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A Thankful Mix in 2-0-1-6
by Cate Murway

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.”  
Henry David Thoreau [1817-1862], American essayist, poet, philosopher and historian

Isn’t Thanksgiving more than just football, turkey, and family reunions? To many people, its meaning is lost. What comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Does your picture include a time of thankfulness, or is it merely one of eating, partying or are you just focused on the gridiron?

The USA has continuously been at the forefront of economic prosperity, medical science, technology, food production, sanitation, architecture, and even space exploration. Its citizens enjoy the freedoms of religion and speech and it allows individuals and families to emigrate from other countries, and enjoy these liberties as well.
As Thanksgiving Day approaches, take time to ponder and consider the many truly wonderful blessings you enjoy. Be most grateful for these extraordinary benefits.

“The ultimate measure of support for a democracy is to the extent of willing public participation. Our act of voting, exercising our privilege / right, is a reaffirmation that we have a republic- republic is the Latin for 'a thing of the people'. This election cycle has been more divisive than any other in our lifetime. Our challenge is to realign our national spirit so that we can work together as we deal with a world filled with both opportunities and threats. The continuing greatness of our nation is in the balance.
Regardless of how you voted, we have much for which to be grateful.”
Frederic H. Baumgarten, President, The Grundy Commons, historic Bristol on the Delaware

A most thankful receiver is receptive to a plentiful harvest.

“I am thankful that I can live in a country where I can practice the religion of my choice. I am thankful that I have the right to vote my choice for people running for an office in a government. I am thankful that I live in a country that has an abundance of food available.” 
Author/ historian Harold Mitchener, Bristol Borough

“The obvious comes to mind, good health and security. But this Thanksgiving I hope families everywhere will use their gatherings to discuss civility, tolerance, compassion and basic decency, now more than ever.” 
Author Bill Pezza, Bristol Borough

“I am thankful for my children. Every day they give me hope that we live in a society of love.”
 Amanda Conmy, Yardley

“The most meaningful thing to me is my family. The Thanksgiving dinners at my mom’s house where she cooked for the whole family, grownups at the big table and then the cousins table which was a long coffee table in the living room. Those were great times. I always looked forward to my mom’s sweet potato casserole. Now I enjoy Thanksgiving with my even bigger family, with my in-laws and now my kids sit with the cousins in the kitchen. No matter what, Thanksgiving to me is about, FAMILY!” Rosalie Berrocal, Bristol Borough

Find time to thank the people who made a difference in our lives.

“Not a week passes without my saying:
"Thanks Miss Schmidt for teaching me proper English."
"Thanks Mrs. Gontar for making me button my shirt."
"Thanks Miss Yerkes for reminding me to wear a belt."
"Thanks Miss Peck for Civics 101 foundations .... such as "with Federal money comes Federal control."
"Thanks Coach Prender for getting the football/track scholarship for me."
"Thanks Mr. Hagley for taking me aside as a 12 yr. old youth and explaining why I should use deodorant."
"Thanks Joe Diamanti for adopting me as your son and instilling in me that 'A gentleman is that individual who always has respect for his fellowman."
"Thanks to Mr. Paglione and the Bristol School Board of the 1950's for never being tight with money when it came to education for "the kids in Bristol".
Like the great Jewish King David of old wrote in Psalm 16, we Bristol kids can say: "I have a goodly heritage". 
Pastor Ed Jones, BHS ’57, Wilmington, DE

We are truly alive when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.

“Thanksgiving day for me is every day!
I am grateful for my salvation, my amazing husband and parents, sisters and family, my new great niece Avery, my talented students and friends.
I am grateful for my music gift from God to be shared with all.
I am grateful for my job, house, health and life.” 
WCU Professor Gloria Galante, Professional Harpist, Bristol

Thanksgiving is the one day that is purely American. 

“There is so much to be thankful for.
Living in the United States of America, with all the opportunities we have been fortunate to enjoy.
Being married for 65 years with a wonderful family!
We, and the entire population of the U.S., have been blessed to have enjoyed the wonderful life that our country has created during our lifetime. 
Alan J., BSPharm, RPh, FASCP and Audrey Vogenberg, Langhorne

Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you.

“Health and family.” BCHF member, Helen M. Younglove, Bristol Borough
“Memories… and making new ones.” BCHF President / AOB, Jeanette A. “Jan” Ruano, Bristol

“This Thanksgiving Day I'm thankful for my health, family, and friends. Oh, and food, can't forget the Thanksgiving Feast!” Photographer, Dave Rutkowski, Bristol Borough

That which seems insignificant when you have it, is important when you need it.

The members of Bristol Elks Lodge #970 are working together to ensure that everyone receives a warm, nutritious meal with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving Day. The invitation is open to the community, senior citizens, those who are less fortunate, and those who are alone and cannot afford to prepare a holiday meal for themselves.
The late Edward Carl Heacock recognized a need in his community and established this Thanksgiving Day event designed to serve any individuals who may be forgotten.

Yes, a FREE Thanksgiving Dinner is offered on Thursday, November 24th, 2016, compliments of the BPOE located at 95 Wood Street, Bristol Borough, PA 19007.
The dinner buffet, in Ed’s memory, features roast turkey/dressing, ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, rolls & butter and dessert and will be served from 2:00pm-5:00pm. Dine at a “community dinner table” and celebrate the holiday with your peers.
Share the word!

For additional information call 267.245.5551. 
Kristie Gaynor
Bristol Elks Lodge #970 
Public Relations Director 

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” 
Marcus Tullius Cicero [106BC-43BC], Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator

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"Thanksgiving to me means simply friends and family. My wife on our first Thanksgiving invited my parents and a great Aunt. Later we included single friends that would probably had ate alone as well as family members. 
That tradition at our house started more then five decades ago and the original invitees are now attending a heavenly banquet but their memories and those of all that have sat at our table are renew with each new Thanksgiving feast."
Bill Slack, Hudson, FL

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