Mayor Honorable Joseph A. Saxton is All About Bristol
by Cate Murway

A mayor (from the Latin māior, meaning "larger","greater") is the modern title of the highest ranking municipal [local self-government] officer. If you get right down to it, the mayor is the head cheerleader of the town. Mayor of Bristol Borough, Honorable Joseph [Joe] A. Saxton has diligently and innovatively encouraged youth interest and participation for the long term good of the town with his Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. 

What better way to demonstrate a strong emphasis on going out and selling this town on a daily basis than to inculcate his love of Bristol Borough in the youth? He has been a strong contributing element in some way or another in every borough function since 1965, always reflecting the true spirit of Bristol. His expectation of the MYAC members is to actively participate in the leadership program through their involvement with service clubs [i.e. Bristol Lions Club, Bristol Rotary Club], community organizations [such as Bristol Cultural & Historical Foundation], and the local town government (attend meetings, serve on a committee, or partake in events). 

The other supervising Council facilitator offering much appreciated unobtrusive assistance is Police Chief Arnold Porter. Active participation will empower young people with more confidence to make well-informed career and life choices. This is our local way of offering leadership development opportunities to enable the junior and senior high school students to achieve their highest potential and to make a positive effective difference among their peers and then ultimately within the entire borough. Being young ladies and gentlemen first, students second and powerful athletes thirdly, the Borough MYAC members readily possess the strong composites of future model citizens.

As Little League and Youth Basketball Coach and Bristol Borough Recreation Board Treasurer, Mayor Saxton actively helps provide all encompassing growth venues. 
Mayor Saxton, 57, was born and raised in Bristol.  His first town involvement (an admirable 41 year membership) was as active firemen with Good Will Hose Company#3. As a fire fighting volunteer, past president, assistant Chief, and Trustee, he put out the flames.  Now as Bristol Borough Mayor, his positive influence and example of compassionate leadership fans the flame of neighboring committed involvement. A town that communicates and actually gets things done!
Mayor Joe, BHS ‘67 alumni, and his wife Dottie, Jackson Street residents, have been married for 36 years and are the proud parents of 2 children. Their son, Justin and his wife, Melissa; and daughter, Nicole [Mrs. Hector Berdecia] and grandson, Dominic all live in the Borough. Joe Saxton leads and lives his 2006-2009 vision example, to “Provide responsible and effective leadership in Bristol Borough government. Create opportunities and support all efforts that enhance the quality of life in Bristol Borough. Communicate on a daily basis the benefits of living in, working in and experiencing Bristol Borough.”

One of his accomplishments, of which he is most proud, is the Bristol RUSH shuttle bus service that he helped implement with State Representative, Honorable Thomas C. Corrigan, Sr., who is a BHS’56 graduate.
The Bucks County Transportation Management Association operates a number of public transit services throughout Bucks County, including Bristol RUSH.
“Bristol RUSH shuttle buses provide morning and evening peak-hour service connections to SEPTA R-7 trains at Bristol Railroad Station from Canal Works, Acme Uniform, Rohm & Haas, and Island View Crossing. A RUSH route map and current operating schedule are available on the RUSH website.”

“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow human being let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”
(1773-1855 - French-born Quaker Minister) - Stephen Grellet

Mission Statement:  
The mission of the MYAC is to serve the common good of the community and provide a voice for youth in decisions and policies of Bristol Borough by organizing constructive community projects, strengthening relationships among youth, and between youth and adults, and providing positive activities involving youth. 

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Mayor Honorable Joseph A. Saxton
 at the Mill Street Run w/ John V. Mundy
Mayor Honorable Joseph A. Saxton
  w/ Rising Stars at at the Margaret R. Grundy Library
TBT -1954 a visit with Santa at Gimbels Dept. Store in Philadelphia. (5yrs old) Mayor Joe Saxton

[Gimbel Brothers was an American department store corporation from 1887 until 1987.]