Write On, Dr. Joe!
by Cate Murway

Author Joseph Francis Ruggiero, Mother of the Savior Seminary H.S. ’62, Antioch University, BA ’74& MA ’81, Pacific Western ‘82 Ph.D. [addictive disease and group dynamics] will be signing his newest book, “Crystal Umbrella” at Mignoni Jewelry and Gifts on Saturday 9.27.14 from noon – 3:00 PM.
“It’s our honor and privilege to have this respected author in our store for a book signing. We always encourage reading.”  Carol Mignoni Ferguson, proprietor of Mignoni Jewelers on Mill Street.
Pick up a copy of his third book for only $15.00 while you are there, or you can order your Nook or Kindle copy today at Authorhouse.com, Barnes and Noble [Nook] or Amazon [Kindle] for just $3.99.

This suspenseful novel is based in Philadelphia, a shocking tale of psychological intrigue with frightening, authentic characters about a serial murderer. The author explores the concept of bigotry and how it stems distorted thinking and violence within individuals.
“The eye-opening, fiery and riveting, “The Crystal Umbrella” magnifies the importance of observing human dignity. It is a psychological thriller. It is a mystery.”

Dr. Joe Ruggiero, the only child of the late John and Marie Ruggiero who were married for 68 years, was born and raised in South Philadelphia, a fact that adds first person knowledge and credibility to his most interesting fiction novels. His eclectic mix of career choices includes psychotherapist, author and television celebrity and film director.
Dr. Joe will share a portion of the proceeds of this book with Self Help Movement, Inc., an in-patient addiction treatment center in Philadelphia, to help continue their work, and a portion with The American Diabetes Association.
Psychotherapist Dr. Ruggiero is the founder and former CEO of Self Help Movement Inc. that he started with one little room and then relocated it to a farmhouse. He had over 50 staff members and his own gated community campus on Southampton Road in NE Philadelphia, accommodating more than 175 people. “I didn’t work with choir boys.” 
He retired from Self Help Movement in 2010 but continues as a consultant and serves on the Board.
Doc pursued his passion as a fiction writer and penned his second book “Ragabooty” that thoroughly depicts his philosophy that, “Life is not just for you; it’s about other people. Sacrifice for others is important.” His intent is to communicate that “What you do here matters. When we leave here, it’s not the end. We have to be responsible for our actions.”
His style of presentation is short chapters. His writing technique is simplistic. You can’t wait to turn the page!

But it is his first book, “A Rose on Ninth Street”, that was destined for much more than a read, and it was made into an independent film. It was adapted for the screen by Dr. Ruggiero, the writer/ producer/ executive producer,and directed by Dwight Wilkins, director/ producer, through their W & R Productions, LLC, in association with Automatic Art Pictures.  Dwight is a screenwriter, director, producer, and actor, based in Philadelphia and he has been making films/videos for over twenty years. He holds master degrees in film and theatre from Ohio University.

"A Rose on Ninth Street” deals with police corruption, crime, loyalty, drugs, romance, love, forgiveness, and redemption. It’s a romantic tale of self-sacrifice. The changes portrayed are a reflection of a new age, of a city and a country that became altered permanently and he keeps the material realistic and sensitive. The Bristol Township resident wove the initial debut of the suspense, violence and budding romance into a book that he had published in 2002.  The book’s plot is set in the mid-20th century in South Philadelphia, an excellent portrait of that time and the effects that society changes were having on the families that lived there.
The screenplay is adjusted slightly as the film enacts the story in a 2011 setting and several scenes were filmed in Bristol, PA. “The cost of procuring wardrobes, scenery and automobiles from the ‘50s era was just plain unaffordable.”
Doc’s family and friends have invested in this production.
Thursday's child has far to go……………

Dr. Joe is very excited to announce the official release of “A Rose On Ninth Street”, the movie. It can be viewed for only $2.99, or purchased for only $3.99 by clicking http://vimeo.com/ondemand/15463/96270892.
He requests that after you watch the film, you write your review and rate it. Enjoy the movie and tell a friend! Monarch Films will have it for worldwide release on a DVD.

The first test screening was at the Bristol Riverside Theatre on June 13, 2012 and the debut was a sellout event. Doc also benevolently offered the film showing as a fundraiser for participating parishes. St. Philip, St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Annunciation BVM, St. Rita’s Shrine, Sacred Heart, St. Monica, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Epiphany of Our Lord received $10 for each ticket sold.
Several of the actors in his film have Hollywood and television experience in shows including “Law and Order,” “All My Children,” and “Boardwalk Empire.”
Scenes were filmed on 9th Street in Philadelphia and at the First African Baptist Church. Bristol Borough location sites included the Bristol Florist on Pond Street, Galzerano Funeral Home on Radcliffe Street, Mignoni Jewelry & Gifts on Mill Street, and impactful scenes in St. Ann Church on Dorrance Street.

Dr. Joe and his wife, Bernadette Ann [Rizzo], “my best friend, my lover and my advisor”, have 5 children who have blessed them with 9 grandchildren. He laughingly compares himself to Abraham!
One of their sons, Dr. John Ruggiero, PhD is also an author. His book “Isolated Matters” presents an intertwined, provocative, and yet very real way of unfolding a horrific tale of a young woman struggling to cope with her transition from the animated life she once knew to a paralyzed one resulting from a debilitating disease.
Another gifted writer! It runs in the family.

The theme of “A Rose on Ninth Street” is ‘love and forgiveness’. It is a lovely story, a story of spirituality.
“The book has its personality and the movie has its own personality.”
Read the book for dialogue and description, and watch the film for the show. You’ll love both!

Either of these links will take you to the movie and you are invited to join Dr. Ruggiero’s web page. www.josephfruggiero.com

Come to the book signing for “Crystal Umbrella” at Mignoni Jewelry & Gifts on September 27th, and get all three of his books for just $27.00. Write on, Dr. Joe!

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Resident's book being made into independent film
By Elizabeth Fisher  Correspondent

| Posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 12:00 am

Monica was waiting on the steps of St. Ann Roman Catholic Church in Bristol for Bob on Tuesday night. He never showed. So she sadly went into the church to join her family.
It was all recorded on camera, most likely several times to get it just right.
The scene was one of several filmed in Bristol for the independent movie “A Rose on Ninth Street.’’
If the title of the movie-in-progress sounds familiar, it’s because “A Rose on Ninth Street” made its debut as a book written by a Bristol Township resident and published in 2002. Joseph Ruggiero, a renowned therapist who retired last year from an addiction treatment facility he founded 30 years ago, penned the book and spent the past two years writing a screenplay.

While the book was set the 1950s, the movie is a story that takes place in 2011. That’s because the cost of procuring wardrobes, scenery and automobiles from the ‘50s era was prohibitive, Ruggiero said.
On July 12, WR Producations showed a 10-minute trailer of the film to a crowd of 60, many of them potential investors, at Cesare’s restaurant where they enjoyed dinner, a peek at some film clips and conversation with the film’s actors.

Ruggiero hosted the dinner, telling his guests that he feels “blessed by God,” and that gives him, he said, the impetus to move forward.
“Failure is not an option,” he declared, as his guests applauded.
The trailer highlighted the gist of the story, billed as a story of love, murder, betrayal, tragedy and morality.
Ruggiero did not want to serve up too many details of the production, which also includes scenes at the Italian Market on Ninth Street in Philadelphia.
Besides the scene with Monica on the church steps during the 100-year-old, much revered annual Novena at St. Ann, Mignoni Jewelry on Mill Street also plays a part.
“We are honored and excited that our location will be used for the film,” said Carol Mignoni Ferguson, whose family owns the 64-year-old store.
Ruggiero has worked closely with the other half of the production company, film director Dwight Wilkins. He is also a screenwriter, producer and actor, based in Philadelphia. He has 20 years of experience making videos but this is his first full-length film, he said.
“We’ve been working on this project for years,” Wilkins said last week. “We’ve worked hard to get people with good reputations” in the film business.
Several of the actors present at the July 12 dinner have experience in Hollywood and in television, hailing from such shows as “Law and Order,” “All My Children,” and “Boardwalk Empire.”
Ray Mamrak, who plays a federal agent in “A Rose on Ninth Street,”appears in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” He’s also appeared in “Men in Black 3,” “Smash,” “Down the Road” and “Errand Boys.”
While he’s no stranger to film sets that have hundreds of people, including directors, producers, makeup artists and wardrobe specialists, he said he has a special affection for independent films.
“Independents are getting a footing again. They bring you back to earth because you’re working with people who would like to be successful. Look at such films as “Anchor Bay” or “The King’s Speech,” which won an Oscar. You never know,” he said about the chances for “A Rose on Ninth Street” making the big time.

Philadelphia-area stage actress Kim Carson snared the co-starring role of Monica. She said she was attracted to the “Rose” because it raises important questions about whether love and faith really have the power to change things, and because the storyline deals with those questions in everyday life, if on a smaller scale.

The five-time regional Barrymore Award nominee who’s performed at the Walnut Street Theatre, the Arden Theatre Company, and the Bristol Riverside Theatre, among others, said that she’s enjoyed working with Wilkins in the past, and wanted to do the film once she met Ruggiero.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with somebody like Joe, who brings joy, even in the midst of a story involving tragedy,” Carson said. “If you love what you do, it’s worth it.”

It will cost about $100,000 to produce “A Rose on Ninth Street.”

Shooting should be wrapped up by the end of August, followed by a premiere in Center City, Ruggiero said.

DREAM COMES TRUE: Bristol filmmaker set to test screen 'A Rose on Ninth Street' at Bristol Riverside Theatre

By Elizabeth Fisher
Advance Correspondent

BRISTOL - When the movie “A Rose on Ninth Street” is over and the credits roll, one of the first names the audience will see is that of Joseph Ruggiero, a Bristol Township resident, a retired therapist, successful author and now, a filmmaker.

Talk about dreams come true, “Doc” Ruggiero, who founded and ran the successful Self Help Inc., an in-patient addiction treatment center in Philadelphia, is on a roll. And he’s chosen the Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol Borough for the film’s first test screening.
Proceeds will be shared with St. Ann Parish in the borough, where Ruggiero is a member.
The film will be shown at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13 at the theater, 120 Radcliffe St. And it promises to be an exciting evening, if the pace of ticket sales is any indication.
The book on which the film is based was published in 2002. The story centers on a young man skating on the periphery of the mob, and the woman he loves, and whose father, a South Philadelphia grocer, he’s ordered to kill.
Suspense, violence and a budding romance are interwoven into the 1956-era plot. Previews suggest that Ruggiero and his director, Dwight Wilkins, successfully carried the drama to the screen. The movie, however, is set in current times.

“I’m so happy because this has been a dream of mine,” said Ruggiero, who studied screenwriting after his book was published with the hope of creating the film.
Adding to his elation is a recent $1,000 grant presented to him May 2 from the Philadelphia Independent Film Association. That grant was approved after an association panel viewed a 10-minute preview of the movie.

Ruggiero said the money will help pay for post-production costs. Scenes were filmed on 9th Street in and at First African Baptist Church. But Bristol Borough spectators will see even more familiar sites in the film, including Bristol Florist on Pond Street, Galzerano Funeral Home on Radcliffe Street, and Mignoni Jewelers on Mill Street.

One of the most dramatic scenes was filmed at St. Ann Church on Dorrance Street, during its annual St. Anne Novena in July. That setting featured the main stars in various pews while, during the real service, the congregation held up candles in the darkened sanctuary.

Tickets should be purchased in advance because Ruggiero expects only a few will be left at the door on the night of the test screening. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Mignoni’s, 200 Mill St.; Bristol Florist, 401 Dorrance St.; St. Ann Rectory, 357 Dorrance; and Philly’s Phamous Steaks and Hoagies, Farragut Avenue and Garfield Street.

“A Rose on Ninth Street has been an emotional and a spiritual experience. It’s been a learning process,” said Ruggiero, who is already planning a second film based on his soon-to-be-published novel, “Crystal Umbrella.”


'A Rose on Ninth' written by Bristol Township man goes on the road, set for South Philadelphia showing
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

By Elizabeth Fisher
Advance correspondent

BRISTOL TOWNSHIP - A movie based on a book written by a Bristol Township
residents is ready to go on the road - again.

The newly edited “A Rose on Ninth Street” will have a run in South Philadelphia,
where the story by Joseph Ruggiero is set. But the author-turned-producer
is aiming for a showing closer to home, perhaps at a local high school or,
once again, at the Bristol Riverside Theatre.

“A Rose on Ninth Street,” directed by Dwight Wilkins, is a story of love, betrayal and the quest for redemption that revolves around the fictional Pontello family and their Ninth Street produce shop. It is an intense drama with a moral - the hallmark of all of Ruggiero’s novels. It’s debut at the BRT just over a year ago was a sellout and Ruggiero believes calls his work a “blessing” that will continue when it airs Oct. 16 at Neumann-Goretti High School, 1736 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia.

Eight Philadelphia parishes are collaborating in the showing. A banquet/show will also be held at Finnegan’s Wake in the city. Ruggiero said he is excited about the response to “Rose.”

“This will be a fundraiser as well as a show. Parishes will receive $10 off the $20 admission for each ticket sold,” he said.

The participating parishes are: St. Philip, St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Annunciation BVM, St. Rita’s Shrine, Sacred Heart, St. Monica, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Epiphany of Our Lord. The collaboration of several entities for one showing is called a “platform release,” Ruggiero said.

Several parishes in Bucks have expressed an interest in participating in a platform release so Ruggiero is looking for a local venue. Some of the scenes look familiar to Lower Bucks residents because, besides the city, some filming took place at St. Ann Church and Mignoni’s Jewelry, both in Bristol Borough.

The book, “A Rose on Ninth Street,” published in 2002, is set in the 1950s, but the movie is set in current times. Ruggiero is a retired psychotherapist who founded and ran Self Help Movement, an inpatient addiction treatment center in Northeast Philadelphia. He believes in the healing power of drama and fiction, and directed his clients in 41 dramas and plays, many of which he authored.

A prolific writer, Ruggiero penned two other novels, “Ragabooty” and “The Crystal Umbrella.” He’s also casting a wide net for “A Rose on Ninth Street.”

“We look forward to showing the movie locally,” he said. “We’re also looking into sites in New Jersey and, perhaps one day, taking it to Ireland.”

Ruggiero’s Raggabooty
by Cate Murway

His style of presentation is short chapters. His writing technique is simplistic. The crisp story is fast moving and the very descriptive transitions are clear and concise. The tale is inspirational without being preachy and spares the reader long sermons and finger pointing. Doc Ruggiero is adept at letting his characters tell the story.
Bet you can’t wait to turn the page!

Author Joseph Francis Ruggiero, Mother of the Savior Seminary H.S. ’62, Antioch University, BA ’74& MA ’81, Pacific Western ‘82 Ph.D. [addictive disease and group dynamics] will be signing his newest book, Raggabooty at Mignoni Jewelry and Gifts this Saturday 10.11.08 from 11:00 – 4:00 PM. Pick up a copy when you are there!
Halloween is a great time for an interesting and colorful supernatural tale filled with suspense about a character stuck between heaven and hell!
Join host Pat Wadling of 1490am WBCB radio show at noon today, Wednesday 10.8.08 to listen in on Doc’s interview.

Dr. Joe Ruggiero, the only child of the late John and Marie Ruggiero who were married for 68 years, was born and raised in South Philadelphia, a fact that adds first person credibility to his interesting small novels.
He and his wife, Bernadette Ann [Rizzo], St. Hubert ’63, “my best friend, my lover and my advisor” make family and marriage their priority. They will be married 40 years on May 24th.  Their wedding reception was celebrated at Palumbo’s, an entertainment complex in the Italian Market section of South Philly destroyed by fires in 1994, where his dad had once worked and where Joe had been a stage manager.

“If we can be the best of lovers, yet be the best of friends
If we can try with every day to make it better as it grows
With any luck then I suppose, the music never ends.”

They met in City Hall while he worked in the Philadelphia probation department and Bernadette was a secretary in the district attorney office. For a short period, she was the personal secretary to U.S. Senator Arlen Specter. She is currently a piano and voice student, under Roburt Gadjos of the Bucks County Performing Arts Center.
The late Eugene and Ida Rizzo raised Bernadette and her brother, Eugene and her sister, kindergarten teacher Celeste in the small township of Tacony.
Joe laughingly compares himself to Abraham with their 5 kids and 8 grandchildren.
Their children are clinical psychologist Michelle, BC’89 [husband, Dr. James Brady]; actress and off-Broadway play writer “Strawflower Productions” Jacqueline, BC ’90 [husband, Mark Jacobson]; PH.D. John, BE ’93; All Catholic football athlete, mailman and Union secretary Joseph, [wife, Carissa] CEC ’92; and Hair Cuttery hairdresser, Sara, CEC ’04.
Bernadette proudly shares, “Joe does everything with patience and perseverance”.
Joe’s humble response, “God deserves the credit. I am just an instrument.”

Joe, in his youth, studied to be an Augustinian father and he has made a permanent commitment to the gospel life as a Secular Franciscan and expresses that this potent spirituality helps him get closer to Christ.
“When I do anything it is through the grace of God. God gives me the ability to do the best I can.”

Psychotherapist Dr. Ruggiero is the CEO and founder of Self Help Movement Inc., an inpatient treatment and recovery Alcohol & Drug Abuse center that started with one little room and then relocated to a farmhouse. He currently has over 50 staff members and his own gated community campus on Southampton Road in NE Philadelphia, accommodating over 175 people. On October 16th, they will celebrate 41 years as a program, with a documentary and a 15-minute play he wrote with the clients.

For over 15 years, Bristol Borough Council President and General Contractor Ralph DiGuiseppe, Jr., has been building new wings, renovating rooms and offices and doing total maintenance for Bristol Township’s Doc Ruggiero and his Self Help Movement, Inc. Ralph confirms, “He is a devoted Christian and his life is devoted to his religion, his family and his children.  Joe is an outstanding teacher of the program he founded and has helped literally thousands of kids. He is a very loyal and good friend and I consider him part of my family. I have a lot of respect for him.”

Author Joe believes fiction can be a significant source of inspiration and catharsis.
He has stated during interviews that he believes deeply in the healing power of fiction to uplift, inspire, entertain the soul, and bring about a change of values.
“With fiction, I can entertain people without preaching and still leave very powerful messages. I love telling a good story; I love entertaining and giving a powerful message.”
His birthstone, the sapphire is used for clear thinking.
The pick-up game basketball forward enjoyed drama and acting in school and studied screenplay writing at the Wilma Theatre where developing writers have the opportunity to hear their work and receive feedback in a supportive workshop environment.

His first paperback, “A Rose on Ninth Street” was highlighted in “Read All About It” in the NIAF [National Italian American Foundation] News.
This emotional book tells the story of the Pontello family and two love stories: one romantic, the other self-sacrificing; the love of loyalty and the love of passion. Set in an ethnically diverse South Philadelphia community in the 1950’s, the novel ushers in a new age and many of the transformations effected what have been called the ethnic communities of the country. This story of hatred and violence ultimately becomes a tale of redemption.
His interestingly crafted fiction tales sometimes paint a more accurate three-dimensional picture than a scholarly text is capable of doing.

Joe intends to communicate in his newest work, Raggabooty, that “What you do here matters. When we leave here, it’s not the end. We have to be responsible for our actions.
Life is not just for you; it’s about other people. Sacrifice for others is important.”
His message goes back to living and doing for others. There’s always an opportunity to make a change!

Bristol is home and they love it!
They find that eating at “Cesare’s Italian Specialties Ristorante” [the closest thing to home cooking!] is excellent! Joe assures, “I’ve never had a bad meal at Cesare’s!”
Favorite choices include tilapia and gnocchi and any traditional Italian pasta.
When they dine at home, Bernadette concocts incredible meatballs and lasagna and great fish dishes with tilapia and flounder.

“How do you keep the music playing
How do you make it last
How do keep the song from fading
Too fast”

They have done a considerable amount of traveling lately. They visited Milan, Switzerland and Paris, Portugal and Spain and Vegas and Disneyworld and then made a reasonably short trek to Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA.

The 1946 American film “It's a Wonderful Life”, one of the most popular and heartwarming films ever made by director Frank Capra is Joe’s choice of best movie.
Doc has touched many people in a positive way and his life has truly been a wonderful one. He feels that now that we are missing something in today’s society, this movie is more important than ever. Everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere fast. Family values are not the same as they once were. Family influenced society. Now it’s society influencing the family. The couple has been involved in leading the Pre-Cana classes at their Church.

Dr. Ruggiero projects selflessness and a giving nature with his humanistic interests and approaches.  He exudes confidence, energy and ambition and has demonstrated in many venues that he operates best when he follows his feelings and sense of compassion, allowing himself to be sensitive to the needs of others. His first-rate executive abilities, friendships, affection, and love have touched and inspired an incalculable number.
The Self Help flag is green [new life] and gold [golden eagle soaring to new heights].

A good friend from Immaculate Conception B.V.M. Church choir, Carolyn P. Wolverton, former English teacher at Villa Joseph Marie H.S., volunteers at Adamstown library, tutors in the Lebanon- Lancaster county literacy program and is a Eucharistic minister.
"Joe Ruggerio is a fantastic family man with a very kind, thoughtful family; a very, very good person! He has had a great success rate with his program. Family and God come first. Devotion to his faith is his #1 priority."

He is working on his 3rd book, Crystal Umbrella, based in Philadelphia, about a serial murderer. Looking forward to the release of Doc Ruggiero’s next bestseller!
Thursday's child has far to go……………

[“How Do You Keep The Music Playing” Lyrics]

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American Heritage Dictionary
char·ac·ter     n. 
1.Moral or ethical strength.
2.  A description of a person's attributes, traits, or abilities.

October 27, 2009
Treatment center founder hits the big time
By: ELIZABETH FISHER Bucks County Courier Times

Joseph Ruggiero's life has had many layers: psychotherapist, author and now TV celebrity.

Joseph Ruggiero never expected to be a familiar face on TV. The therapist always wanted to be an author. So he became one.

But a TV figure, never in his plans.

Now the 66-year-old Bristol Township man's addiction treatment center in Philadelphia is the focus of a video by The National Medical Record, which films and airs programs its executives believe worthy of attention.

The show, hosted by Hugh Downs, will run through Sunday during peak air times (7 a.m.-11:45 p.m.) on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Family Net and CNN Headline News. Specific dates and times are not available prior to airings. In addition, the story will be distributed to public television affiliates and Voice of American/World Net next week.

Ruggiero is the founder and executive director of Self Help Movement Inc., an in-patient addiction treatment center. Although he'll retire from Self Help in January, he's far from ready for a rocking chair.

He will remain on the center's board but have more time to devote to his family, his faith - a very important element in his life and in his therapy sessions - and to writing his third fiction novel, "Crystal Umbrella."

"Our philosophy is to treat addictions successfully, to put a person back out on the street as a productive member of society," Ruggiero said.

An easygoing and soft-spoken man, Ruggiero never set out to court publicity. It came to him.

This summer, Ruggiero and his staff were filmed at Self Help Inc., talking about their mission to treat and, hopefully, cure men addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Ruggiero said he had his share of sorrow, attending funerals of those who just couldn't overcome their problems, but he said he has seen more successes. He's had patients who have gone on to be lawyers, doctors, computer programmers, as well as other good-paying jobs.

He credits not only the treatment his clients receive during their stays, but also the faith he places in God to bring them through. He said he doesn't force religion on anyone, but, adhering to the belief that "God doesn't make junk," he encourages them to look beyond themselves to put their lives back together.

"Hope can be kindled in the center. God created these people to be good fathers and husbands and sons," he said.

Ruggiero's been treating addicts for 45 years and founded Self Help 17 years ago. Along the way, he's not only helped change clients' lives, he's welcomed some of them back - to help counsel others.

The Rev. Kenneth Blue wasn't always a pastor. Nearly half his life was spent as a heroin addict. He's spent time in jail, been on the street, gone through rehab, relapsed and picked up and started treatment all over again.

"I finally straightened up but no one believed I was saved. It was a rocky road because I was angry, very angry," said Blue, 52.

In March 2004, he just walked in to Self Help, entered long-term treatment, embraced God and worked his way up from cook to assistant counselor to an ordained minister.

"Even though God was in my life, I had issues I had to deal with. But I also learned that, if you embrace what's taught here, you don't have to look back," said Blue, now a pastor for a Philadelphia congregation, a husband and the father of three children.

Blue continues to minister to patients at Self Help, all of whom will be hospitalized for three to six months and, in some cases, longer.

Ruggiero said that when he retires in January, he'll leave behind a good staff capable of carrying on his work. "I want to be with my family," he said. "I'd like to travel; my novels will keep me busy."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


William M. [Bill] Pezza [author]
Joe is a great guy and deserves this recognition.


Joe Ruggiero has done a great job for many years.
This is an example of how Government funding like Medicaid and other funding sources can deliver great healthcare services!!
Most of these folks don't have, cant pay for and can't get private insurance, so the government programs step in and help!!

Mary Donahue
I work at Self-Help for Dr. Joe Ruggierio and it is my experience working with him that he is the most caring, loving and dedicated man that I have had the pleasure to work with in the drug and alcohol recovery effort. As an employee and recovering person myself, he not only helps the patients but also the employees on a regular basis. I love him and will miss him terribly when he leaves Self-Help on a full time basis. Mary Donahue

Dr. Joseph Francis Ruggiero
Bernadette Ruggiero & granddaughter
"I  am happy to share that I am working on my screen play base on my first book a Rose On Ninth Street. I have about three more months of writing. I have met with an independent Film Director, Dwight Wilkens, and we will be colaberating on this projec. There are many more people that seem interested in the project.
I will keep you informed.
A Rose On Ninth Street and Raggabooty. Thank You"