Only “FAUX” You!
by Cate Murway

Creative consultant Thomas Rudesyle, BHS ’90 turns the ordinary into the extraordinary just “faux” you! Anything from immense detail and precision to whimsical or abstract styles that can trompe-l’oeil [French for ‘trick the eye’]; he does it all, designing and executing images of any style! Tommy has built a reputation for excellent client service and satisfaction, investing his soul and heart into a work of art, producing imagery and design that stirs the senses and transcends the everyday. He fuses art with architecture, color with texture and the practices of the old masters with the materials of today.
“The main thing about me would be that I love what I do and I enjoy being involved in anything creative, the process of taking an idea and ending up with something beautiful. It’s nice to leave something behind when I walk away.” 

Tommy’s artistic background and expression goes far back into his youth. He started drawing, doodling and painting about the first time he picked up a pencil as a young boy, always seeing the world through the eyes of an artist. Tommy remembers adjusting the detailed illustrations in his coloring books to fit the entire page before coloring them in.
He purchased his first airbrush when he was in 7th grade, creating artwork of “funky” characters or names for shirts and hats. He has always felt that graffiti is “wildly creative”.
“I knew I had arrived when someone stole my [Gene Simmons] KISS poster from St. Ann ‘blue and gold’ day.” 

He shares his birthday with Theodor Seuss Geisel [Dr. Seuss 1904–1991] who possessed a candid imagination and drew constantly as a child. Dr. Suess’ first children's book was “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and this just happens to be the Street on which Thomas and his wife, Pennsbury teacher/softball coach Erica Frances [Lalli, BHS ‘01] reside. The book, originally titled “A Story That No One Can Beat” was published in 1937, coincidently the year Tommy’s grandparents, Louis and Victoria [Urbanski] Farina married and moved into their home on Mulberry Street that Tommy and Erica now own. His beloved mother, Louise Victoria, BHS ‘63 with whom he resided, passed away July 8, 2007. Tommy’s yearbook quote was “All that I am today, my mother made me.”

The famous works of Leonardo [di ser Piero] da Vinci mesmerize him. Raphael [Sanzio da Urbino]'s wonderful works take his breath away and he’s in awe of Michelangelo [di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni]’s amazing work. These are just a few of the extraordinarily talented artistic innovators who have captured this self taught multi-talented and versatile artist’s heart, mind and soul with the works of their hands.

We live in an age of plastics, steel, glass, and laminated surfaces, smooth and without character. In this modern complex world, many of us become nostalgic for the warmth of a more familiar and relaxing environment. In some instances things with texture represent our past, and these “old” things can have a calming effect on us.
Adding a knockdown texture can add interest and elegance to any wall.

Customize and revitalize your kitchen or any room by making your walls beautiful with plaster, custom painted or textured cost effective finishes such as marble, tile or brick. Don't replace your cabinets; refinish them instead. Refinishing your cabinets is a way to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you are thinking about a specific project, or are looking for help to create a brand new look, pick up the phone and call “Sharp With the Art” today 215.913.7948.

Tommy provides an on-site full color consultation to help clients select the best paint colors for their homes. He designs and paints murals and faux / textured walls, working closely with his clients creating color schemes and designing effective layouts. He creates art for all spaces from children's rooms to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, baths, and more, including all residential and commercial applications. 
“Sharp With The Art” aims to make your space one of a kind and enjoyable to be in.
Tom Rudesyle’s exceptional quality, creativity, and execution always lead to customer satisfaction.

Mural, mural on the wall….
Are your white walls screaming for a mural? Is there an area that needs something truly special?  A mural just might provide the answer. It is possibly the best investment for individuals seeking the customization and personalization only hand-painted art will provide. The wall simply becomes the canvas and gives the optical illusion that the objects are three-dimensional, ostensibly the image continues, and gives unimaginable depth.

Let’s face it. We all need a little inspiration from time to time.
A mural can change the entire mood or feel of a room, adding the illusion of space to a cramped room or transporting you to a new place. It’s a great way to enhance or to bring out the texture of the wall and create an inviting space that you enjoy and can feel comfortable in each time you enter the room. It can be a focal point of the room or simply an additional surprise to an existing décor, transporting you to a favorite place or the precise image you requested, creating a concept that will "WOW!" whoever sees it.
Murals can be an extension of your personality, an expression of your imagination and creativity and a way for you to take a plain 'ole wall and make it transcend time, space and dimensions.
Art has a way of cutting straight through our complex minds and lives to our heart where happiness, tranquility, creativity, contentment, energy, excitement and wonder reside.

You can select unique decorative art options reflecting your dreams, interest, and style.
With total dedication, Tommy will design a mural that you will enjoy for years to come. Children and teens will love the unique approach to creating a world where anything is possible and wall paintings can provide the young ones with a true reflection of individuality outside of the "grown-up world."

Examples of his handiwork are showcased in historic Bristol on the Delaware.
The wharf sports new lettering and his design 
entirely done by-hand 

and his unique paintings, including one 
of the landmark Grundy Commons
clock tower are 
displayed for viewing and 
for purchase at Pass & Stow on Mill Street.  

He painted the Radcliffe Street Cannoli Coffee bar & gelateria Italian café in warm “coffee” colors, created the logo for their sienna rust shirts and the storefront signage. He also displays his artwork in the coffee bar for decoration and “for sale”. 

Tommy has submitted sketch ideas for each branch of the service for the Borough’s veterans’ memorial monument at the Pond and Fillmore Streets point. 
His dream is to “give back to the town” and craft a sponsored mural for “his town” here in Bristol, where he was born and raised.

He learned all aspects of construction and design during his Kahunaville restaurant, Oxford Valley and “Party Block” nightclub, Ocean City, MD job ventures.
Tommy exhibits a conscious effort to integrate all of himself in his work, so he started his own business, “Sharp With The Art” almost 12 years ago.

Faux finishing and decorative painting is one of the hottest trends and fastest growing markets.
You will be amazed by the effect that beautiful art has on the human soul and spirit. 
T.R. Designs can transform the interior of your home or business with an enormous amount of class, distinction, and personality. You are limited only by your imagination.

So what can Thomas Rudesyle design for you? 

T.R. Designs 
Creative consultant Thomas Rudesyle
Sharp With The Art

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