from left [in scrubs], Michael Wambach; Melissa Paolini; instructor, Sheila DiPinto
in background, Director of Career Services, Teresa Scheerer

Power of Pennco Tech
by Cate Murway

"America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand." Harry S. Truman

Career and technical education benefits students directly by providing earning advantages after High School graduation. It can benefit them indirectly by increasing engagement, retention, and persistence and by directing them to a postsecondary education with the pursuit of lifelong learning for careers that build America.

Since 1973, Pennco Tech has modeled their unparalleled tradition of helping students achieve professional success through personalized career support and job-specific education.
Their career training emphasizes a hands-on approach that puts students at the forefront of the skills and expertise needed to excel in their chosen profession.
Pennco Tech offers access to a network of industry contacts such as partnerships and organizations that work in conjunction with them to enrich the education their students receive.

The dynamic Director of Pennco Tech, Alfred W. “Fred’ Parcells, Jr. has guided the campus and its programs in its growth and reputation. Plus, the supportive staff in Financial Aid; Career Services, Director Teresa M. Scheerer and her associate, Becki Baldinger; as well as Admissions, will work with each student to achieve their professional and personal goals.
There are day, afternoon and evening class schedules, affording each applicant a range of ways to invest in an education that will impact his/her life forever. 

Students experience a rich blend of instructors, classes and equipment that helps make the connection between learning and the real world, guiding them to answer three key questions: What am I learning? Why am I learning it? How am I going to use it?

The knowledge is presented in small, student-focused classes with a plethora of opportunities for hands-on experiences. Classes are taught in manageable "course segments", combining hands-on training with textbook theory, labs, computers and a library to provide the most comprehensive education possible.
Often when people think of high-tech or high-skill jobs, they typically think of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Ivy League Ph.D.s. But according to a new definition of STEM jobs — those requiring skills in science, technology, engineering or math—, there are high-skill jobs that don’t require a college degree. These careers continue to drive the economy as careers without limits.

Build a better future. Pennco Tech’s variety of courses can set one apart from the crowd.
From new construction, to remodeling, to renovations; construction jobs are as varied as the people who work them. Electricians are needed. These jobs offered a 2010-2020 expected percent growth of 23%; the Plumbers projection for 2010-2020 is 26%.
Or one can turn his/her love of cars into a career. Automotive Service Technicians could anticipate a job growth of 17% for these ten years.

The multi-talented instructors bring the benefit of first-hand experience and their unique personalities, building Pennco Tech’s secure, trusted reputation. They demonstrate an active role in honing real world skills.
Employers time and time again turn to this campus for uniquely proficient and trained candidates. The teachers are experts in their career fields as well as innovative educators who challenge each student by going beyond traditional lecture to tap into their learning styles.

Indeed, Pennco Tech is best known for its hands-on learning. It surpasses the real challenge of providing students with valuable experience, connections and practice in using their technical and people skills. Opportunities are offered for the students to interact with community members, potential employers, and with the students and teachers who share similar career/vocational interests.
Internships, job shadowing, community service, field trips, guest speakers, and cooperative education keep America in the game. Pennco Tech is powerful.

Recent graduate, Melissa Frances Paolini, BHS ’81 is now a Certified Medical Assistant, after having worked at a financial institution for nearly 22 years. “The Pennco Tech teachers, Sheila DiPinto and Barbara McKairnes were excellent.” Melissa graduated in February and has already secured a position with Aria at the Neshaminy Medical Practice in the Richboro office, a multi-specialty Family Practice headed by Drs. Dominic Dematteo, Mark Kenny Radbill and Lawrence Walter Schmitzer, Jr. She has also earned an Electronic Health Records and a Billing and Coding Specialist certification.
Support to achieve and jump-start career goals is always available. “[Director of Career Services] Teresa is so enthusiastic! She is amazing. Everyone in the school is so sincere.”
Melissa has already recommended the program to her friends who have also enrolled.
Michael Charles Wambach also graduated as a Medical Assistant this year.

Melissa is an all-around achiever. She was the first female President of the Bristol Lions and she currently is Chairperson of the Summer Concerts. Melissa is also working on the “Computer/Metal Recycling Event” scheduled for July 13th in the parking lot of the Senior Center on Wood Street.

Students from all walks of life are reaping the countless benefits of attending Pennco Tech; from adults looking to upgrade job skills or learn a new trade, to veterans being welcomed home. The students become engaged, lifelong learners, prepared for success in career, college and life. Our world is changing and so, too, are they.
“This is a military friendly school.” Veterans are welcome and Pennco Tech is authorized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to accept GI Bill money.
Thank you for your service! Pictures of the veterans in uniform are proudly displayed.

Pennco Tech is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). One of the high-profile supporters is U.S. Representative, Pennsylvania 8th District, Congressman Michael G. Fitzpatrick.

Turn your dreams into a reality and change the course of your future.
Pennco Tech offers a variety of day and evening classes including, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating; Automotive Body & Paint Technician; Automotive Technology; Electrician; Medical Assistant – Administrative; Pharmacy Technician; and Plumbing and Heating Technology.
New classes start every month. So NOW is always a perfect time to enroll.

Pennco Tech – Bristol
3815 Otter St.
Bristol, PA 19007

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