Spunky Candles and Crafts Keep it Made in America
by Cate Murway 

Entrepreneurship is a defining factor in America’s economy and history. Entrepreneurs are characterized by their willingness to take risks and their aim for success. No surprise there because very often behind creative talent you just may find a marketing genius.

Spunky Candles and Crafts has corralled oodles of handmade gifts suitable for all budgets and tastes under one roof. Their most wonderful crafters offer everything from jewelry to jams, from hats to hand creams and body scrubs to baby booties.

So, you too make ceramics, jewelry or carved wooden chairs. But can you make money?
A flood of cheap outsourced merchandise has skewed one's sense of what a handmade item is worth.
Quality is everything.

Spunky Candles and Crafts fits the description of a "perfectly darling little shop", a one-stop-shopping gift store that is quite a pleasant surprise to discover. They began their family owned business specializing in hand-poured candles, vinyl wall art and home-made crafts. Now with an eclectic mix of just about everything, they can help you make your home, your way and make every gift super special. So come on in!

Spunky Candles are hand-poured, dyed and double-scented, using only the highest grade wax and pig- tailed fiber wicks so the candle burns slowly and evenly. Double-scenting creates a scent "throw" that will waft gently throughout any home or office space!
Most of the crafts adorning the walls are hand cut, designed and painted from repurposed wood and supplies and they all are proudly Made in the USA.

Check out their vinyl! New digs in town or are you just ready to redecorate?
When it comes to your own walls, there’s no need to bother with paint, glue, or any mess. Spunky Vinyl Wall Art wall decals and wall stickers are faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly than painting. Vinyl art offers a creative, beautiful, inexpensive and just about hassle-free way to bring life to any drab walls using a removable vinyl film. What are vinyl wall decals? They are sometimes called wall stickers, wall tattoos, wall clings, or wall appliqués that adhere to most surfaces including flat and slightly textured walls, glass, and metal, wood and plastic. Spunky Candles and Crafts can cut any custom pieces.

Actually, any of their eclectic mix of products can be customized per your order.
Anything in the store is for sale. So remember to check the walls.

The owners reside in Bristol Township. Francis Anthony “Frank” Cacossa owns the store and his wife Alicia and his mother, Catherine “Cathy” DiAntonio, who has always been a crafter, work along with him. Their children, Billy and Anthony help out as well. “It’s a family business.”

"I’m living my dream now!” Health conditions impacted Cathy’s former career path so she delved back into her woodworking. Spunky Candles and Crafts opened for business on friendly Mill Street on the first day of spring. The doors of their store welcome ‘crafty people’ to network and even give classes. “It brings the young and the old together.”
They still make their Spunky candles at home in their kitchen. “We just loved candles!”
Cathy’s personal collections of painted creations boast some decorative hanging plaques, some with nautical themes and even angel wings made from reclaimed wood. 

Meet the crafters!

Annielee Schrier just “always loved making baskets”. Her Peep S’mores, complete with recipe instructions, graham crackers and chocolate, are perfect for children’s Easter baskets. Annielee’s Gifts to Go crafts always follow the holidays but she will create your choice of any basket, any time. Check out her selection of tea lights and even baby products like her diaper cakes. “Give me your ideas; I’ll put them into play!”

Peruse the great collection of Jewelry by Kat. The Millersville alumna “started out at a class at Michael's Crafts Store, and took off from there.” Kat Stone creates handcrafted Swarovski crystal necklaces and earrings but her jewelry can also include stones and shells and beads. Any items can be individually made per your request for custom prom and wedding party pieces.

Try a nutty twist on old-fashioned crunchy buttery peanut brittle from Candy, Crafts and More. Joanne Moroz also makes delicious cashew brittle. She is now taking special orders for peanut butter eggs and butter cream eggs for Easter. 
Try the chocolate covered pretzels….bet you can’t eat just one!

Then pop into the Pup’s Kitchen area for vacuum sealed, fresh homemade all natural dog treats. 
Then purchase a lighted leash for your happy pet. Make you and your dog safely more visible!

Back to the walls…..Ilana McLean is a freelance graphic designer, a graduate of Drexel University. In her Ilana Ariel Designs, LLC, she creates custom design prints and is planning on soon including paper sculptures in her selections. Framed prints make an ideal gift!
“Being here at Sparky Candles and Crafts is the perfect opportunity to start getting out on my own versus the traditional 9-5. I can make all my decisions based on my own creative freedom.” 

Designer Lorraine Cocci’s Unique Mini Boutique “has a lil’ bit of everything handmade” and her current selections range from ‘all the rage’ hand painted wine glasses to kids’ festive party hats.

Have you ever sensed a personality in a piece of driftwood? Artist Rich White locates unique pieces of driftwood for his Delaware River Treasures and carves it into what he sees it represents. His driftwood art includes custom signs and custom creatures and he even built the shelf his displays are on.

Have you ever been lost for words? Just speak with a child. The perfect start of a tale is pictured on a rock in Angels Creations “Tell Me a Story” jar. Check out their hand painted raw wood coasters and reversible letter plaques announcing the seasons.

While you are at it, check out everything that is hanging around! Dayton’s Treasure Box handmade embossed cards that are clipped to a clothesline string will add charm to any occasion. Spunky Candles proprietors carry a stock of postage stamps so your greeting can be on its way without delay!
“The owners are fabulous - I just can't say enough great things about them!!”

Two Sisters Canning will easily get you into a jam…it will be so difficult to choose! The jelly is made from the freshest juices possible, containing no sugar, additives, or chemicals, just three simple ingredients: fruit, sugar, and pectin. Their Jams and Marmalade consist of only the best fruit and are processed the old-fashioned way and their Conserves/Preserves are a mix of fruit and raisins with spices. Marie Rickards’ [chef at Cairn University] and Maggie Dunham’s [nurse practitioner] homemade variety of offerings even include wine selections. 
Chardonnay or Chablis Jelly anyone?

J.R. Raudabaugh’s The Tin Goat men’s products include beard oil, lip balms and unscented soaps. One manly choice is a “red clay” scent.

Stephanie DeMarco brings enticing homemade chocolate chip cookies and a variety of dessert items representing her Catering by Stephanie.

Irish Hooks & Yarn items crocheted by Sue McCullion, is “a realization of a dream to hand-crochet items that will be special to the giver and the receiver of the item.” Her selections, made to create memories, include crocheted hats, booties, blankets, and sweaters for babies and children. The ghillies, Irish dance shoes, are just way too adorable!

Deepshade Creations by Stacie Paczkowski is on a mission to adorn the world in fancy chainmaille style with affordable meticulously handcrafted lightweight chainmaille bracelets for men and women in a plethora of very cool colors. Try the metal tones or perhaps electric blue, or go back to the fuschia!

Kristie G.’s Fancy Pants Boutique presents ‘diva on a budget’ tutu skirts that can give body to any costume and are fun ‘pretend play’ and ‘dress up’ articles for little girls. Or select from her amazingly stylish flowered hats and must have adorned flip flops for kids from newborn to young diva.

Always searching for your keys? Check ‘em at the door! Attractive wall hangings with handy key hooks are part of a designer collection including richly colored serving trays and useful coat hook décor. 

Sanjeevita by Audubon was started with one goal: to provide consumers with an all-natural personal care line that they could trust. Choose among the scientifically-formulated personal care products including all natural conditioning cleansing soaps for working hands and Detergent Free Clay and Herb Exfoliating Facial Bars. The founder, Dr. Vaishali Ketkar, earned her doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Even the youngest shoppers are welcome! Couture Slingzz are one-of-a-kind handmade quality fabric Baby Slings. They combine fashion, style and function all within one product while assisting in the parent-child bonding experience. Either parent can shop hands free and hold their child in their own style since The Slingzz reverses from a masculine design to a side with a more feminine design. 

Kim is a family friend who hand crafts beautiful eye catching individual mosaic pieces. While Levittown resident, Denise Earp, owner of Denise's Crochet Corner, knits baby blankets, adorable minion hats, multi-purpose clothes, a variety of baby hats and scarfs and fingerless gloves. Call them fingerless gloves, fingerless mittens, or wrist warmers, these knitted wonders will do an incredible job of keeping your wrists and hands comfy and cozy and still able to manage a phone. Custom orders welcomed!

Remember to SIGN THE GUEST BOOK when you come. You will be notified of the latest new products and upcoming events. Kids’ events are in the planning stages.
With any store purchase, each shopper will receive an entry in the Spunky Candles and Crafts contest. The prize is a “May” basket, valued at $50.00. The winner will be chosen May 1st.

Hurry! There are still a few spaces available for crafters at $15.00 per space or 3 spaces for $30.00.
Store hours: Sunday-Saturday [11:00am- 7:00] Closed Monday. Or visit their webpage: www.spunkycandles.com 
All items ordered are shipped within 48 hours.

Spunky Candles and Crafts
203 Mill Street
Bristol, PA 19007
Closed 2016