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The Unique Boutique- Jo Marie's
by Cate Murway

Now you can go for the bold, a new level of choice and sophistication.

Tucked away on the picture-perfect banks of the Delaware River, historic Bristol Borough offers the finest in hospitality, unique shopping, a plethora of amazing restaurants and town festivals, all in a beautiful pedestrian friendly town. It’s hard to believe such a small walkable town, primed to once again realize its potential, could have so much to offer, from shopping to food, to cultural arts.
The newest addition, providing a fabulous selection of trendy clothing and accessories, is Jo Marie's Boutique, located at 205 Mill Street.

The USA has been based on entrepreneurial ideas and actions and it is in times like these that Americans will show their true colors.
A movement of millions of entrepreneurs and innovators has made and continues to make historic Bristol on the Delaware and all of America great.

Joanne [Pescrille] Ryn, B.A., M.A., Post Graduate Certification: Hebrew/Christian Relations specializes in creative, fun, happy, feel good gifts, and her mission is to provide fashionable clothing and accessories in a trendy setting.
Her contemporary collections feature USA-made clothing and accessories, with an emphasis on sustainable fashion and plenty of eco-friendly, organic, and natural options.
She loves having the opportunity to work with small, independent and emerging designers who are committed to keeping their production domestic while they work to grow their lines.
Several cutting-edge, stylish lines with a green focus have burst onto the scene. Sustainable fabrics provide her customers with a growing selection of responsibly produced items.

The perfect find, of loads of color and feminine flourishes done within reason, awaits you!

Pick up some Passion from the vibrant, hip, and fun Passion accessories. Selections of exceptionally fashion-forward handbags are available for the stylishly modern woman. Or look Sharp with a Donna Sharp Inc. uniquely and expertly crafted quilted handbags. Both companies are American owned producing fashionable and functional products, innovative styles with classic shapes and great versatility, designed in and distributed in the USA.

Come in and meet the entrepreneur, Joanne. This outstanding woman is reflective of the dynamic and highly inclusive membership in the fastest growing professional women's association in the nation and has been named the National Association of Professional Women “Woman of the Year 2013.”
She earned her BA History/Certification: Secondary Education, Social Studies from Holy Family University and her Theology Masters from St. Charles Seminary.

Joanne has taught at St. Mark School, St. Michael the Archangel School and Immaculate Conception in Levittown. She also worked as an adjunct professor at Holy Family University, Cabrini College and St. Charles Seminary. She earned a post graduate Hebrew-Christian certification from Villanova and had the opportunity to study in Israel. She was offered a grant from The Connelly Foundation that seeks to foster learning. She studied in the dessert and had hands on experience while she lived on a kibbutz seeking “How our Christian rites and rituals came from our Hebrew roots”. She traveled through Jerusalem, Nazareth and Tel Aviv, the second most populous city in Israel, and continued to trek almost as far as Egypt.
Joanne also worked in Catholic publishing at RCL for fourteen years but admitted, “I like to shop.”
Her skills and areas of expertise include an incredible education but her professional title is Owner/Manager at Jo Marie's Boutique and she is an active Board member of the Bristol Borough Business Association.
Her hobbies and interests include reading and traveling and she is drawn to and is most passionate about charitable organizations, such as veteran associations and rescue dogs.

Joanne was born in Philadelphia, raised in Levittown, however she always shopped in Bristol.
“Everyone shopped in Ballow’s.”
She also admits to having spent quite some time in J.G. McCrory’s 5&10 Cent Variety Store at the corner of Mill and Wood Streets. Coincidentally, her first shop in Bristol was in that same building, when it reopened as The Mill Street Market Place. “I helped open the café in the Marketplace but I simply outgrew that store.”
Her new location is 205 Mill Street.

Joanne has four children; the eldest is Bristol Borough policeman, Joseph Anthony Moors. She has three daughters, Annemarie Moors, a hospice nurse and the youngest ones, Danielle Marie Strong and Joanna Marie Ryn are completing their education and offer assistance in her Boutique.
Joanne boasts selections of reasonably priced unique handbags, clothing and hats.
Her daughter/business associate, Danielle added, “Good quality merchandise at an affordable price. A lot of it is one of a kind.”

Jo Marie's Boutique will far surpass its reputation as just a “place” and will turn itself into a “destination”, “So business women won’t have to go to the mall all the time to shop.”
Need jewelry to complete your outfit? Bling or novelty, Joanne carries a diverse blend of distinctive fashion and costume evening wear and fun wear jewelry by Coronet and Charisma.
Looking for jewelry for a prom ensemble? Select the perfect complement to your formal attire, including tiaras or hair accessories.

Reasonably priced sunglasses and elegant reading glasses will decorate the shelves. Stylish scarves for any ensemble, slenderizing undergarments, and a collection of camisoles, handmade body soaps and a line of “swirl-wicked candles” will keep her boutique unique.

“Things made in America cost just a little more. People sometimes don’t want to pay the price.”
Fashions made in the USA are innovative and classy. Check out the reversible jackets by Trimdin whose name is derived from the fact that most of their jackets are “trimmed in” a black taping, created with the goal of providing a sophisticated look that could be dressed up or dressed down. It’s easy to get hooked by their exclusive yet timelessly classic style.

Meander through the Midori environmental clothing line made from bamboo, an earth-friendly textile fiber.
Bamboo, you say? It’s as soft as silk and cashmere. Viscose from bamboo fabric is three to four times more absorbent than cotton, and bamboo clothing offers the comfort that no other fabric can rival.

Jo Marie’s will be opened Tuesdays through Saturdays.
“I believe in promoting other people.” A local artist’s creations will be showcased each month with an opportunity to “meet and greet” on a Saturday.

Joanne is part of the cooperative effort of historic Bristol on the Delaware’s independent business owners committed to spreading the word that shopping locally, eating locally and giving locally is essential to sustaining a vibrant community.

“I love Cesare’s [Italian Specialties Ristorante]”. She usually chooses fish when she dines at King George II Inn and she enjoys the wine from “Got Wine?”

Don’t be “malled". See you Saturday, March 16th for the grand opening of Jo Marie’s Boutique.

Jo Marie’s Boutique
205 Mill Street
Bristol, PA 19007


2014 Bristol Borough Business Association

Joanne Ryn, proprietor of Jo Marie's Boutique, SECRETARY