Artist Joe Sagolla presented his “Living Bristol”
by Cate Murway

Grundy Commons at 925 Canal Street is not that common. The original building of the historic mill complex was built in 1681.  That is nearly 100 years before the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), between Great Britain and revolutionaries within thirteen British colonies, who declared their independence as the United States of America in 1776. Owner / President, Frederic [Fred] H. Baumgarten is obviously proud of one of his earlier purchases.  A massive framed “Theorem Painting” on Majestic Mills fabric, which boasts a “Betsy Ross Flag” with the stars in a circle, that commands one of the walls of his office foyer.

Local celebrated artist, Joseph [Joe] Sagolla artistically presented “Living Bristol”, a visual watercolor celebration of the profoundly historic structures that grace the borough, on Wednesday, December 13th. He was commissioned by Fred to design a mural for his Grundy Commons entryway.  They initially spoke last summer, and the artist who has been immortalizing Bristol Borough for the last 35 years, presented his proposal to permanently enhance the sunny yellow unique space of the entrance area from top to bottom.

Joe painted his masterpiece images in his Locust Street studio, measured, framed and hung his exhibit for the promised end of November date.
Charmaine Sieger, business manager of the Commons for the last 5 years, graciously welcomed the guests in to see Joe’s amazing artwork and share in a glass of wine and the delicious Caesar’s Italian cuisine refreshments. President, KellyAnn Bellerby, a longtime fan of Joe’s artwork, represented the Bristol Borough Business Association.  Carol Mignoni Ferguson, an owner of Mignoni Jewelry and Gifts and JoAnna Schneyder, of First Service Bank admired the “stairwell” artwork, depicting wharf, gazebo and railroad scenes of their beloved town. Susan Brown, Silver Lake Board of Directors and Pond Tour Chairperson, loves watercolors and would really like it if Joe Sagolla would paint a pose of her companion/guardian St. Bernard, “Titan”! Miss Rosemary Parmigiani, Principal of Snyder-Girotti Elementary School and the District Grant Coordinator, already owns a Sagolla original.  She has a “Bristol” sidewalk tile in front of her Croydon home. The youngest guest, Joe’s granddaughter, Liliana Mariel [Lilly], 2 ½ years old, really checked out and approved of everything from the floor up!

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Artist Joe Sagolla
Fred Baumgarten and Joe Sagolla
“Theorem Painting” on Majestic Mills fabric
Joe with Carol Ferguson