Nothing Succeeds like Success
by Cate Murway

The Bristol Borough Council members are united as one solidified team of individuals working toward one goal… the betterment of our town.  The judgment of this strong and diverse team is superior and their motives are clear. Success breeds further success!
However, not content to rest on their laurels, this Council is of a culture set on continuous improvement and their aim is to exceed the ambitious targets they set and offer even better services to the population of historic Bristol on the Delaware.
God Bless Bristol Borough, one of the best places in which to live, led by a high-achieving local government renowned for its innovation!
They take President Kennedy's “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” seriously.

Brains and humor are necessary ingredients to be effective community leaders in this true collaborative setting in our world of shared and instantaneous information. 
The Council’s focus has been on keeping the borough's taxes low, but services high, and bringing new development into the community.
The Council’s strong financial, organizational, analytical and leadership skills have resulted in a lengthy resume as they continue to contribute their experience and skills to complete a myriad of projects designed to improve the conditions of the town making Bristol Borough a place where people want to be and where they can live and enjoy their lives to the fullest.
As a result, this council is investors in people and is set to continue to breathe new life into historic Bristol on the Delaware.
It has been and continues to be their honor to serve in this capacity for the best interests of our community. Vote your confidence in the Borough’s governing body! 

“If we can plan together, we must stand together…
The future of man is built on a plan 
of working together whenever we can…”  James Weldon Lane

President of Bristol Borough Council, Ralph DiGuiseppe, Jr. 
wears many hats -- one of them is a construction helmet. 
An idealist, a dreamer, always thinking in long term; 
he is able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans 
by making significant economic development initiatives. 
Change is motivated by positive reasons, not personal reasons.

Bristol is Bucks County’s Best Kept Secret, a “Landmark Town”, "classic town" historic Bristol on the Delaware, named in "Next Hot Neighborhoods" by Philadelphia Magazine.
This council has made a positive change in the last 5 years. Attend the council meetings on a regular basis and voice your opinions. The council meetings are friendly, short and as succinct as possible, informal forums at which local citizens can raise issues and discuss concerns with their ward councillors and representatives of other organizations about their neighborhood.
A notable accomplishment is keeping every resident updated by offering a televised council meeting [Comcast Channel 852]. This allows those residents who do not have convenient access to the borough building to watch council and board meetings from home or work.
Ralph takes tremendous pride in what the Council has accomplished. They hired Landmark Towns Regional Main Street Coordinator Donna Boone for the revitalization of Mill Street. Bristol Borough Council supports the historic scenic byway project that recognizes select routes for cultural, archaeological, historic, natural, recreational and scenic qualities, connecting the waterfront towns from Easton, PA to Bristol, PA.
All the paid off equipment, including new trucks supplied with a plow can be run by the Borough employed workers.
Change has been made for the betterment of the town! Property values have increased.  Bristol Borough is a better place in which to live, work, and visit.
He is programmed for success through hard work, courage, determination, and concern for others, circumventing by ingenuity or stratagem any shortsighted views.

Anna Bono Larrisey, named “2000 Citizen of the Year” 
for her moral guidance and unselfish service to others, 
loves working with the people in the Borough, especially the senior citizens. 
“I’m just a people person!” 
Tax Collectors are independent constitutional officers and Anna’s goal can be stated in one word: "SERVICE" - service to the citizens and service to the government agencies that do business with the office, in a most courteous, professional, innovative and cost-effective manner.
She is committed to every organization in the town. 
Anna, Bristol Borough Tax Collector is not just a tax collector, she is totally involved in the Borough organizations, the Celtic Heritage Foundation, the Bristol Cultural & Historical Society and as the retired president of the "Columbus 500 Foundation/ Celebration Committee". Anna is a crucial coordinating member in every activity at St. Mark’s, the Baptisms, Appreciation Night, picnic planning, dinners for Confirmation, and the annual Blue Mass.
Indefatigable Mayor of Bristol Borough, Honorable Joseph [Joe] A. Saxton has willingly shared, “Anna is the epitome of a volunteer; so involved in every facet of the Borough’s life. She truly represents the fabric of the community.”

Mayor Saxton has diligently and innovatively 
encouraged youth interest and participation for the long term 
good of the town with his Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. 
What better way to demonstrate a strong emphasis on going
out and selling this town on a daily basis than to inculcate 
his love of Bristol Borough in the youth?
Another accomplishment, of which he is most proud, is the Bristol RUSH shuttle bus service, providing morning and evening peak-hour service connections to/from SEPTA R-7 trains at Bristol Railroad Station, implemented with State Representative, Honorable Thomas C. Corrigan, Sr.
Basically, the mayor is the head cheerleader of the town.
He is duly proud of the positive and aggressive law enforcement practices of our police department and this speaks directly to our faith and support of our Mayor and his consistent and stable police department.

Mayor Saxton has been a strong contributing element in some way or another in every borough function since 1965, always reflecting the true spirit of Bristol.
As a Good Will Hose Company#3 fire fighting volunteer, past president, assistant Chief, and Trustee, he put out the flames.  Now as Bristol Borough Mayor, his positive influence and example of compassionate leadership fans the flame of neighboring committed involvement. A town that communicates and actually gets things done!
Joe Saxton leads and lives his 2006-2009 vision example, to “Provide responsible and effective leadership in Bristol Borough government. Create opportunities and support all efforts that enhance the quality of life in Bristol Borough. Communicate on a daily basis the benefits of living in, working in and experiencing Bristol Borough.”

Focusing on the future of the borough, the youths, the playground restoration is part of the Council and Recreation Board’s commitment to restore all of our recreational areas in town.  Thank you to all who supported the goals and dreams of this team.

Among the new faces to be elected to the school board that are passionate enough to believe that curriculum concerns can be alleviated and problems can be solved, are prepared to commence on making this dream of managing the tax base a reality. They are determined “to protect your child’s future while improving the educational environment”. 
This is where your child’s future begins- we need leadership and structure to take our educational base to the next level, the elite community of Bristol on the Delaware.

Century 21 Alliance R.E. associate broker Ralph DiGuiseppe III, HGP ‘94/ SJU ’98 is able to use his flexible Real Estate work schedule to his advantage to work on his committment to ensuring that the students are equipped with the right skills. He is a former BHS basketball coach, St. Ann P.E. teacher and sponsor of the BHS Middle School Basketball tournament.
Investing in the students is good management practice and taking action to develop and use necessary skills in a well defined and continuing program is directly tied to successful scholastic objectives.
“My goal is to see that we provide superior education while maintaining taxes. There’s no magic, we need to see where we can reduce spending and reinforce the structure.”

Beverly Breslin Kalinowski, TCNJ Assistant Dean of International & Off-Campus programs had been a teacher, “Mrs. K” at St. Mark School for 15 Years. She is a member of the American Council of Education, Association for International Educators, Office of Women in Higher Education and the Historical Architectural Review Board of Bristol Borough. Her actions prove that she truly believes that “no child should be left behind”!
If you really believe in something, you get it done!

U.S. Marine Corporal George Harvey Waldron, BHS ‘73 is a 20-year employee of Bristol Borough and Director of Public Works for 12 years, a former North Ward Democratic Committee person, and past president of the Little League. He knows what the facilities are and what we need.
His four children are educators Carla ‘06, Amy ‘02, George ‘99 and Nick ‘97 and have been educated in the Bristol Borough system.
“We have no choice but to focus on the kids and the taxpayers so we can take this to the next level.”

Vietnam veteran former Mayor Gary A. Tosti has served 4 years on the Borough Council and is the Plant Manager of LBC Joint Municipal Authority. He is prepared for this vital role to do what is right and his heart is in this town.  

Leadership.Service. Advocacy.
Public education is a birthright for every American, yet it does not happen automatically. Delivery of this vital service is made possible by the dedicated efforts of our elected school board members. Character and mental strength is crucial. 
Your vote only counts when you cast yours!

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Committed Council
by Cate Murway

A borough is not considered "perfect" just because it has the required number of trees and flowers spread evenly throughout. Check the status of your town at the Borough Hall, with its "one team, one council" approach.  It’s working!
The efficient, enthusiastic and committed staff from all elected service units work closely together to ensure that the government and each resident, the customer, is firmly at the heart of everything they do. A community with strong bonds and a high level of trust!
The achievements by such a devolved streamlined staff have meant that they have achieved far more than the sum of their parts. Relationships are real and ongoing, they are dedicating their tenure to try and improve services for working families, add social programs for Senior Citizens, and improve recreational activities and facilities for the children of historic Bristol on the Delaware. Our council members are valued and have earned our confidence in their individual initiative and ability to solve problems in their commitment to continuous process improvement. Integrity, fairness and open communications are the platform on which they achieve organizational success. Professionalism is always brought to these often unappreciated positions with their responsibility, accountability and accessibility. The elected Councillors represent you.  The Council exists to serve the people within this local community and work co-operatively to deliver the ambitions for the borough.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford 

Why do we live where we live? What do we mean by community? What could we do to make things better for ourselves and for our children? Whether that conversation takes place in informal settings or organized community forums, it means that neighbors have acknowledged their shared interest in the place they call home.
Each time a person uses his or her capacity, the community is stronger and each person more powerful.

This election has brought to the ballot a few residents interested in challenging the incumbents who have voiced objectives similar to those of the currently seated Council. For those who may not be aware, there is a Primary Election on May 19, 2009. 
Your vote only counts when you cast one!

                            Retired HR manager, James Frederick Lake, 
                                      BE ‘66/BCCC/Mansfield ‘70/WVAU ’78, 
cousin of former Mayor John Maurice Rodgers, BHS class of ’47
has traveled to different plants across the coasts assisting groups
to accurately define and effectively solve problems.
He and his sister, RE broker Monica, who currently resides in Canada, are the children of the late James and Katherine [Kryven] Lake. His son, James Bernard [Jimmy] works for a silkscreen manufacturer and resides in Boston.
After spending two decades in West Virginia, he returned to Bristol Borough in 2003 and he is interested in the revitalization of Mill Street and looking into “new and better ways to improve undertakings”. He too is concerned with continuing the current plans for the ball field upgrades and a strong recreation program for the children and the adults.
His main interests also include enhancing Mill Street’s image.
Jim grew up in a time when everyone knew everyone and watched out for each other’s children. He remembers a strong sense of community when manufacturing was “very big in the Borough” and only one parent worked.
He feels that one “inherits opportunities of the past from parents and the hopes of tomorrow from children.” There’s always an opportunity to improve on what we can be, and capitalize on a period of change. He expressed that’s he’s “an ordinary guy that thinks of extraordinary things.” 

Most people would want to help given the opportunity for them to contribute.

            Gail Jean [Bolton] Aufschlag, BHS class of ’69, 
grew up on Wood Street, as the only child of Joan Shirley [Jenkins] 
and Borough Fire Chief /Police officer William Raymond Bolton. 
She and her husband, Spec 4 Elmer Howard, the retired superintendent 
of the Waste/Water treatment plant still reside on Wood Street. 
They have two daughters, Dawn Lee and Shirley Marie and a grandson, Carl Elmer, BHS ’08.
Gail said she has always wanted to run for Council and work for the betterment of Bristol. Her interests include the field plans for the youth that the current council has foremost on its agenda. Gail is an original member, and currently a chairman of the Bristol Borough Youth Aid panel.
She started as cook 23 years ago and has been the assistant manager of the Lower Bucks Activity Center on Wood Street for the last 2 years. 
Gail, a self proclaimed, “just a Bingo player”, shared that her good memories of the Borough include skating on a man-made skating rink, a area flooded behind First Federal Bank, and “picnic-ing” and sitting around the bonfires at the canal.

Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends.

Football/basketball athlete Christopher Lee Chapman, 
BHS class of ‘87/Pennco tech was president of the 4889 Unit #10 
US Steelworkers Union and is currently interviewing with 
Amtrak passenger trains.
Chris grew up in the Borough with his brothers and sisters, 
William A., Russell Allen and Valerie Lynn. 
His parents are William Allen, and Margaret “Marge” [Hawkins]
Chapman who organized the Borough Christmas parades for over a decade. He is the father of 5-month-old son Christopher Kalyb and two daughters, aspiring RN Dana Lee, BHS ‘09 and McKenzie Patrice. 
Chris’ main interest is in assisting the senior citizens and organizing more communication in the ward, making sure everyone meets and knows each other.
Chris enjoys “block parties [would like to organize a ‘Everybody in Town’ Day] and the camaraderie of the neighbor and enjoying family”, an unbeatable way to connect.
His passions lie with the seniors and the youth entertainment/recreation areas. 
He would like the community to be more like what it was when he was growing up in the Borough.  
A special memory is of always buying “penny candy” from Mazzanti’s Market.

The Bristol Borough Council is a capable, committed workforce, bringing exceptional qualities to the fore, keeping the community energized.
Success is being measured not with charts and graphs, but in stories about community revival, collaborative problem solving, and a deepening sense of place among people who share both geography and values.
We need to maintain this dynamic council that engages, defines, unites, revives and represents the views of the whole community.

Character and mental strength is crucial. Your vote only counts when you cast yours!

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Elmer H. Aufschlag Bristol, Pennsylvania
Sep 13, 1942 - Apr 1, 2017 (Age 74)
Elmer was born on September 13, 1942 and passed away on Saturday, April 1, 2017. Elmer was a resident of Bristol, Pennsylvania at the time of his passing. He was a veteran serving in the army. He was married to Gail J. (Bolton) Aufschlag. Family and friends are invited to attend his visitations on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 from 6-9pm at the Molden Funeral Chapel and Cremation Service 133 Otter St. Bristol, PA and on Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 9AM until the time of his service 10AM at the Croydon Fire Company 911 State Rd. Croydon, PA. Interment will follow in Bristol, Cemetery. To sign the online guestbook or send a condolence visit www. Moldenfuneralchapel.comUpcoming Events Visitation APR 5. 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Molden Funeral Chapel and Cremation Service 133 Otter Street Bristol, PA, US, 19007 Order Flowers for the Visitation Guaranteed delivery before Elmer's Visitation begins. Visitation APR 6. 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Croydon Fire Company 911 State Rd. Croydon, PA 19021 US Order Flowers for the Visitation Guaranteed delivery before Elmer's Visitation begins. Funeral Service APR 6. 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Croydon Fire Company 911 State Rd. Croydon, PA 19021