  Among the flavors that will be offered are sour apple and sour grape.
Channel your inner child and find your favorite.

Then, amidst all the festivity and excitement, Bingo is serious business!
$.50 a card/ 3 cards for a $1.00. The prize- the winner splits the proceeds of each game.
The atmosphere is fabulous, and it's a really cool way of meeting people.
Wrist Band night is every night! A $14.00 wristband purchase entitles the owner to ride any of the rides, as many times, for the entire evening.
There are plenty of things for the kids to do. The children’s games are located next to the rectory.
There are lots of rides and games to play; you may even win a prize to take home! 

The St. Ann Fair has become a favorite annual destination for families young and old, creating fond memories and unforgettable experiences, providing wholesome, affordable, family-oriented entertainment.
If you can’t find something of interest, sorry, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

The fair began Monday, August 13th and continues through Saturday, August 18th from 6:00 p.m. -10:00 or 10:30 p.m.
Remember…all the proceeds go to support St. Ann Parish.
For more information, call 215.788.2128.

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Ralph and Monica DiGuiseppe's
grandson, Robert, trying out the rides
2013     St. Ann Fair
August 12 through August 17  6:00pm - 11:00pm.
Children can ride all of the rides all night for a flat price of $16 when you buy a wristband.
Coupons available to get a $2 dollars off each wrist band.