Bristol Borough the #1 Town Parties Like it’s 19007!
by Cate Murway

One most inspiring small town will receive the half million-dollar investment from Deluxe® to revitalize their main street. Votes are in and BRISTOL BOROUGH, who came out in front of 14,000 small towns across America, emerged victorious in the Small Business Revolution. 
The small town that could, just did.

Small Business Fact: In 2012, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, there were 5.73 million employer firms in the U.S. Firms with fewer than 500 workers accounted for 99.7 percent of those businesses, and businesses with less than 20 workers made up 89.6 percent.

The incredible energy and passionate values that built America drive millions of our local independent businesses. 
So just what does WINNING mean to you?

“I think Bristol winning the Main Street Revolution has already done so much for our town to bring it together, and remind us why we all live here and love it. I hope that it will help us continue to revitalize this little town in PA that we are all proud of.”  Beth Rimmer-Maugeri, Maugeri Cupcake Company

“More fun things to do & places to shop that aren't big chains in the mall!!!" 
Denise Strack, Just4Laughs PhotoBooth, LLC

"...when i lived there, was a town where no last names were were Mary from Beaver Street or Anna from Lincoln Avenue, or Louie around the corner...." Clementine Greco, Bristol

“Mill Street make-over. More stores will open. More people will enjoy coming. First Fridays will be more fun and with more activities.” Raquel Vertucio, Hospital & Health Care Professional

“Thanks to Raising the Bar for removing the barrel and letting Bristol Borough’s light shine so everyone can see it! Every time the Bristol Cultural and Historical Foundation would take out-of-town visitors on a tour of the borough, we’d hear the comment: “I had no idea……..Bristol is a buried treasure!” Now the treasure has been uncovered and this grant will help to polish it up for all to admire and appreciate! I love my hometown and am very proud to be a Bristolian!!” 
Helen Younglove, member, BCHF Board of Directors

“What this means to me: New and Fresh faces coming and admiring what our beautiful hometown has to offer. Existing businesses getting the help they need to boost their sales.”  Rosalie Berrocal, Customer Service Representative.

“The world! The ripples will be felt for years to come!” 
Megan Hems, Co-owner of Hems Truck and Auto

“Recognition....Once the show airs it will be up to the individual businesses to market themselves and capture the potential business. Everyone will have the opportunity whether they are the recipient of the cash prize or not.” 
Jayne McPherson, proprietor of “Got Wine?”

“Putting Mill Street back on the Map and Bringing the Community together again with personalized service from individually owned businesses. Families making memories like we did shopping on Mill Street then walking across the street to grab a bite to eat then off to the wharf for some quality time. Small business owners getting to know their customers’ individual needs and the customers receiving the attention they do not get in a chain store. I have very fond memories of Mill Street when our family shopped for everything we needed and the store owners knew who we were and the atmosphere was a lot like family and very enjoyable.”  Debbie Lebo Phillips, First Friday Volunteer and Resident

“I love that our small Bristol Borough businesses reflect the family values, the community support and the deep roots of the Bristol Borough community. I've made a list of about 33 small businesses within the square mile boundary of the borough that have thrived and survived at least two generations. Some have been here for three and even four generations. That speaks tremendous volumes! Hopefully, the Small Business Revolution can help many newer small businesses thrive for future generations.”  Annette Capriotti Gottsabend, Garment Industry Patternmaker

“The win has already unified the town in wonderful, positive ways. Ideally, the small business revolution will help us improve and market the business district to bring more people to Bristol to experience all there is to do. People are tired of shopping at the mall and eating in chain restaurants. The continuing efforts to open more retail stores on Mill Street, are giving people a destination to spend the day here and their money here! Small businesses support families, not corporations. We are looking forward to great things happening in our amazing town!” 
Alison Graves Angelaccio, Annabella Restaurant

“It means so many things - where do I start? I have lived here 20+ years but never paid any attention to Mill Street or small businesses until I came to run the gym, PT Transformations, 6 years ago. Wow, what a life changer! Then I got involved with the BBBA and have since met so many wonderful, interesting people. I had always been active in our town throughout the years (kids' school, soccer coach, church, etc.), but now I was aware of a whole other part of our community that was so vital and a little broken, if you know what I mean. In the last 6 years, I've seen this remarkable change. Different people have stepped in and fixed a part here, mended a part there. Being a sounding board as well as an information-provider to business owners - whether they were BBBA members or not - was another salve on the wounds. The success of First Fridays on the Delaware reminded residents in the Borough and the surrounding area of our 'Main Street' but also created opportunities for awesome connections and collaborations. 
The Small Business Revolution has created a united, unified Bristol Borough. With the continued efforts of our Borough leaders, the business community, and our local residents, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. And that is the gift the Deluxe Corp. has given us, not the money or the publicity. It's as simple as 'Shop, Dine, and Play Local'.” 
Shea Cialella, BBBA Administrative Coordinator  

“What the award means to me: Voting for the award and then the announcement of the award helped to give a sense of pride to all of our employees that they worked in Bristol Borough. This was new and this was a good thing. At our most recent quarterly meeting people were talking about taking out a collective garden spot in the community garden and people are interested in having our summer picnic at a park in the Borough. The campaigning for the award and the actual award has definitely been a very positive experience for both the borough and our employees.” 
Thomas A. Lawton, President, Tesco/ Advent Design

Small Businesses lead the way in terms of tech and new product innovation. They truly are the backbone of the U.S. Economy. We can't leave out this truth--all businesses start small. 
All of the 18,500 businesses in the United States with 500 or more employees once began as a part of the small business sector. Apple started in Steve Jobs’ garage. Facebook got its start in Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room. 
Facts are still facts; small business is where the U.S. economy begins.

Congratulations historic Bristol on the Delaware!

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