Chic's brother, 
John "Reds" on left
Chic with Coach Sottile
1966-67 Bristol basketball
Jean & John D'Angelo
Copacabana Times Square, NYC
Jean D'Angelo "Mrs. D"
[9.5.1927 - 11.11.2016]
Chic w/ the late bowler champ, Vincent P. Mazzanti, Sr. [7.17.1927 – 8.9.2017]
"Chic Conference" for the late Anthony “Chic” D’Angelo, BHS ‘42
by Cate Murway

ATTENTION: Looking for athletes who were coached by Anthony “Chic” D’Angelo, BHS ‘42 
[11.8.1923- 11.8.1977]

Robert Nicholas Liberatore, BHS '57, an optimistic gentleman that seems ever enthusiastic about life and living, cherishes the influential mentoring he received from his guiding influence, “Chic” D’Angelo. The former BHS football/basketball/baseball/track athlete coached by Chic, and his younger siblings, retired teacher Richard Angelo “Rich”, BHS ’62 and the former Municipal Building Administrator, Maria Joanne Field, BHS ’69 lived with their parents, Kaiser / Fleetwings carpenter, Angelo and Mary [Caione] Liberatore on Lincoln Avenue.

Bob held a "Chic Conference", a 40 year Commemorative Reunion for Mr. D, a truly fine gentleman. 
His thinking was that many may be heading back to the Bristol area to spend Thanksgiving with family.
Beer & light hors d'oeuvres were served along with a Cash bar at Cesare's Restaurant on November 14th @ 7:00PM. Everyone brought a friend and shared a memory and reminisced about “good ‘ole times”.
The main topic discussed was: 
What would be the BEST way to permanently pay tribute to honor Chic's unselfish contributions to the Bristol youth? Do we want to create a memorial for him in town? A “bust” was suggested.
The BHS gym is named the ‘Anthony “Chic” D’Angelo HS Gym’.

The planned get together included Bristol High Athletes who were taught by or played for Mr."D". What started out as an informal gathering of some of the guys who ran track, played football or basketball for in the late 50's and early 60's grew to a bigger, more inclusive event. Bob expanded the event to include anyone who played for Mr."D" in any sport in any year, or who was taught by “Chic” at Bristol High.

Even if you were just a loyal Bristol Fan who followed his teams and would like to reminisce about the glory days, you can still give a call! 

Chic’s son, BHS School Board member, John Anthony D'Angelo, BHS ’76 continued his education at Temple University and then earned his Masters in Investment Management from Drexel. The financial analyst recently retired from Rohm & Haas and the Dow Chemical Company and is currently President / CEO at Dow Northeast Employee Federal Credit Union.
John shared, “My dad was a humble man. I salute you Captain Anthony "Chic' D'Angelo, for your service to your country. My father was sent to Iwo Jima, along with his friend John, "John Brown" Cordisco. They were sent there AFTER the horrible loss of almost 7,000 US Marines during the 3 day span of the bloody battle to take Iwo Jima. The horror that these two friends witnessed is something that bonded them for the rest of their lives. Although my father was proud of his service to our country, he was always reluctant to talk about his assignment there. I remember one Memorial Day, at the parade that ended on Route 13, some people thanked him for his service to his country. On the ride home from the cemetery I said "Dad, I didn't know you were a hero". He looked at me with a look I will never ever forget and he said, John, "I'm NOT a hero, I want you to read about what happened there... the U. S. Marines who died at Iwo Jima, they are the true heroes....".
Captain D’Angelo was in the Army Air Corps.

Chic’s parents were New England born Giovanni “John” and Bristol born Rose [Giagnacova] D’Angelo and they and his one brother, the late John “Reds” D’Angelo lived on 310 Brook Street.

Chic married Jean Eleanor [Thomas] D'Angelo, BHS '45 and they had four children. John was the third born of the siblings, the late Dr. David Thomas, and Jean Ann and Carole.

John D’Angelo and his wife, Regina Marie [Conly] met at the King George II Inn. They have two children, basketball athlete David John, BHS ’14, a Temple University junior and dancer Julie Ann, BHS ’10, a DeSales graduate who works in Healthcare. 

Coach Chic started his teaching career in the Science Department in the Morrisville School District and his wife, Jean was an executive secretary at Kaiser Industries.
“My dad retired from BHS in April 1963, before I ever started playing. He was the Athletic Director then. I ran cross country and track and played basketball for Coach James Marvin “Jim” Sottile, Sr. I loved the guy! He was a ‘man’s man’. He’d look you in the eye and told you when you weren’t good enough. Juxtapose that with what we have now where everyone gets a medal.”

John’s father ran a very organized, comprehensive Summer Recreation Program at the parks for the Bristol youth with a myriad of sports and crafts every day of the week that culminated with a trip to the Phillies game at Connie Mack Stadium. It was a very complete recreation program that included all the kids of every age in the Borough.
“I was the towel boy and I would sit next to my father. My fondest memories of my father are when he was coaching.”

On November 8, 1977, 40 years ago, Anthony "Chic" D'Angelo passed away, on his 54th birthday, from a massive heart attack.
“He was 54 but he saw a hell of a lot. His generation grew up having been in the military.”
Over the last 40 years, so many were touched by him at some point in their lives. Many have reached out to his son, John to relay a loving remembrance of him, how he helped each with something, or a funny story about him. 
“I just want to thank everyone for the kindness and love that you have directed toward me and my family...all as a result of the love, understanding and kindness that 'Chic" showed toward you. 40 years is a long time to miss someone. I am truly amazed and humbled by the fact that, 40 year later, he is still in the thought and hearts of so many people. You may have known him as Anthony, or Chic, or Coach or Mr. D. Happy Birthday Dad! 
Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t mention my dad. I am blessed as the beneficiary of the goodwill he created. Forty years later, people still mention my dad will tears in their eyes about things. I am humbled by the amount of love and goodwill that so many have sent my way.”

Another dimension of the multi-talented Chic included inventions.
Bob Liberatore and the late Robert “Bobby” Trasatti invested in his basketball board game ‘For the sports-minded boy and girl’. [Copyright © Anthony D’Angelo 1960]
The “D” Games Co., 825 Radcliffe Street, Bristol, Penna.
“My message is that my dad was ahead of his time. It’s a real simple game. He invented ‘Fantasy Basketball’”, stated John.
Bob is the sketched figure on the box, the “D” Basketball” game “logo”.

“My dad just wanted to see things get done. He didn’t need to get credit. He had a lot of good ideas. Thankfully he influenced kids like Bob who keep things going.”

Chic played such a dominant role keeping his athletes and students in an environment that made education play a most significant role in their lives and in how they progressed forward. 
“John, your dad was a legend who taught me more than just the game of basketball”, acknowledged Vernon White.  
Bob commented ruefully, “I think some of that legacy is missing here in town, some of the traditions that were well represented don’t seem to have that same commitment these days. 
There are some programs like Coach Michael N.”Mike” Lalli, BHS ’76’s program with the girls’ softball that is the epitome of a program, significant with even the very young children.”

Their goal is to keep Coach Chic’s legacy alive; such big shoes to fill!

Any questions, call Robert N. Liberatore, Sr.

P.S. Happy 55th Anniversary to Bob and Mary Jo [Flatch] Liberatore, BHS ’59!

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Jean (Thomas) D'Angelo of 825 Radcliffe Street, Bristol, Pennsylvania passed away peacefully on November 11, 2016, surrounded by her loved ones. Born on September 5, 1927 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Jean was the daughter of the late Edward and Eleanor (Butcher) Thomas. Jean graduated from Bristol High School in 1945. She was a member of St. Mark Roman Catholic Church. She was known to her loving family as "Mom-Mom", and to the many students and athletes who attended Bristol High School during the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, Jean was known respectfully as "Mrs. D". 
Jean was preceded in death by her husband of 27 years, Anthony "Chic" D'Angelo and her oldest son, Dr. David D'Angelo. Jean is survived by her daughters, Jean Ann Scott (Tim), of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and Carole Fontana (Roberto) of Northfield, New Jersey, and son, John D'Angelo (Regina) of Bristol, Pennsylvania. She is also survived by her grandchildren; Jodi Wasiak (Kenny), Steven Volponi, Victoria Volponi, Anthony D'Angelo (Elizabeth), David Matthew D'Angelo, Julie Ann D'Angelo and David John D'Angelo. great grandchild; Dominic D'Angelo and her step-grandchildren; Chad and Joe Scott along with several nieces and nephews. 
The D'Angelo family would like to express their extreme gratitude to all of the Angels who sat at Jean's shoulder and cared for her with tenderness and love; Kathy Louden, Anna Romano DiStefano, Maria Chichilitti and the Heartand Hospice Staff.
Relatives and friends are invited to attend her Funeral Mass on Friday, November 18, 2016, 10:00am at St. Mark Church, Bristol Borough. Interment, Resurrection Cemetery. Friends may call Thursday evening 7-9:00pm Friday morning 8:30-9:30am at the Wade Funeral Home, 1002 Radcliffe Str., Bristol Borough. 
Jean always taught her family the importance of charity for others, especially to the so many who are less fortunate and in need. In lieu of flowers and cards, please consider making a donation to either or each of these organizations, both of which provide exemplary and vital services to children. Bucks County Intermediate Unit Education Foundation, c/o Ms. JoAnn Perotti, 705 North Shady Retreat Rd., Doylestown, Pa 18901 or Bristol Borough Community Action Group,- Food Bank, 99 Wood Street, Bristol, Pa 19007.
Chic [on right] and his buddy, Richie Casmirri [second from left]
in Mississippi 
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Regina Marie (Conly) D’Angelo
Regina D’Angelo was embraced by the arms of The Lord on August 4, 2019
surrounded by her loving family Julie Ann, David, and John. She was 63.

Regina was born in Philadelphia, PA. After graduating from St. Stephen Catholic Elementary School in 1969, she attended The Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, graduating in 1973. Regina continued her studies at Rider University for 2 years, until she got the opportunity to pursue her true passion in life, helping others to feel beautiful about themselves.

For more than 45 years, Regina spread happiness and positivity as a beauty Consultant and cosmetologist throughout the Delaware Valley. Regina was recognized for her skill and knowledge working for the Estee Lauder Company. Over her career, she worked for all of the iconic retailers in the region, starting at John Wanamaker’s in Center City, Hecht’s and Strawbridge & Clothier at the Oxford Valley Mall, and finished her career at Macy’s, first at Quakerbridge Mall and then Oxford Valley Mall. Over that time, she spread her unique love and joy to the hundreds of customers who sought her expertise in helping women exude beauty. She was recognized numerous times by the Estee Lauder Company as one of its most accomplished Associates and received the company’s highest honor for Outstanding Customer Service, presented to her by Estee Lauder herself. Even more impressive is the fact that Regina was a shining light of happiness who was loved and respected by the shoppers, customers, employees and managers at every store and Mall that she worked in. Her greatest gift was to convince her clients that beauty flows from the inside out, an ideal that she believe to be true and lived every day of her life. So many of her customers became life-long friends whom she continued to make and share memories with, even as she fought her courageous battle with cancer.

Daughter of the late Charles and Beula (Rafferty) Conly, Regina is survived by her Daughter Julie Ann D’Angelo, her Son, David D’Angelo, and her husband of 29 years, John “Chic” D’Angelo. 

In addition to her children and husband, Regina is survived by 4 sisters: Janice Chichimarra (Joseph), Christine Conly, Doreen Klampfer and Barbara Barsky; and 6 brothers, Edward, Michael (Ellen), Terrance, Dennis, Joseph and Brian. She also has numerous Aunts and Uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, all of whom loved her dearly.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend her Funeral Mass on Friday, August 9, 2019, 10:00am at St Mark Church, Bristol Borough. Interment, St Mark Cemetery. Friends may call Thursday evening 7-9:00pm and Friday morning 9-9:45am at the Wade Funeral Home, 1002 Radcliffe Street, Bristol Borough.  

Regina’s true beauty was expressed in her understanding that so many people in the world are suffering and in need. She asked that her friends and loved ones be mindful of this and, In lieu of Flowers, to please consider making a donation to the Bristol Borough Community Action Group-Food Pantry, 99 Wood St. Bristol, PA 19007. 

from Pastor Eddie Jones, BHS '57

Ah such memories. Thank you, thank you, Cate.
I met John at the Bristol Athletes Asso. that Bobby Liberatore started a few years back. Was recognized as a BHS athlete who played in college and beyond. Sat with John and his Mom at the dinner. I had the chance then to tell them what "Coach" meant to me and what he did for me.

The poignant thing is Coach followed the Lord's example of being a "Teacher". Coach was an excellent teacher. He was my high school football, basketball, and track coach. I knew nothing about the discus and the shot put. Coach taught to the point that I was County Champion in the discus in 1957 and his football and track coaching were instrumental in my receiving a scholarship to Susquehanna University.  

In addition to his classroom and sports influence, Coach also demonstrated what it is to live a consistent life of doing good for others. In that he influenced many of us to reach to a higher standard in life. I loved Coach and look forward to seeing him in Heaven......a good soul.

Thank you again, Cate. You really tap into the goodness of the Bristol people.