Let’s Knock ‘Em ALIVE in 2-0-1-5
by Cate Murway

Have you made a resolution for the New Year? Have you kept it?

Employ the buddy system. Having someone holding you accountable can be a powerful tool and making a public commitment just may add to that motivation. Skip the naysayers, but if you are fortunate enough to have those who will act as cheerleaders or coaches, people with whom you can to share your struggles and successes, share your goals with them. Then, turn your action plan into ACTION. Short term goals for long term results.

Resolutions should be meaningful, something you really want, a list limited to a number you can really handle, not intense character changes.

“One of my goals for the New Year is to visit my local library on a monthly basis so I may select two books and read them within 30 days. My main mission is to educate myself on a variety of subjects over the next 12 months. I must say that it is absolutely amazing how many awesome books the library offers. I schedule my visits to the library so it is an appointment. I then set aside time each day to read, which is typically before bed.”  Laura M. Cummins, Flemington, NJ

“That's funny, mine is to cut back on going so much lolol (a life w/a 5yr. old).”
 Lisa Lutz-DuVoix Linstrom, Portland, OR

Now, with books in hand, designate a place in your home as a reading spot.

Start small. Have an action plan and be specific!

“This year my resolution is to eat better. I am making that happen by grocery shopping on a regular basis, not an as needed basis, this way I always have a lot of healthy options to choose from. It also enables me to pack healthier options for lunch and snacks at work. No more vending machine for me!”
Susan Corleto, Langhorne, PA

Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, beans, nonfat dairy foods, and lean proteins.

"Actually sitting down at the table for dinner during the week."  Nick Zlupko, VJM science teacher/ coach

 “My resolution is to continue to exercise, especially at the YMCA in Burlington. I've lost 30 pounds since April and, on this New Year’s Eve, I renewed the promise to myself to not give up.”  
Liz Fisher, Bristol Borough, PA

Attitude is everything. Share it!

“Being positive, zero tolerance for gossip and giving a helping hand!”
Colleen Bresnahan, Langhorne, PA

"Positivity; not Negativity. So far, so good. Trying not to look at the negative past. Will not let people bring me down! Live for today. Loving and being kind as much as I can.” 
Linda Hume Dunham, Levittown, PA

Behavior change is incredibly hard. Courage and perseverance can make most difficulties and obstacles vanish into air and disappear.
A buddy can help you keep your resolution. Everything is better with a buddy!

“Try to stay healthy by exercising, eating correctly and keeping busy. Also listening to what Audrey tells me is good for me.” Alan J. and Audrey Vogenberg, Langhorne, PA  

“Every New Year, I resolve to show up everyday saying, "Lord, here I am. Who needs some help today"? It's what I do best and this year am resolved to do more of it".   Pastor Ed Jones, Lewes, DE

“A closer walk with God, and communing more frequently in prayer.”
Ellen D. Winslow, Edgewater Park, NJ

Be prepared to change the habits that sabotage you.

“To be able to celebrate New Year 2016 by eating regularly, exercising, and thinking positively.”
Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq., Manalapan, NJ

Write the goal down and visualize it, fixing it firmly in your subconscious.

“My new year’s resolution is to get back to having a positive attitude. I will make this happen by rethinking negative thoughts and focusing on the positive instead of the negative.”
Donna Love, Harmony, PA

Let's be honest, or… be realistic and just face facts.

“Didn't make a resolution this year because I never keep them.” 
Mary Galione-Nahas, Reidsville, NC 

“NO RESOLUTIONS!!! I just realized that can be my New Year's resolution to make no resolutions.” 
Mary Ellen Popkin, El Paso, TX

“The normal, to lose some weight, but that hasn't worked in twenty years of making that resolution.”
John Ruszin, Bristol, PA

“Would love to contribute to your list but I was never big on those resolutions that start off the New Year. I like to be flexible with my decisions making and once you make a commitment on reaching a particular goal the flexibility of choice is narrowed and restrictions are just not part of my lifestyle. My lifestyle has inherent goals built in such as exercise, keeping the body active and healthy and maintaining a positive sense of humor. That’s all part of my daily living and if anything is added to the process then it is done on a as need bases without the guilt factor of a New Year Resolution that could be broken.”  Bill Slack, Hudson, FL

Decide to make 2015 about creating a new you and believe that you can do it!

Perfection is quite unattainable; excellence is not, so never beat yourself up. Remember to be forgiving….anticipate setbacks, and only view them as temporary. If you slip up, “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again”. 
No self-pity prison! Recover and get back on track. Then, stick to it. 
It takes at least 21 days to make a habit, so be persistent and patient and then celebrate your successes. 
Celebrate little victories for a happier and healthier you!

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