There's a place for YOU at the BRT!
by Cate Murway

Ready to let your creative side loose?
Volunteers are the life-blood, the cornerstone of the Bristol Riverside Theatre. Without the consistent help of countless ardent and trustworthy individuals donating their time to serve their community, what they do would not be feasible.
The BRT is lucky to have some of the best.

If you have some time you are willing to share, please give them a call; all skill levels are welcome and no experience is necessary.
People from all walks of life participate, forming new friendships, learning new skills, and gaining self-confidence.
This could be the perfect teen service for well-rounded, compassionate, and community-minded high school seniors.
Be a part of making the Bristol Riverside Theatre even better in the months and the years to come. It's fun, it's creative, it's rewarding.
P.S. Don't put it off any longer!

Here are voices of the volunteers from the fresh and mysterious world of the theatre.

Karen Sue, NJDOT [NJ Dept of Transportation] supervisor and Jerome “Jerry” L. Duginske have been volunteering for the last 23 years.
“We love giving back to the community and the BRT is so homey and friendly.”
Karen and Jerry, a retired GE materials purchasing manager/industrial engineer are originally from Wisconsin. Their son soccer/basketball athlete Ty Jerome, HGP ’89/U of MI is an engineering manager. He and his wife reside in snowy Illinois with their children, Troy and Sarah.
Jerry claims, “mid-Westerners are big volunteers” and they are accustomed to dealing with snow, sleet and ice so he even shoveled snow to make way for the theatre patrons.
Karen was a GED sub teacher and she has performed various duties at the theatre from “as required” house manager to usher.
Perhaps you enjoy tinkering and fixing things; there are so many ways to use your skills.
Jerry donated his time to pressure power wash the epoxy balcony floor and the wrought iron tables and chairs.
They agree, “Maryanne Lalli is a great person, very considerate, the best manager we ever had. We can’t do enough for her. Keith Baker and Susan D. Atkinson bring energy and enthusiasm and much devotion to the community culture.”

You see you don’t have to be an actor or director to get involved—there is so much more to the theatre.

Formerly a psychologist’s secretary and a “Hope for the Animals” employee,
Marilyn J. Powers has volunteered at the BRT since 1993.
“ I love Bristol. It’s a great town, reminds me of North Braddock, [a borough in Allegheny County, PA], the mill town I came from.” Her family moved from Pittsburgh to Levittown when it was first built so her late father, James Pierce Parsons could teach the masonry apprenticeship programs for U.S. Steel.
Marilyn has 4 children and 14 grandchildren but she really enjoys helping in the BRT theatre. She and her late mother, Margaret Pearl Parsons, who was a Lower Bucks Hospital nurse, actually saw the first show Susan Atkinson directed at the newly opened theatre, “The Good Earth”. “It was such a great show!”
Marilyn is prepared to do “anything they need done; work at the stands or help with opening nights.”

Just let them know what your special skill or interest is, and the staff will match you with a volunteer position.

Berenice Edele has “never performed but I’m a frustrated wannabe performer” and she has volunteered for the last 4 years.
Sometimes just being in the same room is magical enough.
“The town is quaint and volunteering at the BRT is a very pleasant experience, very rewarding.”
Berenice ran her own store, JMS Furniture in Voorhees, NJ in the 80’s and ended her career as the furniture manager at Choice Seating Gallery.
She has two children, Stephen, who is a Headmaster and Denise, who works at the Courier Times. She travels a lot and loves to spend time with her five grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren but she still allocates the time to usher at the theatre and help the house manager.

What better way to spend an evening or afternoon than volunteering at the BRT?

Marlene Alice Bassett, a self-proclaimed “clown at heart” travels from Edgewater Park to help at the BRT. “I love theatre!”  She has been volunteering for two years now.

You’ll see great productions for free, and work with some terrific people who enjoy theatre as much as you do!

BCHF member Lois M. [Black], BHS ‘51 and retired pharmacist Anthony L. “Tony” Centafont have volunteered together for almost 6 years. They were both raised in Bristol and Lois’ father, Samuel Wilson Black was a BHS ’23 graduate.
They answered an ad in the paper when the theatre was looking for volunteers and Lois confirmed they do “whatever needs to be done”.
They also volunteer together at Lower Bucks Hospital. Tony once worked at DiLorenzo’s Pharmacy and he owned the Bristol Pharmacy on Mill Street.
They have 3 sons, Richard, David and John, 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandsons.

Volunteers give their time and energy because of their love of community theatre and what it gives back to the community.

Former administrative assistant for an insurance broker Marsha A. Flager and her mother, Claryne K. Weinberg, who just celebrated her 90th birthday, volunteer together.
They “meet new people and see old friends. It’s just fun!”
They also enjoyed the “The Good Earth”.
Volunteering keeps you young!
Claryne still prepares and helps serve meals at the retirement and assisted living Galilee Pavillion in Levittown.

Volunteers act as ushers, ticket takers, and concessions sales personnel, and more.

Shawn Stone, Director of Marketing shared, “Volunteering doesn’t have to be a big commitment, helping out a few hours a week would be appreciated. Volunteers have the opportunity to see the show for free and to meet other people in the community who share their passion for theatre.
It’s an opportunity to give back to the theatre – the theatre is here for you!”

The Bristol Riverside Theatre eagerly welcomes new and renewed faces.
Call Anna Spangler, Development Associate, at 215.785.6664 x104.
Volunteers are also needed to help with bulk mailings, update mailing lists, distribute posters and literature, and to help with special events planned at the theatre.
And there are many other opportunities………
Volunteer once a month, twice a month, whatever fits into your schedule and help us keep this wonderful community theater alive and open for everyone's enjoyment!

Spread the word, the BRT theatre, a premier example of a vibrant and successful professional theatre company, needs you now more then ever.
Their craft is an experience you will never forget.
Tell your friends to become volunteers.
You are Wanted—Needed—Appreciated…. There is always room for more!
With the help of our volunteers, the show will go on………..

Bristol Riverside Theatre
Anna Spangler, Development Associate
120 Radcliffe Street
Bristol, PA 19007
215.785.6664 x104

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