Second Glance Savings at SpiBoNick Thrift
by Cate Murway

If you don’t shop at thrift stores, why not? They are a humble, veritable gold mine of unclaimed wealth.
Have you been looking for the most for your money? Do you love hunting for home furnishings and knick knacks at bargain prices? Have you been searching for unique, stylish items? 
Well then, look no farther than 329 Mill Street for SpiBoNick Thrift & More. It’s so much fun browsing through their eclectic selections. Remember, vintage treasures can lurk in boxes!
People love to shop where bargains are present and being able to make purchases at rock bottom prices always musters a spark of enthusiasm.

“I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living.” ~John D. Rockefeller

Proprietor, Richard Thomas “Rick” Naylor comes from a long lineage of historic Bristol on the Delaware residents. His late parents, Mahlon Willard "Spike" II and Bonnie A. [Snyder] Naylor, were both BHS graduates.  A combination of his parents’ names with his own is the store name “SpiBoNick” and he opened shop on June 20th.
The Naylors passed away and “their house was full of stuff”. It was especially difficult for Rick to sift through boxes and rooms full of belongings to recover any sentimental heirlooms.  
He opened his first location on Haines Road with a few of the items. He is very pleased with the additional space in his Mill Street location.

Rick is the fourth of the five Naylor siblings. Mahlon J. Naylor (Joyce) and David S. Naylor (Kim) reside in Yardley, and his brother, Robert J. Naylor (Marie) is a Levittown resident. Denise, his late brother, Clifford M.’s widow, calls Levittown her home as well.
Both sets of grandparents, Mahlon Willard and Florence Ann [Conca] Naylor and Clifford and Ann Snyder were also Borough residents. Their paternal grandfather was a founding member of the original Bristol Boys Club.
“It feels nice to be back. Basically, the Bristol boy has come home. Meeting people and helping people is the best part!”
Before venturing into the retail sector, Rick taught computer and accounting classes, and he was the Head of the Certificate Program at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.

SpiBoNick Thrift is stocked with items accumulated from estate sales, yard sales and donations. There’s “a little bit of everything”, brand new items in packages, pieces of nostalgia to remind one of childhood, “new in box” collectibles and a gallery of artwork. Thrift stores are a magical place.

Donations are always welcome so Rick is constantly receiving good-quality merchandise and he is able to keep costs low for his customers, giving back to the community.
Donations can be brought to 329 Mill Street or Rick will make arrangements to have the merchandise picked up. He offers “good products at reasonable prices”.

There have been many euphemistic labels applied to secondhand goods, including "gently used," "pre-owned" and "like new." But in this sketchy economy, thrift shop finds just may have earned a new and candid label: "hot sellers"! As resourceful and creative Americans look for any way to cut spending, they are scooping up previously owned bargain clothes, accessories, toys and furniture.

Rick provides a treasure trove of clothing [recycling completes the circle of life of a wardrobe], hard cover and paperback books [perfect place to stock up on beach reads], previously viewed and new DVDs and CDs, a variety of some gently pre-owned and some new electronics, and stoneware/pottery kitchen items, furniture, decorative items, lamps, fun collectible toys, and jewelry; an all-encompassing range of items at a fraction of regular prices.

He promises backpacks at the end of July for only $5.00-$10.00 each [original price tags are up to $60.00]. There are some “pre-loved” porcelain dolls perched on a shelf and a selection of the vintage fictional superhero Marvel Legends X-Men and the classic Wild C.A.T.S. action figures still in the original packaging, as well as video games and Xbox and PlayStation 2 video game consoles. 
“I will meet or beat any advertised prices.”

Savvy shoppers can check out his selection of quality used baby essentials including strollers, carriers and gently used infant and kids stuff.  From strollers to car seats to clothes, the first year of raising a child can cost thousands of dollars.

Check out the Geneva His and Her quartz wrist watch sets for $20.00, and the sporting goods and the selection of new baseball pants, a $35.00 value for only $10.00. Browse through the rather extensive collection of boxed die-cast Wings of Texaco airplane coin banks and the high quality plastic trucks, made to be exact replicas of vehicles in the Hess fleet. Vintage cameras and televisions and even fishing rods are in stock.  “You never know what you’re gonna see.”

“Shopping used” has its benefits and they are not limited to just saving money. Thrifting is not only great for the wallet; it’s good for the environment. The green movement has made a wide sweep in America and more people are exposed to and informed of environmental issues. Some buyers appreciate the feeling of social responsibility that comes with buying "recycled" goods, while others pride themselves on ferreting out unique, fashionable or vintage articles. It can be quite a gratifying experience, almost like a treasure hunt with a great fringe benefit, knowing you are saving money as well as saving the planet. This is one way to keep the landfills from filling up with still useful stuff, so ‘thrifting’ is good for the recycle- repurpose component of our planet.

Thrift stores are great places to find hidden treasures. Some of the most surprising, creative, and useful items are displayed on the store shelves and racks. Plus secondhand sales are expected to remain robust so they create jobs.
“I will be hiring local Borough residents in the near future as long as the business stays brisk.”

If you’re in the market for a very specific item, and you’ve been returning to the store several times in search of it, ask to be put in the “wish list book” and they’ll remember you!

Check back often! Inventory changes constantly. The good stuff never lasts long and frequent trips will ensure that you do not miss any incredible finds. Cash or credit cards are accepted.
SpiBoNick Thrift & More provides generous Veteran and Senior Citizen discounts and a customer Appreciation/Reward Program will be in place by the end of July.

The ‘Grand Opening’ celebration will be announced when the cozy second floor “reading nook” space is organized and complete with tables and chairs, providing a comfortable place to peruse the wide variety of “second stories”.

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SpiBoNick Thrift and More
329 Mill Street
Bristol, PA

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