No, Really… We’re “Just Kidding”!
by Cate Murway

Spontaneous learning is “FUN”damental.
Owner Cynthia Lynn [Hackett] Timko has created a visually welcoming environment on Mill Street and it is “FUN”tastic to kids. Young children are allowed to explore, inquire, play, and discover.

Sometimes finding new and exciting things for your children to do can be a challenge, especially for toddlers who are mobile, but not old enough for school, so a drop-in, well equipped, air conditioned, mostly unstructured play is the perfect solution.
Cindy Timko emphasizes open-ended, child-directed, discovery-based activities and equipment to accommodate infancy to early childhood, that will help nurture future generations of creative thinkers and innovators.
In this very global society, change is radical, constant and accelerating, so creativity is an imperative for success.
It is quite possible to see the children play within an area in ways never imagined by the original designer. There is freedom to hang onto the spark that allows them to see infinite possibilities, discover unexpected information and to draw unexpected conclusions.

“Just Kidding” is a rich, stable, and safe world, with affectionate and supportive grown-ups, and lots of opportunities for exploration and play, allowing children to learn more naturally. Children are allowed to be children.
The name “Just Kidding” came from the Timko family’s favorite phrase and they officially opened right after the hurricane, on 9-4-11.

The owner, Cindy, is the middle child, between 4 brothers who were raised by their stay-at-home mom Deborah Lynn [Biddle] and their late dad, Charles Gary Hackett, Sr., who had worked at the U.S. Steel Mill in Fairless Hills.
Her late Uncle Michael Biddle ran a transmission shop in the Borough on Farragut Avenue.
Her oldest brother has worked on a party boat, the Sea Star III, since the age of 17, and recently became the owner.
“We were always outside, always playing; football, you name it.”
The shore, beach and healthy play was always part of her life.
“I was very fast”. Cindy ran the sprint relays in school and “I was a fan of the hurdles too”.
Her afterschool job was as the neighborhood babysitter.

“Just Kidding” is 100% owned, designed and operated by a mom with four children of her own.
Cindy and her husband, computer specialist Carl Ronald Timko are the parents of two daughters, ages 15 and13, and two sons, ages 10 and 4.

The Lower Bucks Hospital Emergency Room registered nurse [science was her favorite subject in High School] and her computer-oriented husband satisfied their entrepreneurial cravings. Carl had always wanted an investment property and Cindy had toyed with the idea of a daycare center. They orignally were looking for space in a private home that could be zoned for a daycare facility.
“I love the location. The building is great.” And it was for sale.
The children can see fire trucks and anything happening in the town since “Just Kidding” is located on the corner of Mill and Pond Streets.

The rooms are stimulating to a child with all the fun colors and a large nicely padded play area. Therapists even come in with children needing sensory-motor skill work.
The 5 and under crowd wind up using a lot of skills they should be using from the early ages, like counting, adding, and learning the alphabet. The children learn life skills to solve problems, self-start activites and the confidence to create their own fun.
The toddlers learn to express themselves through simple actions like taking turns and sharing. Through these acts, children learn patience and consideration.

There are computers available for the youngsters with personalized games that adapt to each child's developmental needs and makes learning fun. These activities help children explore numbers and counting and shapes and colors, essential skills each child needs.
Selections include and the Jumpstart Learning collection of award winning and fun educational games, an ultimate resourse for all ages to learn and play.

The kid-height shelves are stocked with inviting books and puzzles.
For children, stories are the window to the outside world. Stories have continued to tell for generations that the world outside is filled with great adventures, heroic princes and beautiful princesses. Mostly everyone has fond memories of hours spent in storytelling and stories continue to hold their place in the imagination of a child.
Each child can take his/her pick to read, listen, and watch.
Good imagination flourishes with a well developed reading habit.

Do you think some crafts are too messy?
Cindy says, “Come and do them here!”
Come in to decorate a turkey and
participate in the recipe exchange during November.

The per diem charge is $8.00 for the first child and $6.00 for each sibling.
Or “open pass” - $30.00 for 30 days. A terrific gift idea for any holiday or celebration.

Toddler Tunes provides the ambiance with plenty of beautifully crafted music.
Care to join them in “All You Need is Lunch”?
A section of tables and a dining area is provided where the busy bodies can go to refuel.
Snacks are available but parents are encouraged to bring their child’s favorites with themselves.

Cindy’s daughters, Amanda and Brittany, the “play associates” assist with the birthday parties.
Her sister-in-law, “more like a sister”, Teri Hackett is interning and will be putting together the $165. birthday party packages of  private play for 15 children for 2 hours.
Her husband designed and maintains the web page.

“I would like you to also know that along with our ‘organized chaos’, my family is very supportive and loving of one another.  We would do anything for each other.  I feel that having a business that supports early learning and play for young children will continue to strengthen the family atmosphere the area is so proud of currently.  “Just Kidding” will add value and help as much as it can to continue to support the revitalization of Bristol Borough and its business district.”

“Just Kidding” ensures cleanliness, safety and variety.
Learning through play has positive and far-reaching implications for fulfilling adult potentiality.

Their mission is “to enhance the lives of children and their families by providing a place of AFFORDABLE interactive, creative safe play for children and, a place of resources for their families.”

Just Kidding
420 Mill Street
Suite 206
Bristol Borough PA 19007
Monday 2:00-7:00PM
Tuesday- Thursday 11:00- 6:00PM
Friday night- babysitting 6:00-9:00PM *for any monthly pass member
Three hours free to do whatever you need to do, childfree!
Saturday- private parties only
Sunday- 11:00-3:00PM

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Timko family: Jacob [9], Brittany [13], Amanda [15], Carl, Cindy, Mason [4]