bust of Senator Joseph R. Grundy, by late artist, Joseph E. Pavone
"I was brought up with the old-fashioned ideas of doing right, fearing no man and loving my country and I have tried to do all three." Senator Grundy
photographer- Dave Rutkowski
America: Still ONE Nation, Under God
by Cate Murway

“But I don’t need turkey to eat or stuffin’ or pumpkin pie
 To make each day Thanksgiving Day and I’m gonna tell you why
‘Cause if there’s food to eat and the people I love are near
 Then it is Thanksgiving Day every day of the year….”
‘Every Day Is Thanksgiving’ Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor

To even the most hardened of Americans, violence and destruction have been occurring on such a devastating scale, it is simply inconceivable. As Americans, we have taken for granted the ability of being able to retreat from a world filled with peril, our present world of chaos, to a much safer place.
One cannot help but feel sincere gratitude for life in a country that is at the same time, tolerant of all religions and intolerant of terrorist violence.
As we share Thanksgiving feasts, comfortably ensconced among food, family and friends, continuing festivities that incorporate all the ancient and modern traditions that define our American society, let us profess heartfelt gratitude for the abundant gifts and the freedoms we continue to enjoy, while praying for worldwide peace.
Thanksgiving seems to be the closest thing we have in America to a national day of prayer, a cause for reflection on what makes America great. As a people of faith, united we wish unto others that which we would want for ourselves.
Just what is it about our nation that has created a society that is peaceful, and tolerant and welcoming?

"We are at war – unfortunately!
We didn’t start the war. We don’t want to fight this war, but we have to recognize that we are being attacked for who we are and what we stand for. This war is an attack on our most fundamental values – liberty as individuals, and freedom for our country. This war is not defined by national borders; nor by religion or by race. This is a war to maintain our way of life or to retreat to the 9th century.
Let us give thanks that we see this struggle for what it is and that we will again lead the civilized world in unity to victory!”
Frederic H. Baumgarten, President, The Grundy Commons, Bristol on the Delaware

“Audrey and I are thankful for the gift of life and for each other. Our family brings us joy each day as they work successfully to achieve their goals.”
Alan J., BSPharm, RPh, FASCP and Audrey Vogenberg, Langhorne, PA

“I took an amazing Viking River cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam with my college friend Kathleen Keller. And made two new friends, Christine and Beth. A great experience I will treasure.”
Mary Frances Asta, Bristol Borough

“For still having my wife with me after a horrible auto accident in 1997. Since then she made tremendous progress from a dim prognosis. She's my wife and my best friend and hope to spend another 47 years with her.” 
John Ruszin, Bristol Borough

“Karen and I are thankful to be healthy enough to be busy, to engage in the civic activities that have linked us to so many wonderful people. Of course, we're extremely grateful for our growing family. This year saw the birth of our newest grandchild, Evelyn Leona Pezza.”
Author William M. “Bill” Pezza, Bristol Borough

“I am most thankful for a terrific group of volunteers called the Advisory and Oversight Committee (AOC), who have made it their unselfish mission to raise funds to provide after-school and summer programming for the children of Bristol. In my more than 40 year career in education, I have never met a more dedicated group of individuals.” 
Mary Gesualdi, Historic Bristol Borough

“So Thankful for so many reasons. Especially that I was born in this great country. United States of America.” 
 Emily Mancini, Bristol Borough, PA

“Thankful for life itself, for waking up in the morning because tomorrow is not guaranteed, is a blessing.”
 Z-Ivette Primavera, Bristol

“I am most thankful this year that my grandchildren are doing well; my oldest grandson is a United States Marine; my youngest grandson is quite the scholar. My granddaughter gets prettier and smarter every day. And my great-grandson is just the cutest, happiest baby; there’s a lot for which I can give thanks. These kids top the list.” Liz Fisher, Bristol

“I'm thankful for my family, friends at the Bristol Elks Lodge 970. It's been a rough year. But I’m glad that I had my family and friends to help me this year.”  Kristie Gaynor / Elks 970 Public Relations

"I'm most thankful for my Dietetic Internship, my healthy parents, my wonderful husband and son, and my new nephew Joseph Robert Scheerer."  Lisa James, Newtown 

“I am thankful for my family and friends. Thankful that God has given me what I need to survive.” 
Rosalie Berrocal, Bristol Borough, PA.

“I wake up each day thankful for a new day, my family and friends and all of the little things...a child's laughter, the autumn leaves, the scent of pinecones and so much more!”
Millie Schwendiman-Coder, Bristol Boro

“I am very Thankful for having my Twin Brother and Sister-in-law Harry and Cathy they are the most caring and helpful and see to all needs since i have been in the Neshaminy manor Home the last 5 years.”
Donald L. Crohe, Bristol born

“When asked "What am I most thankful for" the first thought that came to mind is this: my gift of faith that has given me peace and so many blessings in my life. I have seen many parts of the world, have all the normal things in life that everyone aspires to obtain; however, those experiences pale in comparison to the contentment that one achieves through love of God, love of family and friends, and love of the world in which we live.”  Dianne Brockway, Bristol Borough

“I am thankful for my family, close friends & having stable employment right in Bristol Borough this past year.” 
 Nick Rizzo, Bristol Borough

“I am thankful for each new sunrise, giving me another day and each new sunset giving me a chance to rest!” 
 Susan Zanino Corleto, Langhorne

A sincere thank you is humbly extended to the extremely talented 19007 photographers and artists who so willingly and unselfishly share their amazing talents. 
Special kudos to Dave McGlynn and Dave Rutkowski for their ‘FALL FOTOS’!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, filled with warm moments and cherished memories.

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Happy Thanksgiving from New Port Richey, FL
Joan and Bill Slack.
The young lady known as wifey, mom, mommom, Aunt Joan and simply Joan will be coming home Wednesday, November 25 just in time to cook a great Thanksgiving Meal. 
Well, maybe cooking might be a stretch but being home for Thanksgiving will be a fact … 
and Cate I found that something I am truly grateful for Thanksgiving! 
Wifey rehab will continue at home with visiting nurses and therapists. Top priority is to get her weight up to the point where no one will kick sand in her face at the beach.