owner- Edward Zereci
Getting Your Slice of the Pie
by Cate Murway

“When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's amore………..”

"National Pizza Month" was in October but you certainly don't have to wait for October to come around again to enjoy this sensory-pleasing food. Nothing says flavorful and delicious quite like a pizza. Pizza, often referred to as "pie", is definitely not an acquired taste; it's most often ‘love at first bite’.
Once upon a time, after man mastered the art of making round flat breads, an anonymous baking genius came up with the idea of putting olive oil or cheese and a variety of toppings, herbs and spices on the bread. Babylonians, Israelites, Egyptians and other ancient Middle Eastern cultures were eating flat, un-leavened bread that had been cooked in mud ovens.
Semi- soft white mozzarella cheese [made using spinning and then cutting- hence the name; the Italian verb mozzare means "to cut"] originally came from domestic water buffalo [mozzarella di bufala campana].
The Italian peasants of Naples have been given the credit for inventing the first pizza with tomatoes. In the beginning of the 18th century, tomatoes were added to the flat bread and it became "Italian", evolving into the familiar pie we know today but was originally considered crude peasant food and some time passed before the aristocracy would even try it. A pizza maker known as Raffaele Esposito used fresh, local ingredients for the Queen of Italy in 1889. To show the patriotic fervor, food was used that would best represent the colors of Italy: red tomato, white mozzarella cheese and green basil.
It was a hit with the queen and the world!
The end of World War II brought thousands of soldiers home from Italy, their hearts full of amore for the pizza pies they discovered abroad and this hankering soon exploded into bona fide pizza-mania.

The aroma, isn’t that the first thing that attracted you to pizza?
Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or about 350 slices per second, enjoying this wonderful crusty, saucy, cheesy meal, a combination of cheese, tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and assorted toppings.
New Villagio Pizza is one of the more recent names offering Italian cuisine in historic Bristol on the Delaware.
So the next time “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
Visit Villagio’s…………That's [‘g’amore] gourmet………..”   Buon Appetito!

The future of pizza, one of the most versatile and popular foods in America, is bright. Everybody loves it, and whatever your mood or whatever the occasion, pizza is the ultimate comfort food, snack food or gourmet food. Any way you slice it, pizza can be eaten hot or cold, at any time of the day, with just about anything on top which makes it one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan foods on the planet.
New Villagio Pizza specializes in hand stretched (tossed) or pan pizzas that are baked to exactness. Their pastas are prepared fresh daily and all their sauces and recipes are made on the premises.
Try the Florentine Pizza topped with chicken, spinach and provolone cheese and baked to crispy perfection. The Greek Style Pizza is smothered with both feta and mozzarella cheeses, spinach, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Other gourmet pizzas include the Philadelphia Style Pizza, which is covered with a delicious blend of steak, American and mozzarella cheeses and sauce. Another fantastic pick would be their Villagio Special Pizza which is a heavy pizza covered with cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, beef, sausage, bacon, green peppers and onions as well as ham and fresh tomatoes. Bet you can’t wait to “lei” your hands on this one- Hawaiian style with ham, pineapple, cheese and sauce.
The crusts are slathered with a wash of sweet tomato sauce topped with mozzarella and your choice of mushrooms, red onions, broccoli or perhaps fresh mushrooms. The pies are a literal explosion of sweet, salty, mild, spicy, crisp or tender ingredients, just about every yin-yang description that can make your food choice great.

Chef and owner Edward Zereci is delighted to serve you. His greatest desire is to provide excellent food for a great value in a comfortable setting. He opened in April 2008 and he hopes his New Villagio Pizza’s friendly service will keep you coming back
Ed and his wife Katerina emigrated from Greece nearly 15 years ago. They have a 13-year-old daughter Sara and reside in Huntingdon Valley. His parents Spiro and Maria and his brother, Gane still reside in Athens. His dad worked in the pizza business but it was a friend who taught him to specialize in the pizza trade. Ed previously managed a pizza shop in Philadelphia. “I have always liked pizza from the time I was little.”

The sauce is 100% natural and Ed uses all fresh ingredients [fresh mushrooms and carton tomatoes] and the best cheeses from New England. Thinking beyond the global obsession of pizza? Try the cooked fresh real beef cheese steak sandwiches with your choice of garnish toppings or a classic 8oz. 100% Angus beef hamburger patty grilled to your liking and fantastically crispy Bonanza French fries with hot melted cheddar cheese. The baked Villagio fries are smothered with cheddar, Swiss and mozzarella cheeses and topped with crunchy bacon bits. Pair whatever you choose with a piping hot cup of their homemade soup of the day. Varieties include chicken noodle, vegetable or crabmeat chowder. Select a garden or Caesar salad or a side of fresh crispy roasted garlic bread toasted with butter and Parmesan cheese and the meal is complete.
Hot platters include Italian dishes of spaghetti, ravioli and ziti with meatballs, mushrooms or hot or sweet sausage and roast beef, turkey or baked eggplant parmigiana dishes. There are also [one of Ed’s favorites] an assorted variety of rotisseried lamb, chicken or beef Greek Gyro sandwiches from which to choose. The hot quesadillas selections include chicken, veggies, steak or burgers.

Drink with your dish? The cold box is stocked with apple, orange and cranberry juice as well as liters or cans of soda, iced teas and PowerAde sports drink.
Have you always had a soft spot in your heart for milkshakes ...real milkshakes, you know, milk + ice cream = real milkshake.
New Villagio’s mastery lies in two things: good ingredients [ice cream is key] and proper technique. The incredible individually blended to order milkshakes are the best - creamy, thick and made with real milk and high quality ingredients. Manager Jessica Walton can help you choose from hand-scooped strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and cookies 'n' crème. It’s a cool taste of reminiscence, not a facsimile of an American classic!
Caution- sometimes you have to go back for more.

When you're trying to fight off a pizza attack...don't deprive your taste buds any longer... get the hot pizza for yourself and your ravenous friends the most direct way possible.
Here's your options...
OPTION 1 - The Call In option [Buy 4 plain pizzas and get the 5th FREE]
Grab the telephone/cell and "phone in" your pizza order to New Villagio Pizza- 215.788.7007. They deliver! [Free lunch delivery from 11:00a.m. -2:00p.m.]
OPTION 2 – The Pick Up the Pizza option
Put on some clothes, fix your hair/wear a hat and jump in the car/walk to New Villagio Pizza.
OPTION 3 – The Pick Up the Ingredients Pizza option [such a simple process!]
Purchase the fabulous dough, the flavorful sauce and the perfectly prepared delicious grated cheese toppings from New Villagio Pizza and create the piping hot tailor made pizza pies quickly and easily, and at home.
Mostly everyone adores pizza and will happily test your creations and pizza is a fun food item for children because they can eat it with their hands.

New Villagio celebrates your scholastic victories.
“Give us an 'A' "and get your slice of the pie!
Come in with your latest report card.
Get a free slice of pizzA for earning an “A”.

Seniors get a 10% discount and there is FREE delivery to the Grundy Towers.
Plenty of room for parties!

Mention this “Spotlight” and receive a 25% discount on your food purchase.

New Villagio Pizza
1500 Farragut Avenue
Bristol, PA
Dine In.  Carry Out.  Parties.
Monday – Thursday: 10:30am - 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am - 11pm
Sunday: 11:30am - 10pm

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