Pen and THINK at Salon du Soleil Art Celebration
by Cate Murway

Looking for a destination rich in significant history, heritage and the arts? Then pedestrian friendly, historic Bristol on the Delaware is the perfect place for you. It packs a cultural punch! The impressive Grundy Commons complex [look for the Bucks County iconic clock tower!], a rejuvenated former woolen spinning mill, has not become a soulless apartment block. The 925 Canal Street buildings are the perfect artistic creativity-nurturing art oasis hub for live music, photography, sculpture, film, art and poetry for the masters in which to work and experiment in their magic. 
Hey! Grundy’s got heART! It’s a magnet for artists and artistic support networks. 

On the eve of the Summer Solstice, Saturday, June 20 starting at 7:00pm, trailblazers Jina Dierolf and Gina (Bristol artist Penelope Fox and filmmaker Gina Marie Andreoli) are hosting their first annual signature soiree', Salon du Soleil, to showcase Bristol, the charming small town with BIG prospects, as a destination spot for creating and seeing great art! The night's entertainment will celebrate the rejuvenation of the spirit through art. Show space is limited. 2-D work will be displayed salon style on three large walls, and possibly into other locations. Local distillery Dad's Hat Rye will be hosting a tasting at Salon Du Soleil starting at 7:00pm, so get there early! A Brazilian BBQ Food truck will arrive between 8:00 & 8:30pm, so come hungry. Calm Waters Coffee Roasters will churn up the fresh jolt of java for the celebration.

Jina’s own “Medusa” oil painting will be on display. Her 2-hour Penelope Fox classes engage and inspire budding artists of all ages with lessons for children, comic book and fundamental drawing classes, as well as mosaic, acrylic and landscape sessions in her Canal Works studio. 
Both Gina and Jina’s goal is to make Bristol Borough a thriving art destination, “to put Bristol on the map for even another facet, for ART.”  
Gina has produced plays but this is first production of an art show. Her amazing, expansive gallery space will be packed with a potent eclectic mix of pure raw talent, a virtual treasure trove of almost every art form. These incredible artists produce meaningful works that provide intense experiences and lasting impressions. This is a NOT TO BE MISSED event!
The night's entertainment will include live music by Ondyne's Demise, Greg McGarvey, Mike Kiker, Evan Scheerer, Spoken word artists Root Murmur, fire dancers, and even more! Whimsy fuels their creativity.

Gregory Scott “Greg” McGarvey’s visual art and music express an emotional connection. Greg has played the acoustic guitar since he was three, a musician just like his dad, Scott and his paternal grandfather.
"I write songs about things I can't explain and I take photos of things no one else may have noticed."
Songs from his ‘You Don’t have a Map’ album collection, “written during a time of self-discovery” will complement his primarily abstract photographs that demonstrate “one can find beauty in things that are otherwise ordinary”.
“Local creative people! Get in on this. I'll be there.”

Mike Kiker, a guitar/keyboard/bass music teacher through the Bensalem School of Musical Arts, has performed his work for film projects, including Gina’s ‘The Weirdness’. He is also a fan of her ‘Gemini Rising’, a Webby Award-winning ‘mockumentary’ period piece about a progressive rock band from the 70's. Mike’s prerecorded studio tracks and improvised multi instrumental show will encourage thoughts of electronic Tangerine Dreams.

Brandon [Laird]Lord Ross, an artist/filmmaker and aspiring actor, is one of the founding members/bass player for the avant/ progressive rock band ‘The Red Masque’. His cult art filmmaker credits boast an experimental horror film “The Rites of Birdexx”, a journey to the birth of madness. The artier will present a selected piece of his dark existential art paintings.
Professional artist/vocalist Lynnette Marie Shelley founded the 5- piece ‘The Red Masque’ rock band. Lynnette designed the beautiful ink and acrylic Salon Du Soleil poster and the event includes a silent auction for a print of this poster.

Bristol born John Brennan, a ‘Raising the Bar’ volunteer will show one of his wire and metal sculptures, “The Storm”. His BHS teachers, “Mr. Bagley and Mr. Paglione were the best”. John has always sculpted and was a member of the Levittown Artists Association. John is all for bringing art to the 19007 river town, “Bristol is closer and more accessible than New Hope.” 

Upper Bucks County resident / UArts professor, Charles Mentzer Browning, who is named after his maternal great- grandfather, lives “on a place we call Goblin Farm because it's small and next to a cemetery”. He is married to the author Lynda Gene Rymond.
“My oil painting ‘Days of Shame and Failure,’ that will be in the show, is going to be the cover of the forthcoming book of the same name by poet Jennifer L. Knox, published by Bloof Books.”

Gina is also “thrilled that Philly legend artist Marc Brodzik will be at Salon du Soleil!”
This NJ-born artist paints portraits on cardboard; wheat pastes them on highway overpasses, and crafts them out of wood. He also runs a start-up internet TV channel called SCRAPPLE TV and makes documentaries in addition to painting.
Local Bristol artist John Danks’ amazingly realistic prismacolor pencil portraits will be displayed. His exceptional portraits make timeless and unique, priceless family gifts. 
Brooklyn artist Ken Weaver’s heavy metal angel sculpture will also be shown and look for Jennifer Renshaw’s and Buddy Nestor’s works.
Local mural and tattoo artist Tom Rudesyle, owner of Outta Sight Studios, will be doing live tattoo work.
Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Ewa Braun, filmmaker Lauren Peters and transmedia poet and filmmaker Hassen Saker will show their works at Salon du Soleil.

There are no submission fees and the artists keep 100% of any sales made at the event. 
Admission is free, but donations are appreciated. Doors open at 7 pm.
Interested artists should contact for more information.

So…. Gina suggests, “Come out and play at Salon du Soleil! Only three weeks away, in Bristol, PA!” will be transmitting live from this awesome event on June 20th 2015.

925 Canal Street 
Bristol, PA 19007

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