Upscale Resale at Jo Marie’s Boutique
by Cate Murway

Some things are just lovelier, the second time around…. AND way more economical!
Proprietor, Joanne Ryn has honestly mastered the way to make consignment shopping much less of a chore. Her unique boutique is bright and welcoming, well lit and organized with her new high-end consignment arrivals section right in front tagged with a “Fashionable Find” label.
Incorporating the aesthetics of either avant-garde or classic couturier creations into your wardrobe with pretty sizable discounts is made eminently possible.
If you're looking for a special or one-of-a-kind item…. 205 Mill Street should be your stop for an incredibly pleasant shopping experience.
This shop gives the imaginative fashionista an exceptionally fun place to play. Selections are neatly organized for breezy browsing, and there are enough items eclectically filling the store that you can easily become absorbed looking at everything.
You are cordially invited to consign your gently pre-owned clothing items here with a two months contract. Joanne offers a 50/50 split reimbursement when the clothes sell.

Schedule a lunch-time jaunt to peruse the easy to shop in, reasonably filled racks with new key selections as well, including those created by AOB artist/designer, Rose Marie [Field] Strippoli. Her exceptional, only one of a kind, creative soft structure jackets and tops are perfect accent pieces. Rose Marie tastefully adorns them with flowers and beads, really cool buttons or with some bling!
How do you wear brooches without poking deadly holes in your clothes? Piqued your interest?  Accent your outfits with Joanne’s new variety of magnetic, fashionable and fun brooches.
Using magnets to secure a pin is a simple and inexpensive way to wear brooches on even your most delicate clothing.

June 1st started Jo Marie’s “Summer Scarf Mania”. Buy one and select another one for ½ price!
Scarves in the summer make perfect sense. Use them as a hair wrap, or pair a flirty, lightweight dotted, flowered, or crazy bright or pastel accented scarf with a cute classic tank.
Dainty linen scarves will keep you cool in the sweltering heat, square scarves will add pizzazz to that sundress, and airy infinity scarves will keep your outfit posh and polished.
Women love accessories and there’s no better time to upgrade eyewear than just in time to get a new look for long summer days. While you’re checking out the sunglasses, take note of the assorted jewelry lines including fun summer watches, bracelets and Donna Sharp and Lady Leather iPhone cases. Be-dazzle yourself!
Stash them all neatly in a stylish Lady Leather straw beach bag, roomy enough for toting all your essentials. Chic color selections include straw beige, aqua or black.
There’s even more of what you will love- flip-flops and summer shoes and beach cover-up shirts.

All summer merchandise will be reduced after July 4th.

“American Made” makes Jo Marie items even more appealing, and now Joanne has included a selection of carved wood keepsake boxes crafted by disabled veteran of the Iraq War and former Marine Staff Sgt. Matthew Vincent Litton.

“I served in the Marine Corps from June 2000 until May 2009. I also served two tours in Iraq, the initial invasion in 2003 and then again in July 2004 to February 2005 for 8 months. I was involved in Nasiriyah, the bloodiest battle and I was knocked around with roadside bombs.”
The Battle of Nasiriyah was fought between the US Marine Brigade and Iraqi forces.
Matt started making shadow boxes when he was 13, under the tutelage of his great-Uncles Bill and Ray. He is the middle of seven children born to Charles Grant and Margaret Joan “Margie” Litton. “I have always had an active imagination. I make drawings first. I am also an artist.”
He specializes in shadow boxes for military and collectors, as well as jewelry and keepsake boxes. His work “runs the gamut of woodworking. If I haven’t made it, I will try to make it. I enjoy the challenge. I have learned many things while being a Marine and most of all is that I take pride in my work and what I do. I have also learned to be detailed orientated in all my work.”

Joanne’s newest store addition is the “Just for Women” corner, stocked with mind/body health books and music, a mix of items to inspire women to reach their full potential.
Looking for a good summer read? Barbara Zerfoss’ “Power of Nothing” will enlighten your mind, renew your spirit and open up limitless possibilities.
Pop on a lightweight, modern Walleroo straw hat with its classically flattering appeal and listen to a “Shantel” CD on your way to replenish your vitamin ‘SEA’.

Jo Marie’s Boutique showcases the best. Joanne Ryn truly has a good eye for style!
Come to Historic Bristol on the Delaware when you are craving a getaway of shopping, sightseeing and relaxing.

Jo Marie’s Boutique 
205 Mill Street
Bristol, PA 19007

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