Super Selections at Sloan’s Thrift
by Cate Murway

Who can honestly say they don’t appreciate getting a great deal at a thrift store?
Sloan’s Thrift offers a super selection of household items and clothing with affordable prices, perfect for anyone on a budget. Not only good for the wallet, but good for the soul!

“Sloan's Thrift is a family owned and Veteran Owned Business. We are proud of our quality of items and we are driven to make a difference in the community.”

From reasonably priced, quality merchandise such as clothing and accessories for men, women and children to household goods, books, movies, music and electronics, Sloan’s has something for everyone. Be prepared for a variable treasure hunt for goods in a clean, cheerful, pleasurable and well- organized environment. Shoppers can find necessities, treasures and collectibles, or nearly anything on their wish list, from name brand and vintage clothing to rare home décor, to that hard-to-find classic novel.

Love sales? There are also bargain basement priced finds on their “SALE” table, as well as specially colored tags that will mark items to be deeply discounted weekly. 

Gently used donations are accepted. Drive up and drop off items seven days a week at the designated drop off area in the back of the building at the loading dock. Free pickup is offered, within a 5-mile radius, for furniture or items too large and/or too heavy to fit in your car. 

Sloan Thrift’s Grand Opening was August 1st.
Friends for several years and now business partners, Andrew Peter Sloan and Peter Thomas Collipp had mulled over the planning stages for this store for about a year. 

USMC Lance Corporal Andrew Sloan is a disabled veteran having served two tours in Iraq, Fallujah and in battlegrounds near the Adifa dam. When asked about his war experiences, like generations of men before him, and generations sure to follow, Andrew shrugs off most of it. The United States bombardment of Fallujah began in April 2003, one month following the beginning of the invasion of Iraq. Andrew served from 2003-2007 in civil affair missions with leaders of the groups. These operations involving bonds in communication with the Shiite militia, enhanced relationships, making them more effective and efficient. His 2nd tour was his “MOS in food service” as a Food Service Specialist. He is currently attending Temple University to secure a degree in History, using the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Andrew’s wife, Karla works in the retail industry and she often assists him with clothing pricing in the shop.

Peter Collipp and his wife have a two month old daughter, Hannah. At this time, only Peter works at the store. 
“We came up with ideas of businesses before but with this we can give back to the community. We are working on a project with the Warriors Foundation and working on something for Purple Heart. We can feel good about what we are doing.”
So, every day when they open their doors, they give back.
Service and community are important to both of them.
Andrew is a member of the Andalusia VFW Post 9198, and Peter belongs to the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. They are very passionate about their life goals, especially giving back to the community.

When it comes to finding great stuff in their store, find out by speaking with either owner, or to Victoria Sloan, the veteran’s [almost 11 year old] entrepreneur daughter. She is their “cashier/ promotion manager”, a total wealth of information with her laser-like focus.
P. S. Victoria markets her own line of hand crafted band or cord/string jewelry. Check it out!

Craving the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline rush of a major score but still looking for something you cannot seem to find? Sign your name, e-mail and contact information in Sloan’s Thrift “Wish Book” and they will be happy to assist you in your search. 

Great merchandise moves fast in this store. Sometimes it could be sold the very minute the staff sets it out on the floor. It can be fun finding things that have seen better days [but still have tons of potential] and figuring out how to make them amazing again or perhaps reuse them in a different way. With a tad of creativity, the most mundane thrift-store furniture can be repurposed and turned into coveted conversation pieces. Lamps and vases are great home décor finds. 

And books…. Sloan’s Thrift is an excellent place to find your next great adventure. Pre-loved books make terrific gifts or cheap alternatives to new reads when you’re traveling or heading to the beach. 
So, the more you go, the more you will find good stuff, the really great items will pop up!
It’s not only cool to go thrifting; it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. You’ll leave victorious, loaded down with terrific finds.

Sloan’s Second Hand Thrift is located at 220 Bristol Pike [Route 13], Bristol, PA, in the strip shopping center next to The Golden Eagle Diner. The store is open Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. 
For more information, call 215.817.8983 or visit 
Additional information about upcoming events and sales is available at

10% discount for Seniors and 15% discount for Veterans. Sale day is Saturday!

Sloan’s Thrift
220 Bristol Pike [Route 13]
Bristol, PA 19007

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