It’s ALWAYS TIME to Give Thanks
by Cate Murway

Our national observance of Thanksgiving is unique. It is rooted in the history of the pilgrims and exclusively American, 
a holiday for celebrating faith, family, and freedom.
Things in life, the very things that go unnoticed or unmentioned, are most times what make life truly worthwhile. 
This article is devoted to those things. Make time to give thanks.

“What happening occurred this year for which you are most thankful?”

Frederic H. [Fred] Baumgarten, President, The Grundy Commons  
“We are gloriously different from almost every other nation in the world! Our system works- not perfectly, but it works. 
Ever since 1789, when the Constitution became our rulebook, the United States of America has been a “light unto the nations”, 
and the form of government that we invented has been a model for all the world. We have reason to be both grateful and proud.”

Kristin M. Weinkopff, R.N. 
“My son started his freshman year at college and is living on campus. I commuted to school so I'm thankful he's able 
to have an experience I didn't.”

Melissa F. Paolini, former and first female Bristol Lions president 
“Got a new job and thankful for being able to help my parents and spend time with them. 
Also thankful for my friends that were there for me when I was little down.”

Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq. , NJ
“Being here to talk about this year.”

Nicholas T. Zlupko, VJM teacher/coach
“Thankful to be part of a State championship soccer program.”

William M. “Bill” Pezza, Sr., author/ Bristol Borough Raising the Bar
“From a personal perspective, we are most thankful for the birth of our grandson, Mason Thomas Pezza. 
As for the Borough, we are deeply grateful for the terrific team of dedicated and talented Raising the Bar 
volunteers and the work they have done. Bristol Borough is on the move.”

Mary Gesualdi, Bristol Borough teacher/ Title 1 federal program coordinator
“The fact that the Bristol Borough Council, the Bristol Borough School District, the Bristol Riverside Theatre, the YMCA, 
the 21st Century Community Learning Center, the Grundy Library and the Advisory and Oversight Committee all worked together to provide FREE Summer Programming for more than 400 Bristol Borough children!”

Mark L .Gesualdi, N.J. Treasury Department
“That all my daughter, Christina Maria’s dance education and yoga training paid off when she was 
recently able to successfully provide exercises for me to help heal my sciatica.”

Kristie Gaynor, Bristol Elks #970/public relations
“I'm thankful for my family and extended family at the Elks Lodge in Bristol.”

Ashlee Bryn Scarborough, Mastery Charter School-Clymer Campus teacher
“Working in urban schools the past few years has taught me a lot as a teacher, but even more as a person. 
There are ups and downs just as there are in life. We try to be there for the students’ whole mind and spirit. 
I am thankful for this time I get with my students and hearing and knowing that they consider me their safe place.”

Melissa Morley Amour, VJM Institutional Advancement
“Finally made it to Cooperstown this summer, got a new car, took my mom and cousins away on a nice vacation, 
saw the Broadway show “Rain”, took my daughter to a concert to see her all-time favorite band, 
and of course, good health and happy family!”

Donna Vico Love, Harmony, PA
“Got to reconnect with my nephew, Jason. Gave me hope for a relationship with him.”

Bernadette Barron, massage therapist
“My Family My Grandchildren My True Friends and Good Health”

Mia Burns, Bristol Borough, PA 
“A new job after 11.5 months of unemployment and 300 applications.”

Diane Lalli and Gregg Lalli, Bristol Borough, PA
“Welcomed the birth of our first granddaughter.”

Patricia Phillips, Bristol Borough, PA 
“Having Harry Crystal and the children so close, and for all their help. Xoxo”

Bill Slack, Hudson, FL
“My answer may be somewhat outside of the box but the little things are what I really pay attention 
to on my daily adventures in smelling those flowers.
Like the footprints in the sands of time you can look back on the small steps that brought you to where you are now 
and the direction you are heading. One day is a small sample of all the days we lived but fifty years of those days add up 
to celebrating our fiftieth wedding anniversary this year, a truly big day. Bringing our first child home from the hospital 
was a big day but it took an accumulation of five years of little days overcoming the red tape involved in the adoption procedures 
to accomplish that fete. Giving birth to that child siblings were also big in our lives but lets not forget the simple little act of love 
that was involved nine months previous. Our first grandchild was a huge event 24 years ago but no less an event then our latest grandchild’s birth this year. All the births were big events and celebrations but the simple little visits of our children and 
grandchildren throughout the years far exceed the joys and pleasures of those big events. 
So all the simple little footprints involved in our journey this past year are what we will celebrate at our Thanksgiving table.” 

Audrey Vogenberg, associate BJC caretaker
“One thought I have....Alan's recovery from Heart Attack & we celebrate
another anniversary on Thanksgiving...63 years (you do have to "work"
at it EACH day, not always easy).”

Charmaine Sieger, The Grundy Commons business manager
“Dad is 100% cancer free! Will start 6 months of chemo strictly preventive measure.” 

Robin J Simmers Butrey, Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library & Margaret R. -Grundy Museum docent
“First I'm so very thankful for my husband Frank. Second, I'm thankful I have a great job at the Grundy Library and Museum.”

Jeanette “Jan” Ruano, BCHF Board of Directors
“There are so many things that happened this year for which to be thankful.
The first thing I thought of was the times I spent with good friends. As having lost a good friend recently, it made me realize 
how lucky we are to have the privilege to share time with our friends and loved ones. The other thing I thought of is the wonderful weather we experienced this summer. The news was filled with weather disasters all over the world, and we were spared to enjoy a wonderful summer. 
I am also grateful to those who remind us that we must share our good fortune with those in need. At times complacency needs a reminder. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.”

Roxanne Tuturice, Arbonne district manager, NJ
“I guess being on the malt shop memory cruise a few weeks ago.”

Jim and Jeannine Van Buren, Bristol Borough, PA
“We are thankful for birth of our first grandchild. Her parents are Jon and Sarah Shaffer and her name is Vaughn Elizabeth Shaffer.”  

Even though this holiday is sandwiched between the increasingly popular Halloween [what is that about?] 
and the overwhelmingly merchandised Christmas, Thanksgiving remains the holiday of "coming home." 
Thanksgiving should not be just eating, hours of TV, naps, and leftover turkey sandwiches—followed by a stress-filled Friday of frantic shopping at the mall. 
Make this holiday a time for celebrating faith, family, and freedom.

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