Buck A Cup
by Cate Murway

Veteran Bernard Joseph “Bernie” D’Ascendis, a former United States Naval Steward, is the proprietor of “Let’s Go to the Hop”. Bernie wants to make sure everyone enjoys a characteristically COOL Memorial Day! He has offered to dole out delicious original Philadelphia Red, White and Blue Italian Water Ice for just a dollar…. yup, a Buck a Cup….while it lasts….so HURRY! MONDAY 5.30.16

His retro themed ice cream parlor and sandwich shop recently celebrated its Grand Opening, and it is complete with music reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s. 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner culinary offerings include “old school Italian sandwiches” as well as classic frozen treats and especially tasty ice cream, malts, ice cream soda, or sundae. There's nothing quite like the first ice cream scoop of the summer. It holds a special place in the hearts of Americans, perhaps no better demonstrated than with its love for classic ice cream parlors. 
“Let’s Go to the Hop” opens each morning at 6 a.m. with fresh Wawa coffee!
So let nostalgia take hold of your taste buds and walk on down. Expect to be tempted by the delectable selections of fun foods including bacon egg and cheese sandwiches [try the egg- and butter-rich brioche rolls!], roast pork and broccoli rabe, great cheese steaks and cheeseburgers, original New York pushcart style Sabrett footlong hot dogs, eggplant parm, incredible freshly made hoagies with old fashioned hand cut French fries or sausage with onions and peppers.
And of course, the soft serve or authentic hand dipped creamy ice cream, with a list of creative flavors that keeps it interesting from traditional vanilla to the cheeky vanilla bean and bacon concoction. Sample the "cream of the crop". Standby chocolate and vanilla are suitable to satiate a midnight craving, but summer is the perfect time to give these new creative, bursting-with- fearless flavors a try. Nothing says summer more than ice cream, and premium ice cream rules over everything else. Try their shakes, malts and root beer floats!

Here’s the SCOOP. It’s not just SUNDAE School…. 
“Let’s Go to the Hop” is opened every day from 6:00am- 10:00pm, making 19007 one of the COOLEST small towns. This small-town stand is not lacking BIG flavor.
You’ll be back…..
Saving a bench for ya! The Borough Council benevolently donated the benches.

Bernie was stationed in Iceland during the end of the Vietnam War and the duty of the U.S. Navy in Iceland at the time was to protect American tanks around the border of the Soviet Union. He would take care of many of the incoming and outgoing naval officers and cooking was one of his specific duties. After his military hitch ended and he was discharged in 1972, he remained with the federal government, working for over a decade with the United States Post Office in Philadelphia.

When Bernie retired, he originally had set his sights on opening a tavern; that is until he located the vacant former Pinky’s Corner including a room with a grill.
“I always got a lot of enjoyment out of cooking,” he shared. 
Putting smiles on people’s faces is not a new thing for Bernie. A while back, he learned the art of balloon sculpting at Spiffy’s Clown School and he performed at parties, parades and events, oftentimes offering his service free of charge to VFW or other Veteran-related events. Bernie still entices smiles from his youngest customers as they watch a colorful balloon animal twist and come to life.

Fun is always a factor for this diversified entrepreneur. Indulge in any number of his give-a-ways at his “Let’s Go to the Hop”, spin the wheel and perhaps win a banana split.

 “My parents were blue-collar workers. Nothing was just handed to me. I worked hard for what I have.”
He was born in nearby Beverly, NJ and raised in Bristol Borough.
His late father, Louis Gene worked at Kaiser Metals Products and his mother, Mary Joana sewed elastic in infant’s clothing in the Grundy Textile Mill.
Family is of utmost importance. Bernie continues to provide for his mom and his disabled brother, Gene Blaze.

Make “Let’s Go to the Hop” your family-friendly culinary mainstay in Historic Bristol on the Delaware. It’s like a vacation from the ‘every day’ with friendly staff adept at conversation, humor and an affinity for children, as well as well- behaved adults. Enjoy first quality ingredients in freshly prepared meals served with pride. The stars and sky seem bigger when you take a cone with you and leisurely tour this picture perfect, pedestrian friendly town.

Capture the very essence of summer fun. Come to the next First Friday celebration June 3rd and bring the kids, the dogs and the adults! There’s even a “Cool Paws” with a dog biscuit for the favorite canine customers. Caution: may cause uncontrollable tail wagging.

Everyone can make a meet up place that's really easy to remember... Just tell your entire group, "LET's GO TO THE HOP is our meet up base." Get ready for a lickin'. Their melty, creamy treats are hard to beat.
Welcome Friend!

Let’s Go to the Hop
2 Pond Street
Bristol, PA 19007
267.554.7277 / 267.554.7276

2nd grader Molly with Bernie