Prince of Print
by Cate Murway

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”  -Unknown

Pasquale Fioravanti “Frank” and Margaret “Peggy” Martino founded Levittown Printing, Inc.,
the printer with the human touch, in 1956.
Their son, Steven [meaning “victorious”] Ernest Martino,
makes certain that exceptional quality complete printing services
are still provided to the local community today.
Steve strives relentlessly for organization and predictable order
so he works long, hard hours to push a project through to completion.
LPI is a third generation family owned business
with a personalized approach and over 50 years of experience,
prepared to meet your hectic schedule.

An original 1945 Miehle Vertical press
still commands attention in the shop.
If a poll had been conducted among cylinder pressmen
as to their favorite small press,
there's little doubt that the outcome
would find this one high on the list, if not in first position.
Pressmen appreciated its versatility
that enabled it to run almost any kind of job work
with any stock from French folio to pliable cardboard,
as well as envelopes.
It’s not in use today, but remains a physical reminder
of the family business’ past roots.
The 19th Century Miehle ad slogan,
"You Never Heard of a Miehle Press Being Scrapped"
holds true. On July 5, 1978 the last MV was built and it was the end of an era.
Perhaps Steve will show it to you when you come in for your next print job.

Steve’s dad was raised in an orphanage in Philadelphia and given the opportunity for printing office industrial training and it was there that he learned his trade. After completing school, his father worked in a soapbox factory as a pressman where he met his future wife who was working in quality control. Frank Martino’s next career move was to the commercial job shop for the family-owned Evening Press in Atlantic City, NJ. The newspaper company relocated to the Jerry Plavin’s Appliances building on Route 13 and when the Courier Times purchased it, his late parents started their own printing shop in Levittown where his mom adeptly handled the office matters.
“I had the privilege of working with my father from 1968 until his death in 1994.”
Steve’s first assignment was sweeping the floor when he was only 14 years old.
His family includes his older brother, retired Air Force Major Frank and older sister, Patti and a younger brother, Tony who is involved in a construction business.

Steve and his wife, Donna M. [Devlin] Martino reside in Lower Makefield and they have two children, banker Jessica Marie, and Steven Robert who works along with him at LPI doing all the programming and installation of the software.
Steve, Sr. has been a member of the Bristol Lions for almost 15years and his wife has joined recently. He originally provided the printing for them and he is proud that he was asked to be a member.
He volunteers his time for the Officer Peter Faight’s “Shop with a Cop” Day at the Bristol Wal-Mart and he has manned the stand for “cooked from scratch” sausage, meatballs and chicken fingers for Italian Day and he’s in charge of the Pasta Dinner and he finds these ventures very rewarding.
“We give back 100% of the funds we raise to scholarships and eye care programs.”

Bristol has a plethora of fantastic restaurants but Annabella’s is the place where they really take pleasure in eating. “I think I’ve had everything on the menu and he [Bob Angelaccio] is always changing it”. Donna’s favorite is the chicken cacciatore.
After enjoying their dinners, they both had a great journey through Philadelphia sports history attending the “The Philly Fan” at the BRT!
“I love Bristol. It’s such a friendly town. People seem to look out for one another. It’s an amazing town. The Borough politicians are first rate.”

He defines his LPI as “general commercial printing” and they do work for several Borough businesses such as Harris Fuels, Cameo Kitchens and Allied Electronics.
Their service and quality is as close as possible to the cutting edge and they keep prices competitive. “We deliver on time and our quality is tops. We’re always here.”
LPI is the only Allied Trade Union Printer in Bucks County [International Printing Pressmen's Union Local C4] and Steve believes that they are also the longest running print shop in Bucks County.
LPI printed for James Albert Michener’s House of Representatives campaign in 1962 and they provide a great deal of print work for Congressman Patrick J. Murphy.
They are inundated with political printing twice a year. Many of the signs around Bristol are produced at LPI.
Savvy professionals, Diana Dell, the office manager and graphic artist, and the pressman, Nick Doto, with years of print, design, production and mailing experience, staff their sales and customer service departments.
“The hours are long but I get to create something and we’ve employed area people since 1956.”

Despite the surge in email and fax usage, professionally designed printed stationery packages are crucial to making a good first impression. Follow-ups with a formal proposal on good quality paper with a dedicated letterhead can work wonders for the image of your business.

When you can't trust the markets, maybe it's time to invest in yourself.
Looking for a nice letterhead for your business at a great price? Printing quality can make a big difference in the way your letterhead looks.
A proficiently designed letterhead can literally turn your material into an excellent, low-cost form of marketing and advertising tool, implying your corporate identity and giving it an air of class, befitting its status within the business community.
For a strikingly professional approach and corporate branding, it is recommended that you keep all your business materials such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes in a consistent design.
Let LPI, your source for award winning graphic design and superior printing, design your next project.
But first, a design should be as distinct and unique and recognizable as your own business. Every correspondence and every word written on your corporate stationery will exude professionalism. Your letterhead will capture the essence of your company and effectively serve as a background to the content of the letter. Because letterheads bear the company’s logo and name, it makes your communication all the more urgent, official and formal.
A first-rate letterhead design will be able to translate your company’s mission and expertise with a single glance.  You need people to see your brand name over and over again. Your slogan right underneath your company name will give that much more recognition.

Image is everything, the first thing any visitor or customer will perceive.
Stationery and business cards are subdued and indirect marketing tools that represent the front line image of your business. After all, they are very often used to make the initial contact with your future customers, so they need to be the best representation of you and your company.
Do you prefer clean lines and minimal use of color [vanilla] or a more ornate and decorative design? The mood and colors of your letterhead say volumes. You want your letterhead to show that your business is of the ultimate level of professionalism and decorum, being reflective of you and your company.

Your company’s letterhead is an important step to realizing a vision for your business.
LPI can actualize your desired elegant design unto the final print that can become the hallmark of your company. A version of your letterhead can be used on business cards, magnets, advertisements, bumper stickers, promotional materials and more.
Printing at LPI is done on professional printing presses using superior materials and they
offer a variety of ideal printing options and services so you won’t have to source out anywhere else. "See How Great They Can Make You Look!"

As soon as you exchange cards with a prospect, he/she will be looking at it - judging it (consciously or unconsciously), followed by an instant classification of your business.
The quality of the cardstock on which you print is just as important as the design itself.
Your business card is competing with others to get customers to contact YOU, so it is imperative that your primary marketing tools portray professionalism and high quality.
The first goal is to grab attention, and then provide information with memorable, striking graphics and materials.
Psychologists have suggested that we only have from seven to seventeen seconds of interacting with strangers before they form an opinion of us.
Great graphics and a comprehensive and pleasant layout will communicate a professional and trustworthy business.
Hand them your business card created by LPI for a considerable impact!

Give your business the respect and treatment it deserves.
Custom graphic work could be paramount, making a difference between sales and losing a customer. Let LPI create a design that will get you noticed and remembered.
They are the trusted supplier for very large corporations, home businesses, and incredibly successful entrepreneurs.
When it all comes together, good graphics and good design is good business!

Levittown Printing, Inc.
1433 Haines Road
Levittown, PA 19057-5033

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