A Gem in Historic Bristol on the Delaware
by Cate Murway

Looking for exquisite, one-of-a-kind adornments?
Come explore this precious store tucked away in historic 
Bristol on the Delaware. 
Fine Art Jewelry is a lovely, small, exquisite gem of a shop 
where you can always find the perfect something, sometimes 
elegant and timeless, sometimes whimsical, each piece 
appealing to a different mood or personality.
More than just ornamentation for the body, jewelry has 
long served as a palette for artistic expression, not just that final 
accessory for your day's outfit. 
The jewelry you wear can energize and uplift you, 
and those around you.

Customer reviews:
I'm a jewelry fanatic. If you love fine quality, good service, and a personal touch; you need to visit Fine Art Jewelry in PA. It is nice to go to a shop and buy jewelry that captures your character. Elizabeth Ferguson, North Wilkesboro, NC

If it's quality and expert design you are seeking then i recommend Fine Art Jewelry. The craftmanship on custom pieces is excellent. Vaughan Mountain, New Orleans, LA 

Leonard A. Wilson is a masterful creator of custom pieces, fashioning jewelry that delights and commemorates, gracing your neck, wrists and ears. His magical designs will encircle you with beauty for a lifetime. He prides himself on his family business ethic with its small-town feel amongst today's busy retail world. An intimate, small town atmosphere while you benefit from Leonard’s extensive experience.
His strong beliefs in customer service, quality products and fair prices have served as his foundation.  “How can I help you?”
According to Leonard, “The story of jewelry includes much that is dramatic, romantic, exciting or otherwise interesting.”

He was born in Jamaica and grew up in Nottingham, close to the center of England. His late parents, contractor Leonard and Althea, R.N. emigrated to Great Britain in the early 1950’s with their family of then, 4 children. Leonard is the 4th of  8 children who are now scattered about the East coast. 
When his family returned to Jamaica, his dad introduced Leonard to his jeweler friend, R.P. Mundell and it was under his tutelage that he began his 4-year apprenticeship. While attending the University College of the West Indies, now the Northern Caribbean University, he met Ernestine [Wilson] the young American exchange student from Michigan, who was to be his wife. Ernestine is currently a compliance officer banker for JP Morgan Chase. They were married in 1975, resided in Michigan for about a month and then moved to NY. Leonard worked for a watch manufacturing company and the Design Craft organization. His careers included working in inspection and quality control for Davorn Industry, a successful NY costume jewelry firm and a stint as a cost accounter, establishing budget and actual cost of operations for a major manufacturer of jewelry, Baker/ Eichmüller. He relocated his family to Newtown when they opened a branch there. 
Leonard used his in-depth knowledge and started his own company, Fine Art Contracting in a rented 2nd floor spacious property at 410 Mill Street. He’s been in Bristol for 28 years. Leonard helped plan an interchange of business and tourism with Bristol, England while he was President of the Mill Street Business Association 1995-1997. This “speaks volumes about my feelings about Bristol”. He brought “Destination Bristol” shirts and hats with himself on the trip to leave with his newfound friends and he connected with their Rotary on behalf of our Rotary here for a “key to the city exchange”. He forged a link with the business clubs that proved to be an important source of communication.
The Wilsons were going back to meet with friends and family but Leonard went to promote the town.

The Lord Mayor Joan McLaren received them at the Mansion House during their tour. “Leonard Wilson is an excellent ambassador for the Borough.”
 He addressed a group of businessman and spoke about Bristol on the Delaware on their BBC, the largest broadcasting corporation in the world. Bristol, England is historically a county in its own right and is properly entitled the City and County of Bristol.
Fine Art Jewelry has been at the current location for 18 years. 304 Mill Street was a thrift shop prior to Leonard moving in as a tenant. He now owns the building that was for decades, Sidney and Martha Paroly’s Women’s and Children’s wearing apparel shop. Their Final Clearance Dollar Days offered dresses, flannel pajamas, blouses, skirts, shirts and slips for $1.00.
Leonard and Ernestine have 2 children, Leonard Mark who resides in Morrisville and 
Jacqueline Diane “Jackie”, a sous chef for the Iron Chef . Their daughter, Jackie and her husband, Michael Purcell, son of Associate Chief Judge Stephen L. Purcell had their reception dinner at the King George Inn. Her proud papa will be happy to show you her stunning wedding album. Their grandson, Len’s son, Gabriel Infinity was the ring bearer.

Hobbies? “When I played the guitar back in the day, I played all the Beatles music. My older brother, Glen taught me everything he knew.” Glen actually met Paul McCartney in the late ‘70’s in the airport in Jamaica. “Ah, the bloke’s OK.”  
Leonard’s work is his hobby now and he never visualizes retiring. “I look forward to what I do. I look forward to sitting there and melting some gold and carving it up. It’s therapeutic.”

Leonard Wilson offers in depth, professional product knowledge with outstanding client service.  Whether you're buying a gift for yourself, a friend, or a loved one, he is proud to offer a broad selection of high quality jewelry and personal service in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Leonard’s artist made, original handcrafted contemporary jewelry is one of a kind or very limited edition handmade jewelry. It contains the love of its creator.
A special design just for you makes your jewelry personal and meaningful, since each new piece will carry a story and celebrate one of life's important moments.
He makes the unimaginable imaginable with his custom designs. The first piece of jewelry he fashioned was for his mother. His dad had some very soft Chinese gold and he alloyed it to 14K and made her a pinky ring with a scripted “A”. His wife gets a special piece every year. His pieces are modern and contemporary but still capture all the grace and artistry of traditional jewelry designs. 
Leonard has creative ability, imagination and artistic talent with a passion for taking ideas from concept to the counter. The high level of workmanship and the creative skills of the craftsman all add to the long-lasting value.
The landmark Grundy Commons clock is about to strike 100! Leonard even designed a clock tower artifact in both silver and gold to be used as a charm or a pendant, or possibly a tie tack or lapel pin. Call for pricing.

Find THE perfect earring that goes with everything and yet that is so elegant!!
The jewelry offers diverse light, reflection and shadow, adornments for the body and soul. His creations are wearable works of art that inspire, elevate and enchant jewelry aficionados. You will be guaranteed to find a piece for any occasion.

He provides everything from sizing a ring to designing a true work of art.
Frank Merk purchased a birthstone necklace and matching earrings for his wife, Lynn’s birthday last Saturday.  His mother- in- law, Loretta [Ennis] Levondosky, BHS ‘49 ran the three generational LorLyn Fashions on Mill Street along with her mother, Loretta Ennis and her daughter, Lynn Merk. He knew that she’d be happy that he had bought her gift on Mill Street. Lynn was very pleased with his choice. She owns a birthstone ring that her parents had given her and Frank ‘matched it up’. “I love it. It’s beautiful.”

Darrel Bell, BHS ’86 was getting a ring sized for his wife Mia [Lewis]. Leonard made her a name anklet in cursive. “He’s a good guy. He doesn’t try to kill your pockets. He looks out for you.”  

Jewelry is the ultimate expression of love for both the giver and the recipient.
At least "once in a lifetime" everyone deserves a piece of jewelry to cherish and to remember.
Gold is at least $1100.00 an ounce now.
“Even though gold prices went up, most of my merchandise has not been affected. I don’t mark up the prices until I buy new stuff. You’ll find a lot of great prices here.” 

Not that you ever need a reason to give a gift or have a celebration but this Valentine’s Day, make sure your special someone gets the perfect unique and specially designed gift to celebrate their own lifetime and WOW everyone!
Leonard Wilson specializes in 'Special'.

Allow Fine Art Jewelry to be YOUR jeweler for precious stones, custom jewelry,
fine timepieces, repairs or anything in jewelry. 

Fine Art Jewelry
Leonard Wilson, Jeweler
Mon-Fri 10:00- 6:30 PM
Saturday 10:00- 5:00 PM
Closed Sundays
304 Mill Street
Bristol, PA 19007

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