Love what you do with “Décor & You”
by Cate Murway

“Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life."-
Harvey Mackay, a writer and speaker, best known as the author of five business bestsellers.  

Paula Beth Hyman Zukor, owner of Décor & You, a full-service residential and commercial interior decorating company, is truly a fortunate woman, as she is making a career of doing what she loves! Draperies & Window Coverings, the magazine for the Interior Fashion Professional that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, had highlighted the 2005 Annual “Décor & You” 4-day long Conference. Paula was recognized with “Best Entry” in the Comfort With Style Design Awards.

She and her sister, author, Lisa Barham [husband, Emmy award winning producer, Tom], author of “A Girl Like Moi, The Fashion-Forward Adventures of Imogene”, and her two brothers, Robert, an executive of the 200 year old Colgate- Palmolive Company [wife, Elementary school teacher, Karen] and Ed, a scientist, [wife, Speech therapist, JoAnne] were born in, out of the sky-scraper forest, Greenich Village, New York. Her father, promising entrepreneur, Harry Hyman was a coat and suit manufacturer in the Manhatten Garment District known since the early 20th century as the center for fashion design and manufacturing in the U.S. His private label clothing was marketed in showrooms for  Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, and Gimbels. Paula’s mother, Rhoda, who originally aspired to be an artist,  enjoyed an early television career that included segments on the Mike Wallace show and quiz shows. Both of her parents encouraged her creativity and independence and in Greenich Village, she was surrounded by artists, poets and musicians. Her family relocated to Old Bridge, N.J. [originally established as Madsion Township in 1869]  and National Honor Society student, Paula graduated from Madison Township High School. Paula shared her “good serves” with the volleyball team, enjoyed horseback riding, participated in the swim club and designed play production sets for the “Mask & Wig” Drama Club. She especially enjoyed bus excursions on Saturday mornings to her “Life Drawing” class, a most serious class with exacting standards for admission, at The Art Students League of New York on West 57th Street. Her special unparalleled talents were being proven beyond doubt, and this time was possibly her inspiration for enrolling at Parsons School of Design. Previously, as Fashion Editor of her school newspaper, “The Scriptor”, Paula had reported on trends and made projections of what to wear for the upcoming season. Her father’s business afforded Paula the opportunity to design hats and coats, [midi coats, a couple of inches below the knee, were her favorite] with elaborate cuffs and collars.
Her fashion savvy and creative illustrations were profiled in magazines such as Glamour and Ingenue. Paula’s unique artistic endeavors interested a Bloomingdale decorator who asked her to create model rooms “theme panels” in their very thriving Interior Design departments. A particularly memorable experience was creating a Hollywood themed room for “The First Lady of the Silent Screen”, Lillian Gish. Paula dispayed her innate creativity on hand painted art quilts, canvas wall hangings and murals. One of her painted Amish quilts, auctioned on PBS, won the Resources Council “Excellence in Design for Handpainted Fabrics” Award. A 14 year relationship ensued with fellow artisan, studio painter, Ivan Escobar and Paula moved her talents to Florida. She returned up North alone, living for a time with her sister in Connecticut and began writing. In 1991, she enrolled in Marymount Manhattan College, to earn her B.A. in Art History and feels very blessed to have met the late Sister Judith Savard, RSHM, Associate Professor of Art, an esteemed colleague and mentor to faculty and students who truly appreciated her Art History writing.

Paula’s love and pursuit of art and the yearning for the exchange of artistic ideas and techniques has been an impetus for her interior design career. Her extremely supportive husband, graphic designer, William Jay [Bill] Zukor created the very valuable Bristol Borough map with historical information.

Paula, a qualified legal secretary, commuting daily to NY, responded to an intriguing Courier Times “Décor & You” ad. After her initial phone call, she was assured of complete training and support, a flexible work schedule and marketing support for her full service interior design business.
The totally creative, innovative Bristol Township resident does not impose her own style, but partners with her patrons’ preferences to design their space with them in mind!  Décor designer Paula offers a total “Perfect Package” and working with her exclusive roster of vendors, saves her clients valuable time and money. From art and accessories to beautiful custom window treatments, furniture, bedding ensembles and more – she’s got you covered!

Paula Zukor
Décor & You [by appointment only]
Phone 215.788.7077
Fax 215.788.5466

Historic town, brand-new map
Bristol - Bill Zukor knows Bristol.

He has walked down every path. He has driven every street. He has read just about every book about the borough.
With all that knowledge about the 1.6 square-mile community, he has compiled a full-color street map marking historic sites, shopping centers and social service agencies. Now he plans to sell the map for $3 apiece.
"I asked around when I moved here one year ago and no one had a good map," Zukor said. "Every single one I found was lousy. They had streets that didn't exist and streets that were left out. So I just decided I'd put something together."
A graphic designer by trade, Zukor began drawing up a basic black-and-white map of the borough to help him get acquainted with his new home. Then he decided to add some color to make it more appealing.
When he finally finished his project a few weeks ago, Zukor had a two-sided, full-color, 11-by-17 inch map with site markers, historic facts and borough information.

"Wherever I go, I want a map," he said. "I'm kind of a map freak."
Zukor, 60, spent most of his life in Long Island, N.Y., and the last few years in Cliffside Park, N.J. He still runs his own graphic design business, called Bill Zukor, Finally! in Manhattan.

But after so many years close to New York, Zukor longed for somewhere a little quieter. He found the perfect house in Bristol Township, just a block from the borough's border, and began visiting Bucks to see what it was like.
He immediately fell in love with the borough's history and charm. In the year he has lived there, he has found his place in the town where families go back generations and everyone knows everyone.
"It's small enough that you can really get to know it and the people who live here," he said. "Yet it's big enough that there's a lot to offer. It's perfect."

All the interesting things he learned about the borough drove him to make his map available to others. His main goal, he said, was to make an accurate and readable map.
On top of that, he added borough information, such as the population, the size and the curfew. He also put in approximate driving distances to several cities.
One side of the map shows every street, alley, walking path, train track and body of water in Bristol. The other side identifies the location of every church, social service organization, historic site, school and shopping center. The map also includes a summary of the borough's history.

Zukor is still waiting for the final maps to come back from the printer. He ordered $1,000 worth of them and now he hopes he can sell them to tourists, newcomers and Bristol lovers. He said he'd also take special requests for anyone who wishes to order a 2-foot by 3-foot map.

Making other items with maps of Bristol on them, like place mats or shower curtains, is another idea Zukor had. He even thought about making maps of other towns, but there's one thing holding him back.
"How many places are as interesting as Bristol?" he asked.


William J. Zukor
By: Auto Obits Bucks County Courier Times
William J. Zukor, a resident of Bristol, passed away on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Bill will be missed by many friends, family and business associates, but especially by his loving and devoted wife,Paula; his sons, Mark, Lee and Phil; grandchildren, Eli, Davie and Ethan; and his sister, Ilene and brother, Donald.A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009 at Joseph Levine & Sons, 4737 Street Road, Trevose, with a private burial to follow. Shiva will be observed at the Zukor residence in Bristol.In lieu of flowers, please send donations in Bill's name to Pancreatic Cancer Research, c/o Fox Chase Cancer Center, 333 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19111.A few can touch the magic string, and noisy fame is proud to win them: Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them! Joseph Levine & Sons Memorial Chapel,


Be well — Be in Peace — and be careful with your dash
by Cate Murway

Warning: Dates on the Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear!

Graphic designer and the owner of Bill Zukor Finally, the one-stop provider of graphic and logo
design, William Jay [Bill] Zukor, possessed an unusual balance, actually a dogged devotion
to superior performance, between his strength of head and heart.
He was always unencumbered by a lack of purpose. 
He started the monthly publication of the Bristol Borough Calendar that made its debut March 2007.
He had fresh ideas with a creative spark and he executed them beautifully!
Bill walked down every path and drove every street performing his part of the Bristol Borough Town Watch, maintaining neighborhood safety and offering a high level of service and quality in everything he did.  He thoroughly read just about every book about the borough and with all that knowledge about the under 2 square-mile community, he designed a full-color street map marking historic sites, shopping centers and social service agencies for the residents, tourists, newcomers and Bristol lovers.

William J. Zukor, a resident of Bristol, passed away on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Bill is sorely missed by his many friends, family and business associates, and especially by his loving and devoted wife, Paula; his sons, Mark, Lee and Phil; grandchildren, Eli, Davie and Ethan; and his sister, Ilene and brother, Donald. Bill always brought much to life’s party- his design skills and conceptual strength were only outshined by his can-do attitude. Bill Zukor, Finally was on everyone’s First Call list!

It is not how long we live on this earth that matters, but how we live, and what we did during our sojourn on earth that sets us apart. It is always because of how much we have impacted the lives of others in our “dash” that we are still greatly missed in death. Over and above all our good deeds on this earth, it is the care, compassion, goodwill, understanding and concern we exhibited toward our fellow human beings that counts the most.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.

“I was sad to hear about Bill. I will remember him as a Velvety Soft Spoken man, kind of resembled Charleton Heston, who always made me laugh, even in an e-mail. He will be missed. Love to Paula and Family.
                                          Dawn Kelch [owner, The Kelch House Eatery]

“I was very saddened by the death of Bill Zukor too.  I was aware of his cancer problem and had hoped for the best. 
Bill Zukor moved to Bristol more recently but in my opinion did more "positive" things for Bristol than many native Bristolians have done in their lifetime.  Bill produced a quality map of the Borough of Bristol and made it available for the community. This project seemed to be done as a service not for accolades.   I am sure that the map he produced will be referenced for many years in the future. 
Bill organized a committee to produce a monthly "Calendar" to inform the citizens of the many activities available. That calendar is an outstanding contribution to the community and it was Bill's leadership that made it possible. I have been part of that committee and continue to help. Bill and his wife Paula became members of the Bristol Cultural and Historical Foundation and he supported their activities during his brief life in the community.
Bill was also very interested in the work of the Borough Council and I have been told often attended meetings.  Bill did not seem interested in the usual  "politics" but he was most supportive of the positive things in helping to improve Bristol.
Bill supported the business community and offered suggestions for their growth. Bill supported his house of worship and was recognized for his thoughtful ideas.
Bill's contribution to Bristol will long be remembered.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to know Bill and to work with him.”
Harold Dodson Mitchener, historian and author Images of America- Bristol

“Bill Zukor was a man who saw a problem, and proceeded to offer a solution.
He saw opportunities to improve his adopted community of Bristol, and took action and designed to make those improvements.
Bill was unique in his approach to life and his surroundings. He was always ready to "step up to the plate", to suggest a new approach to a situation.
His map of Bristol was a labor of love that will stand the test of time as no other map of Bristol will ever do.
A huge talent and a dear friend has been lost to all of us who knew ‘BZFinally’”.
Alan J. Vogenberg, BPharm, RPh, FASCP

“Am too emotional to read the entire article at the moment, but found the one on Bill Zukor.  May he have found a safe, peaceful haven - what a fantastic person!!!”
Florence E. Strack [Cate’s mom]

“Bill Zukor is an exceptional human being, and I know that he lives on through his beautiful spirit. I'm certain that he touched more people than he could know.
He did so much for the community in so many ways, and what a gift he gave us with the Bristol Borough Calendar. People talk about it all the time, and it has done & continues to do so much good. I know that Bill worked so hard to make sure it would go on, no matter what. His efforts to get it started and to make sure it kept going are remarkable.
Bill's presence and spirit will continue to live on, although he will always be so very missed. I'll never forget his lovely, warm smile and the kindness that was him, always.”
In peace,
PattiAnn Cutter [Silver Lake Nature Center Environmental Educator]

“Just a quick note about Bill Zukor and my personal moments with him.
I joined the RTF the summer before I opened Cannoli and would attend monthly meetings.  The members of RTF were very supportive of my business and gave me the encouragement I needed during that difficult time before opening.  Bill and Paula were especially happy about a Coffee Bar coming to town and Bill would send me daily e-mails telling me not to be afraid and to keep pushing ahead.  He would visit with his family to get a treat once in a while and the last time I saw Bill, he was so happy spending the day with his wife Paula and his three sons.  I will miss him.”
MaryAnn Lalli [owner of Cannoli coffee bar & gelateria café]

“We are so sad to hear the news.
Let’s all think back and remember how Bill touched our lives. How he bridged all the gaps and how good Bill was as a person. This may be the moment for us to shed our tears and be thankful that we were given the chance to have known a man named William Zukor. Our prayers are with the family.”
Love, Gloria Galante [WCU Harp Program professor] and Fred Vandenberg

“I had the opportunity to work very closely with Bill on getting the Bristol Borough Calendar off the ground as well as sitting and discussing many of the projects that the Borough has ongoing.
Bill's commitment to Bristol Borough can only be matched by his dedication and the efforts that he put forth in which will continue to make Bristol Borough an even a better place to live.".
Mayor Honorable Joseph A. Saxton

“That's sad about Bill.  The first time I met him and Paula was at a Bristol Cultural and Historical Foundation meeting.  He told me his name was Zukor and I asked him if he was related to the Zukor in the movie industry.  He told me he was.
We talked about Bristol and how he and Paula had come down to Bristol from Long Island where they were living.  They loved Bristol and decided to move here.  She commuted to New York for a while as she had a job there.  He also worked there but later was able to work from home most of the time.
Months later, he told me about his idea for a map of Bristol Borough and showed me a copy of his drawing and asked for advice.   I checked it out and thought it was great.  I told him to contact Carol and Harold Mitchener who could help him more than I could as they spend two mornings a week at the Grundy Library and were knowledgeable on all Bristol things.
He and Paula showed me around their home in Landreth Manor and I saw him several times after that.
Charlotte Landreth Melville [former Bristol Pilot “Traveling with Charlotte” correspondent]

“You can't say too much about a guy for doing so much in Bristol Boro. The Bristol Elks Lodge #970 will miss Bill Zukor. He did a wonderful job on all he did from the Bristol Borough Calendar and the Bristol Borough Map. I remember contacting him on the Bristol Calendar and how excited the Elks were to put stuff in the calendar for the community. Also, contacted Bill on events to be listed in the Calendar. I am going to make an announcement at the next lodge meeting. Please let the family know Our Condolences and Our Prayers are with the family.”
Kristie Gaynor [PR Director, Bristol Elks Lodge #970]

“Bill was my creative friend. His love for this little town is marked by his continuous efforts to make it a better place for its residents and for all who would visit.
The time and expertise Bill channeled toward his beautiful map of Historic Bristol on the Delaware and his dream come true of the Bristol Calendar, are two of his more recent creative endeavors that had come to fruition while Bill was still with us and working tirelessly with enjoyment sharing the pleasure of the people who participated in helping develop, print, distribute and read the Bristol Borough Calendar.  
Bill is an example of “Community Spirit”. His involvement of the RTF (Revitalization Task Force) was a passion of his. Always searching for ways to make life a little better for people around him, I will always remember our lively political conversation and the few times I got to share some time with him and Paula.  
He said he didn’t like it when I called him “Z Man” but he seemed to secretly get a kick out of the way it sounded.  
So I will miss you “Z Man”. I will miss your laugh, your thoughtfulness, cleverness and your friendship.  
Gary Murway [musician/entertainer]

The Dash
by Linda Ellis
I read of a man who stood to speak
At the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on her tombstone
From the beginning to the end.

He noted that first came the date of her birth
And spoke of the following date with tears,
But he said what mattered most of all
Was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time
That she spent alive on earth
And now only those who loved her
Know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own,
The cars, the house, the cash,
What matters is how we live and love
And how we spend our dash.

So think about this long and hard;
Are there things you’d like to change?
For you never know how much time is left
That can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough
To consider what’s true and real
And always try to understand
The way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger
And show appreciation more
And love the people in our lives
Like we’ve never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect
And more often wear a smile,
Remembering that this special dash
Might only last a little while.

So when your eulogy is being read
With your life’s actions to rehash
Would you be proud of the things they say
About how you spent your dash?
© 1996 Linda Ellis

Fare thee well, my friend, may your soul rest in perpetual peace!

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BZFinally got things DONE!
by Cate Murway

Warning: Dates on the Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear!

Graphic designer, William Jay [Bill] Zukor, with an unusual balance between strength of head and heart, has always been unencumbered by a lack of purpose.  The monthly publication of the Bristol Borough Calendar made its debut March 2007. Now a team and urgent steps are needed to guarantee no date is set for its demise!
He could visualize something in the blank pages of the calendar each month… the Borough! But more than just the Borough, the soon filled pages reflected possibilities, what could be hoped for but couldn’t be known, dreams and wishes and love and plans and fear and whispers and squares of promise for the town. No information was obfuscated [made evasive, unclear, or confusing] and the assortment of  things to do and places to go, not only in the Bristol vicinity, but in many other areas, as well as across the River in Burlington County, N.J., were perfectly clear! And there was no problem getting there, as Bill had also created unique Borough maps with historical information that are still available at “Great I.D.’s by Anne” on 257 Radcliffe Street. Call Anne at 215.785.2350 for directions to her store and then go purchase a map!

The reliable and committed “connected community” calendar team was a joint effort of the Bristol Borough Community Partnership [fostering positive development of youth and families], The Revitalization Task Force [to make Bristol better for residents, stores, and visitors] and printing, courtesy of Mercury Press. The calendar doesn’t actually provide direct services to anyone, yet serves us all! It remains free to both list in and to take, thus the core mission is to give a boost to each and every organization or individual trying to do something good for and enhance Bristol Borough.
When residents have the right information at the right time, they tend to get more involved in the life of the community. In other words, they are more inclined to get out of the house and attend community meetings and to take part in community and civic activities.

The benefits of this well-designed, modern community portal are numerous. The Calendar is a one-stop local entertainment guide, just as good as word of mouth… even better! The Calendar is alive with year-round activities and packed with programs; a series of fun and affordable [most times, FREE!] events throughout the summer, schedules, Senior Citizen activities, and entertainment. Equally as important, this publication lets others from outside the Borough, learn more about the Borough itself. In addition to announcing social events, it can familiarize residents with any opportunities offered and alert them to the new retail businesses in the Borough.

Advertising in the Bristol Borough Calendar creates and builds your name recognition in your own community, extending your valuable communication circle and the number of people you service. Be a proud sponsor in this community venture and reach every family and resident in the Borough with viable month long [or year long] advertising. Support the local businesses!
Make a unique announcement or pay proper tribute to a special accomplishment on the Message Board. Wish a bud or family member a Happy Birthday, help celebrate an Anniversary with your upbeat Best Wishes or say Thanks to someone who deserves credit! Your sentiments will be enjoyed and appreciated ALL MONTH LONG!
Call Rich at 215.410.7966.

This is a great concept, a great resource and a great marketing tool. As a marketing tool, this community portal becomes an important part of tourism efforts, a way to get travelers and visitors to stop and spend money on lodging and meals, to market local businesses to customers outside the community, and to project a modern and vibrant image to the world. Our community aspires to be seen as vibrant, attractive, and prosperous and a great place to live and to work!

We are aggressively searching for more assistance to keep developing further interest in the Bristol Borough Calendar and to increase traffic to business and the volunteer service organization sites in the community to make a lasting impact.
Make an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the members of the distinguished group that has either been involved with the Bristol Borough Calendar in the past, or have stepped forward and declared that they believe the Calendar is valuable enough to the community that they would like to contribute their time to make sure it continues to be published, in the absence of its founder and “handle-every-aspect” man, Bill Zukor.

The Committee as it stands now includes:
Loretta M. Vasso- coordinator
Kristie Gaynor – listings
Judy A. Loftus- graphics/ JBS Printmaster
Harold Dodson Mitchener- historian/distribution
Cathleen [Cate] Murway- articles and distribution lists/distribution
Charlotte Swift Landreth-Melville- mailing
Robert Barton [Bob] Patrick- webmaster
Richard B. [Rich] Pearl- advertising
Michael [Mike] and Linda Priebe- distribution
Richard David [Rich] Murphy - printing/RTF
Honorable Joseph [Joe] A. Saxton- distribution
Alan Joseph Vogenberg- “self proclaimed motivator” and new listings
William Jay [Bill] Zukor- consultant [finally!]
We thank this committed group for their interest and involvement. Come and join us so that together we can continue this superb resource that people have come to look forward to and value. Contact Loretta M. Vasso at 215.781.6602 X 101 if you have an interest in joining the effort.

Although the deadline to submit calendar listings, messages and ads had typically been the 10th of each month, the August issue is not yet closed.  There may be a delay in the delivery of August calendars, but
we hope to be back on schedule in September. 
Please submit your listings by going online to, click on the “Calendar” page and then go to “Click here to submit a calendar listing.” 
If you do not have access to the Internet, for now you can call 215.781.6602 or submit your listing by fax to 215.781.6611.  Watch the calendar for changes to these numbers.
Your patience and support of the Bristol Borough Calendar is welcomed and appreciated.

Bristol Borough Community Partnership is a public/private collaboration working to promote the positive development of youth and families, by reducing substance abuse, delinquency, violence and school dropout among youth, and thereby strengthening our community.

Paula & Bill Zukor
Bobbie Enke and Loretta Vasso
presenting award to Bill