Adriana-All Around MVP
by Cate Murway

Many teens aspire to be an “American Idol”. Adriana Victoria Lalli born 10:00 A.M. in June of 1989 has proven herself to be anything BUT an American “IDLE”. The youngest of three children, who will all have been Bristol High School grads, born to Radcliffe Street residents, Maryanne Carla [Fregoni], Pennsbury H.S. ‘77 and Michael N. Lalli, BHS ’76 and Temple University ’80, allows “no one to dull her shine”. She has truly been blessed with “a very strong family”. 

Her brother, Michael P. Lalli, Attorney at Law, BHS ’99 and Temple University, Beasley School of Law ’06, which focuses on an education comprised of both the theoretical and the practical, is a partner with Silverman & Fodera, Philadelphia, a law firm dedicated to the protection of individual rights. 
Her sister, Erica Frances Lalli, BHS ’01 and Temple University ’06, is a Special Education 9th grade Math & Career teacher at the state-of-the-art comprehensive Bucks County Technical High School, Fairless Hills. 
Her dad, Mike, teaches Psychology, Social Studies and Economics @ BHS and has coached their very successful Softball team for the last 26 years, positively impacting the academic, personal and social development of countless very fortunate students and athletes. 
Her mom, Maryanne, currently a highly qualified paraprofessional instructional aid, provides potent and constructive influence for many students also. At one time, she owned her own hair and nail studio business, “Dazzles” in Bensalem and was an enthusiastic Cheer coach and Advisor, exhibiting her spirit and dedication for the BHS programs. 

Adriana, the youngest of the dozen grandchildren of Ralph F. [a 1950 graduate of Northeast Catholic High School for Boys, “educating young men in the Salesian tradition since 1926”] and Josephine “Jo” [Tosti] Lalli, BHS ’50 [retired longtime BRT Business Manager, who still hosts the Bristol Riverside Theatre staff Christmas parties] are her 24-7 cheerleaders, avidly supportive of each and every one of their cherished twelve grandchildren’s activities. They have shared in the most recent shining moment when Adriana was chosen B.A.L. [Bicentennial Athletic League] MVP of the BHS Field Hockey team.

Adriana, Secretary of her class, who has achieved the outstanding place of 10th in the Class of 2007 which will be the 124th BHS graduating class, was very poised and willing to share her exceptionally time intensive scholastic endeavors, her vocational expectations, her current employment at Mill Run Assisted Living on Wilson Avenue and her commitment to a varied selection of athletics, including Field Hockey, Softball, Basketball, Bowling and Cheerleading. Her perceptible confidence displayed that she is prepared and ready to succeed in every sector. Her first college choice, LaSalle University, with an established reputation for excellent pre-professional programs in the sciences, business, communication, and teacher preparation is apparently a perfect fit for future R.N./ Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant Adriana, since “the largest majors by enrollment in the University are Nursing, Psychology, Education, and Communication”. 
Her early elementary schooling began at St. Ann School and then her mom’s “cheerleading mascot’’ continued her education at BHS, ardently claiming Science as her favorite subject, including Biology, Chemistry and Advanced Biology. Dissecting the eye of a cow, which is similar to the eyes of all mammals including humans, and gaining an understanding of the structure and function of the parts of the eye apparently really intrigued the future medical student. Art interests are a close second. She gets her creativity from her Mom!  These talents she readily shares with the Yearbook and Play committees. 

Adriana is “No Part-Time” anything. She genuinely takes her responsibilities to heart, fully pledging to follow through to completion and producing over and beyond any expectations. Per Mill Run Dietary Aide, Jeanette L. Hill, member of BHS class of 2002, Adriana is “extremely nice, an excellent food server who gets things done!”  She makes it a point to visit the elderly residents after her work hours and enhance their living environment by helping them style their hair, manicure their nails or write cards. She has even been identified as a participant in their very “serious” most popular class of vying games, Poker and the trick-taking game of Pinochle!                                                                                                    

Student Council plays a very significant role in her school life and Adriana has been a dynamic member for all 4 of her H.S. years.  Her responsible participation helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the teachers and the principal, Thomas F. Shaffer, serving as a positive peer model. She is a selected “Red Shirt” Student Ambassador, chosen by Vice Principal, James Esposito to provide Community Service, one of which was to guide tours of the newly refurbished Borough Hall. She is also a member of the Library Club and Model United Nations, an authentic simulation of UN bodies in the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council and crisis simulation in the Security Council.   
Adriana, Secretary of the BHS Italian Club, performed a dance to the Tarantella, the most recognized song of all the Italian folklore music generally played with a strong mandolin (Italian guitar) presence, and then expertly led the Pledge of Allegiance in Italian during the Columbus Day festivities in Bristol Lions Park and Wharf. Last summer, the Lalli family visited with cousins, Enzo & Francesco and enjoyed breathtaking sunsets and the cultural and historical impact of Florence; and then Sorrento, a small town wonderfully located over white steep cliffs, offering a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples. Adriana was the translator! Bene! 

Her immediate and extended family has helped instill in her the genuine appreciation of unique experiences and perspectives and the understanding that some things just have to be learned by doing; not just reading, watching, or imagining. Some time in the future, a solo trip to Italy is in her goal horizon! 

Mike Lalli’s softball team won 2-0 [Bristol v. St. Pius X] on the day she was born and his daughter’s middle name “Victoria” was chosen based on that “victory”. Adriana’s extracurricular activity choices prove that being victorious is, for her, an innate drive. She is a longtime member of Tri-Hi-Y, a group who’s purpose is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community, which offers opportunities to care for others by participating in service activities, such as Blood Drives. Friendships and bonding are key factors for Adriana. “I want to be remembered as a good friend.” 
Spreading her faith and family values through her community service activities gained her memorable friendships and positively impacted her peers. She has demonstrated outstanding performance in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character development and has been elected to the National Honor Society [NHS], the nation's foremost organization established to recognize these exceptional high school students.                                   
Part of her Senior quote is "In order to fly, you must let go of the things that weigh you down…" All of Adriana’s carefully selected activities can only help her SOAR! The Future is here! It just hasn’t been distributed yet! 
Knock’em alive, Adriana!

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Adriana Victoria Lalli