Odd Logic Brewing Company Opening Soon
by Cate Murway

To Brew… or Not To Brew…
NEVER a question!

Odd Logic Brewing Company was rated #1 at the Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival.
This incredibly thirst-quenching tasting experience will soon be offered by Timothy J. Shaw and his business partner/ head brewer, John Merrick, Jr. right here on the Delaware River Waterfront in historic Bristol, PA.
Tim confirmed, “John is the genius behind the brewing process.”
Brewing beer opens up a world of possibilities. Brewers can experiment with ingredients, styles and techniques spanning the entire world. The possibilities are limited only by the brewer’s imagination.

The family project for Odd Logic has begun at 109 Radcliffe Street, in a building with initial construction starting in the late 1930’s, which has been vacant for decades. Bristol Borough councilman William J. Strobele [wife, Florence] had advertised Hupmobile cars sales and parts in that property for almost 35 years. The location for Odd Logic is perfect!
Tim shared, “We stumbled upon the building after having scoured Bucks County. We first looked on Mill Street before finding the property on Radcliffe. The construction process is daunting but I as soon as I opened the doors, I knew we had found our home. Our ultimate goal is to bring enough traffic to the area that it will ultimately boost revenue for everyone around us. How cool would it be if we could bring that attention to our town and help change the landscape and keep the ball rolling as it has been.”
John and his family reside on Otter Street in the Borough. He confirmed, “We couldn’t be more blessed with the area. I’m a big outdoors guy and I kayak on the River.”
The Shaw and Merrick families are passionate about their beer, and the brewing community is vibrant and growing.

Tim and his wife, Diana M. [Decrescio] Shaw, Croydon Acres residents, have three children, aged 9, 6 and 2. John and his wife, Casey J. [Wagner] Merrick, a Bucks County EMT assistant are the parents of four, aged 11, 10, 4 and 2. Both of their wives will be a very huge part of their entrepreneurial venture. They are all very family oriented and understand how important it is to get out of the house with youngsters. They are determined to provide an extremely family friendly environment.

Tim has been involved with marketing and business development for the past 10 years. He graduated from the Web Design & Interactive Media Degree Program at The Art Institutes of Philadelphia. At “ImageOne”, he designed conceptual and spec drawings for national retail stores and restaurants, including CVS and Bonefish Grill. His brother, Kevin P. Shaw, “an amazing artist commissioned to do portraits in pen & ink and colored pencils” is involved in the art end of their Odd Logic building. Many in his family are artists and Tim was always interested in art, and hands on ventures, just like his parents. His mother, Margaret Mary “Marge” Shaw is a fine artist. She grew up doing pen and ink drawings and paintings and she retired from teaching Home Ec in the district’s middle schools. Tim’s father, William L. Shaw, a skilled, trained craftsman, retired after 30 years as President of the Boilmakers Union.
Tim is also an accomplished athlete. In High School he was the goalie, and he played soccer in the Junior National HS All-Stars, the only other athlete from PA and he had the opportunity to travel the world, playing soccer in England, Belgium and France. He currently coaches soccer at the Falls Soccer Club.

John was an electrical/ mechanical engineer’s assistant, building and wiring control panels and power panels for numerous countries. “I was always a big fan of science and craft beer started becoming popular. My in-laws gave me a “Mr. Beer” kit one Christmas. They were interested in wine making.
Philly Homebrew Outlet was a big time mentor; they have anything fermented, anything with yeast products. They make bread, are very knowledgeable and user friendly and they have the newcomer in mind.” John attended the Philadelphia Wine School for an 8 week brewing course. “I was just trying to make a beer I would enjoy.” He started the “Craft Apocalypse” fan page on Facebook and Tim added himself to the group. “We learned that we lived near each other and our families have become friends. He was the business man and I had a project and no funds to do it.”
Tim designed the label and the logo and John crafted the beer.
John is very technical and precise, “the genius behind the brewing”. He makes sure everything is balanced and Tim adds the creative flair. A perfect pairing of John the brewer and Tim the businessman.
Per Tim, the name of their company, Odd Logic just describes how he and John are as people.
“So many things seem to not make sense in life, but somehow do”, mused Tim.

There is no hard date set as yet for the Odd Logic opening but the construction is going full force. Local artist Jean-Marc Dubus and his daughter Alexa painted a temporary mural in their windows! They are yet to pour 9,000 square feet of concrete in the building that had no electric. Plans include “soft openings and tastings” possibly in June and a grand Opening later in the summer.
Their plans for their 9,000 square foot brew pub that runs from Radcliffe Street through to Cedar Street, are to divide the building into ½ production and ½ tap room and eatery, providing seating for approximately 130 customers. There will be tables and chairs and 2 lounge areas with sectionals behind the dividing glass wall. Plans also include a mezzanine area on an elevated level , and on some nights, live acoustic music. “Not loud and rowdy; softer, not like at a concert.”
There is a contest in the works for local artists to submit room wall design murals.
They also have plans to put a deck on the roof for a view of the river. 

Their eclectic selections of Craft beers will include IPA, India pale ale, a hoppy beer style; some stout beer, “heavier thicker and dark, with notes of chocolate and coffee, single origin Columbia coffee”, and
Saison [French, "season"]is light and crisp and will be dubbed “Nonsense & Fairy Tales”! 6.8% of absolute deliciousness.
Their Acoustic brewery and brew pub license permits sales of their craft beers, as well as food and
PA wine and PA distilled spirits.

Top line chefs will present their small menu with meat and cheese board appetizers; a pub fare focus but more progressive. Not just a burger and a chicken sandwich, but a burger on another level. 
“We may have clam bakes and crab fests occasionally and possibly even outdoor seating.”
Fish tacos and chicken pesto Paninis and pretzels baked from the spent grain accompanied by a beer cheese dip will also more than adequately satisfy the hungry. Taste is subjective, but hospitality is not.
John claims, “I’m a big burger guy and will focus on a good meat mix.” 
Tim claims, “I’m a foodie; love all different foods!”
They will secure some additional professional guidance from Tim’s cousin, Joe and his wife Amy, proprietors of “Honey”, an intimate, homey bistro in Doylestown.

Feedback for the Odd Logic crafted beer creations has been overwhelming and incredible, everywhere they have gone. Consensus is that both family and friends have been “blown away”.
Sounds like a winner! “We have something special here!”
Next stop is the Washington Crossing Brewfest on May 6, 2017.

Stay tuned for more exciting Opening information. 

A number of medical studies indicate that alcohol, properly used in moderation at 1-2 drinks per day can provide a number of health benefits.


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Tim and John
Diana and Tim Shaw with Small Business Revolution team: 
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