Michal’s Multi-dimensional Mantras
by Cate Murway

Come meet Michal Ohoyan Michaelo, a multi-dimensional spiritual coach, painter, author and drama teacher, who is also quite a Master of Transformation. Michal was born in Israel, graduated from Ramot High School, Bat Yam, Israel and completed her education at Seminar Hakibbutzim College, Israel’s largest academic college located in Tel Baruch, Tel Aviv, Israel. Hakibbutzim College’s educational approach is based on teaching as an ensemble, encompassing the school, the community and the natural world. Michal professionally developed her broad-minded, values-oriented, and influential educational way that brings meaningful innovation to her presentations.
Her late dad was Yamin, [meaning ‘right hand’] and her mother, named Rachel, a Biblical name, “is a dreamer” and she still resides in Israel. 

Michal often literally entrances the visiting young participants through her motivational, enlightening Story Time at 11:00AM held in the ‘Kids’ Korner’, in the middle of the children’s book area, in and amongst the bookshelves, in “t.s. Cornerstones Book Store & Café”, a locally owned one-of-a-kind business in Historic Bristol on the Delaware at 401 Mill Street. 

She leads the children to understanding through her stories and animation. During one extra special story time, Michal read the children her own book about a Princess who can bring plants and trees back to life with her special ability. “The moral of the story being that we all have a special ability, we just have to not be afraid to use it!!” Michal has come with much experience as her children’s program for learning “self-responsibility” was taught throughout Israel and received special recognition from the Israeli Ministry of Education and [UNESCO], United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, for developing ‘educational programs without frontiers.’ “Children are our treasures,” she beamed.
UNESCO encourages international peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting collaboration among nations.

Redemption Church of Bristol, Pastor Gary Alloway and his wife, Susan, frequently bring their children to the “Kids’ Korner”. “Augie and Rosey love it here!” 
Pastor Alloway holds his ‘Faith to Faith’ evenings of coffee, discussion and community support [‘growing in faith on our spiritual journey’ meetings] at “t.s. Cornerstones” on Wednesdays at 7:00PM.

Heather Chomyn brought her four-year-old daughter, Aivhlinn to the Story Time. Heather and her husband were married at St. Mark Church and her parents still reside in Bristol. The Chomyns are currently Southampton residents. Heather met the “t.s. Cornerstones” owner, Tina at the Margaret R. Grundy Library. They attend many of the Borough festivals and events.

Story Time in the “Kids’ Korner” ROCKS! The kids get excited about each story.
Each child also learns some essential school readiness skills, like how to sit [somewhat]still for an extended period of time, how to pay attention to an adult other than his/her parents, how to take turns, and how to be [reasonably] quiet in a public place.
All the children hug Michal goodbye, skipping away, until the next time.

Michal works with both adults and children to bring out the essence of their being, an indispensable prerequisite for sustainable development, through her attractive, energetic paintings which she has been creating for almost two decades. Her family became the first recipients of her free flow of ideas by word and image works in 1999. Several years later, she began painting for private clients. 
Hundreds of her energetic paintings have been created to liberate the highest ability of inhabitants all over the world. Michal professes, “It is our responsibility to get to know our inner world”.
She designs each aspect of her work to highlight one’s calling from obscurity, enriching everyday lives in countless ways, integrating an inner essence with an outer life. “We are all alike by being unique. My mission is to assist people in manifesting their highest ability and together create a better world.”

Michal , the Self-Employed Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor/ Human Behavioral Specialist confirmed, “My friend, Celia Braam provides Integrated Energy Therapy. We are working together on the person and reaching deeper dimensions. We can see immediate result of our work. It is so fun to work together.”

Michal advocates that her program is for those inspired to, “Escalate your life in 21 days. For people who are willing to use their highest ability/ their gift fully in all aspects of life.” Together Michal and Massage Therapist/ Reflexologist Celia combine their creativity and excellence, while integrating the arts, to bring out the very essence of their client’s being through their programs. 
Both are mothers to three children and they were introduced at an “Author’s Night” held at Tina Cella Fricano’s “ t.s. Cornerstones”.

Michal’s hand painted “22 MICHALO keys” are her keys to open the chakras. “We have 20 chakras [energetic centers, each center has a different energy to support our being] within the body and 2 out of the body one above the body and one below. All the 22 keys are for aligning us on a daily basis and give us the highest energy to manifest our day the best.” 

Instructed to choose a card randomly, the selected card was marked “fulfillment”. 
Continuing with that energy, Michal explained chakras. The Sanskrit word Chakra, [pronounced “cha”-“kra” with a resounding “ch”] literally translates to wheel or disk. In yoga and meditation, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body.
When properly balanced each of the Chakras work together to create an optimal life.

Michal creates each individual energetic painting using frequencies of colors, which are designed by the higher self of the person. The belief is that this artistic message from the higher self illustrates to the person his/her unique ability and how to combine this highest ability with the soul mission and manifest it. “I am receiving those frequencies by meditating on the picture of the person and create the painting. I believe that we are all alike by being unique. My unique ability is to find the unique ability of people that are coming to consultation with me. On the painting I am adding on gold- the private key. The private key is the transportation of the person to open his/her knowledge.”

The present moment is always one’s true point of power so the time to begin is always now.
Schedule a “Manifesting Highest Potential” consultation appointment. 
We all have a destiny, but that does not mean that our life is predetermined. Our destiny is essentially our highest potential — our highest expression of oneself in a given lifetime.

Leave with a colorful and energetic keepsake painting for the empowered you, representing your highest potentials.
Imagine a swirling wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet, corresponding to massive nerve centers in the body. This invisible energy is a vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive.
It’s a New Year… set some new goals!

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