End of the Line for Summer 2-0-0-9!
by Cate Murway

Even if you haven't had the luxury of taking a true vacation in years, or if you use your vintage old surfboard to iron your business suits, even if your tan comes more from the glow of a computer screen than the warmth of the sun, the searing hot months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are sure to entice you with the hint of escape. You have to hurry a bit to capture the breezy, loopy, head-spinning quintessence of summer. Summer strengthens your gratitude muscle.

Don't let it slip away without a proper send-off. The calendar tells us that the seasons change in mid-September, but we all know that the unofficial/ symbolic end to summer is Labor Day. The first Labor Day in the USA was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in NYC. President [Stephen ] Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and the 24th President, put through legislation making it a national holiday to celebrate "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations".

Sometimes don’t you wish that the hurried pace of today’s life would slow down, even if just for a few hours? So take full advantage of the days of lingering warmth and never underestimate the power and importance of your physical environment - your home, your neighborhood and your car – anywhere you live. Paint it happy!

"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving." 
Kahlil Gibran

Historic Bristol on the Delaware is a living tapestry of heartwarming traditions, so step out and enjoy the last vestiges of summer. Gotta grab the moments when they’re here! Some summers steadfastly refuse to end and the scenes about Bristol on a balmy early September afternoon evoke the rhythms of a sometimes long-gone small town America.
Neighbors actually use their porches. Touches make all the difference.
What is fascinating about the classic wrapped in charm front porch is that it is imbued with the ambiguous relationship of being not quite house or street! It has its own aura, both a haven and a retreat. Apparently no thoughts negate the happy moments here.

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."  Henry David Thoreau

In an increasingly techno-world, there are still places and events that remain rooted in the heart and soul of the American past where Mark Twain created the dream of childhood and whitewashed fences and recipes that are made with natural ingredients.
Nothing screams, "summer is still here!!" like a restorative cool glass of homemade lemonade that quenches your thirst like nothing else. A big tall [unbreakable] glass of this, poured over a mountain of ice is a sure-cure for the heat. The homemade refreshment stand definitely brought back a sampling of yesteryear. 
Typical ingredients for classic “home-brewed” lemonade:
1 3 /4 cups sugar 
8 cups water 
1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice (seeds removed, but not pulp).
Oh, yeah and a couple of kids with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit to run the stand!

Jefferson Avenue residents 6th grader 
Stephen Patrick Rodas and his 
sister/partner, 7 year old 
Nina Francesca Rodas learned about 
quality control, inventory control, and 
“controlling the crowds”.
Steven’s favorite subject is History. 
He made it quite clear that his role model
is his historian uncle, Bret D. Werner, 
the author of 
First Special Service Force 1942 – 44 
who teaches secondary Social Studies and History in BHS.

2-year-old Megan Werner and neighbor helper, Dane Kilgore patiently wait their turn to work the stand.
The lemonade is tasty and the location's pretty good, not far from their moms, Maribeth Ennis Rodas, BHS ’88 and Erin Ennis Werner, BHS ’93 and their own traditional front porch.
How much is the lemonade?
Truly a bargain! A Labor Day special, “$.50 and 2 for a $1.00”.
Where does all the money go? “In here”, Nina pointed to the cash box.

“And we should call every truth false, which was not accompanied by at least one laugh."  Friedrich Nietzsche

Danae Marie Marchione, CRSouth ’14 is 
MaryFran Danis Ziegler’s niece, 
the proprietor of Danis’ Deli and Catering 
on Farragut Avenue. 
Danae works as a counterperson and server 
and smilingly welcomes the hungry and thirsty customers. 
Come on in! Stay a while! You, their new friends, 
are their company and they hope you feel welcomed...
because they are pleased as punch that you are there!
p.s. try their incomparable “Famous Danis” potato salad 
and “secret seasoning” convention oven roasted 
chicken breasts for your end-of-the-summer outdoor picnicking.
Churchville resident Danae is excited about meeting new friends in her class’ “journey” team. Favorite subject? “French. My sister [Carla, CR ’05/PSU ’09/Temple] took it and I think it’s cool!” She participates in a powerful “doubles” Tennis “A” team and her choices of colors are purple, pink and green.

Food seems to be the common denominator for fun and much of the old-fashioned summer fun was to be had outside. Richboro Middle School 7th grader, 
Cody Joseph Cortez was just leaving Mazzanti’s Market 
on Lincoln Avenue, the home of the “Original 2-foot Italian hoagie”. 
He and his parents, self-employed general contractor, 
Carlos, BHS’83/BCCC and Joanne Cortez 
were “buying an ‘Italian special’ to go eat on the benches 
behind [Margaret R.] Grundy [Memorial] Library.” 
Carlos has been enjoying Mario’s delicious hands-down masterpiece banquets
on a 24” bun for 20+ years. 

Capture a dose of summer fun, sitting in sunbeams with the kinds of simple outdoor pleasures that include riding bikes along the shady streets around the neighborhood.

Antonio Nathan Hernandez, a Walt Disney Elementary 4th grader, loves gym.
He was visiting his great –grandmom, Marge Lee who has lived on Brook Street for nearly a decade. “The people are friendly, neighbors are neighbors; it’s a family oriented community.”
Toni was accompanied by Wood Street resident, Rey Ayala, who is excited about attending the new pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade Warren Snyder-John Girotti Elementary School off Beaver Street. It includes a gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria and expansive library and his classes begin Sept. 9. Rey is a 5th grader who loves math.
Toni’s brothers, Santino Miquel Hernandez, who also attends Walt Disney Elementary and whose favorite subject is gym and kindergartener Giovanni Ballard keep up! 
The smiling group rides their bikes because “it’s sunny and it’s fun”.

Unfortunately, all the outdoor activities aren’t exactly fun.
Wood Street residents, James D. Morrissey, Inc. construction worker Dawn Weimar and Priscilla Weimar, BCTHS ’13 are “cementing” their mother-daughter relationship. While taking advantage of the gorgeous holiday weekend weather, they are repairing and recasting their front step. 

Athletic Priscilla competes in three sports, 
field hockey, basketball and 
she has strong aspirations 
for the 3rd base position 
on the varsity softball team. 
She is also running for class president. 
“Concrete” goals from the start! 
Way to go, Priscilla.

As summer draws to a close, some of us are crazy enough to joyfully anticipate falling temperatures, falling leaves, and the return to routine. Well, until our love for the summer returns next year. It will be just as pure, just as sincere. 
For now, “Falling” forward……..

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