Business Shall Remain “Nameless”……
by Cate Murway

….but NOT unknown….. It is YOUR name that matters!

Want to brand your shirts to make them look unique and leave a lasting impression?
Nameless Prints Arts & Marketing is a veteran/family owned clothing supply and distribution store specializing in printed apparel, including short sleeve tees, long sleeve shirts, crew neck sweatshirts and hoodies and teamwear; they've got you covered... literally.
When it’s your logo, you can have it put wherever you want to make your company or organization stand out in the crowd.
A variety of music selections and handmade home décor, jewelry and crafts are also available. 'Nameless' is located on 219 Mill Street in Bristol and they celebrated their year anniversary on November 28th.

Cpl. Joseph Richard “Joe” Stanley was searching for an “inexpensive space in a nice town with a lot of good things happening”. Historic Bristol on the Delaware fit the bill! 19007 is passionate about rural entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Mill Street was once a collection of buildings that were primarily general stores, butcher shops, bakeries and taverns, but it is now being populated by gift shops, second-hand stores, an art centre, restaurants and antique shops. The upside potential is tremendous as creativity and innovation are becoming the new economic staples.

Joe Stanley had been running his printing business from his basement. “The dining room, kitchen, everything had shirts in it”. He and his wife, Lisa Ann and their infant daughter, Violet have relocated from New Jersey to Bristol. Lisa designs her ‘Las Crafty’ jewelry and markets the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings ranging in prices from $5.00-$30.00 in the “Nameless” shop. Her eclectic mix of bracelets is currently on sale for 20% off regular price. A variety of her decoupage embellished boxes on display make the perfect gift package for pieces of her jewelry. Keepsake decoupage wooden boxes are a perfect present even all by themselves, providing one with a unique place to store little mementos.
Since Joe created the graphic design for ‘Wisdom in Chains’, an American hardcore punk band based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania from the Stroudsburg area, their music is marketed in his shop, along with a collection of used hardcore & punk CD’s from $3.00-$5.00. He also stocks some vinyl: vintage records and new 45’s.

Joe played guitar and piano in bands throughout his high school years at Notre Dame in Lawrenceville, taking some music lessons he didn’t really enjoy. He wasn’t interested in learning any fundamentals. He just wanted to play heavy metal, punk and hardcore, “everything on the rebellious and angry side”.
Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, and punk bands like the Misfits, considered icons in punk music and culture, inspired him even though he didn’t necessarily agree with the message.
He enlisted in the army in 2001, just a month after 9/11, when he made a decision to secure further education and training in the military.
Joe was stationed in Fort Carson in CO, named in honor of the legendary Army scout, General Christopher "Kit" Carson, who explored much of the West in the 1800s. He was deployed in 2003. 
His father, Capt. Joseph James Stanley is also a US Army veteran who was stationed in the Fort Benning base that straddles the Alabama-Georgia border next to Columbus, GA.

After his service stint, he suffered with “issues and demons” and music helped him to grow out of some of the issues. His band has changed since then with only a few of the original members when Joe began as guitar player but changed his role to vocals in his hardcore genre “Sicker Than Most” band. ‘STM’ actually described them as individuals. 
The band has under gone several changes since 2008, and founding member and guitar player Lord Stanley’s 4-piece male band is now dubbed “Departed”. 

So, the tee-shirts… How did he start with the tee-shirts?
“I thought the price of tee shirts for the band was too expensive so I made them myself.”

His reputable “Nameless” business message is heard without shouting. Joe supplies any type of shirt, including Dri-FIT performance tees and jerseys, and strives to make any brand available. His favorite choice of apparel and activewear is Alstyle, a fairly thick quality preshrunk cotton shirt for printing and some of the styles are made in the USA.
Check out the ‘Straight Outta Bristol’ shirts for $15.00 in his shop, 

or order from his online store-
Each month 2 bands will be featured, entitling a customer to a free record or CD with the purchase of a tee. This is an ‘In-store-only’ deal, so stop in and check back each month for the new feature.

He takes a lot of pride in his family owned business. Customer service and quality merchandise are the building blocks and his goal is never to overcharge his customers.
Mention this article for a 10% discount.

Nameless Prints, LLC
Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am- 6:00pm
219 Mill Street
Bristol, PA 19007

Some of the youngest Mill Street entrepreneurs, Arianna and Reaghan, were selling their handmade wristbands and crafts in front of the “Another Time Antique” shop to raise monies for “Breast Cancer.”

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from left: Arianna and Reaghan