A League of Her Own
by Cate Murway

Original and inventive, independent and intellectual, Jen is her name; softball is her game. Shortstop Jennifer Ann Jaeger, BHS ’09 performs one of the most dynamic defensive positions in her sport, demanding that she be one of the best all-around fielders on the team. If the ball so much as touches her glove, there's a 99.8 percent chance that she'll field it cleanly. Despite the sport's name, the ball itself is not soft. Neither is the athlete!
The Jaeger family has happily resided in the Borough since April 1999. Jen’s parents, LBCH Physicians’ Assistant/former Chemistry teacher Edmund Vincent [Ed], Lawrence H.S. ‘81/The Hun School/Lehigh U. ’86 and Cheryl Ann [Mulreaney] Jaeger, HST ’82, who works in the LBCH mail and print shop, met at Lower Bucks County Hospital. Jen [variant of Guinevere- meaning “fair one”] has one older brother, Christopher Edmund, BHS ‘07/#42 Huskies defensive back football safety at Bloomsburg University. Many of her cousins are BHS graduates. Her paternal grandmother, Dorothy [late grandfather, Merle] is a Warminster resident and her maternal grandmother, Dolores [late grandfather, Henry] is a local Rockdale resident. Jen’s mom “always liked Bristol Borough and my family is all in the area”. The move from Lawrenceville was an easy transition since, according to her dad, “the kids got involved in the sports, involved in the schools and easily made friends.”

Distinguished Honors Scholar Jennifer began her Borough education in the 3rd grade at Warren-Snyder Elementary. Her early academics, extracurricular activities, and emphasis on athleticism have helped her to realize her individual potential. She tried the woodwind instrument, the flute and tested her spins, jumps and footwork, figure skating at the Grundy Recreation Center, played “rec” softball and joined her 5th grade friends at the youth field hockey summer camp to prepare for BHS athletics. Exuberant, lively Jen cheered for her football athlete brother at his Croydon Yellow Jackets and Penndel Wildcats games.

At the top of her class, Jen is a high achiever; tenaciously motivated and a student of exceptional merit! Her brother, Chris received the award for 2nd highest academics in his class. When the highest grade point girl recipient went up for her award at this ceremony, Jen poked her dad and said “That will be me in 2 years!” Jennifer merited the highest grade point average for the girls at her own elementary school graduation. She obviously learned to plan her work and work her plan at a very young age!
She follows a rather orderly pattern and systematic approach in her methodical and diligent endeavors. Her mom confirmed that her dad is the main reason for her organizational and attitudinal skills. “It’s him, him, him. Since they’ve been knee-high, he has even corrected her grammar.” Jennifer has learned crucial skills firsthand from her very supportive parents.

Intensely magnetic, a focused and forthcoming intellect with an open personality describes this National Honor Society student-athlete. Jen has been identified as a student leader and high achiever by Who's Who Among American High School Students. Jen is part of the cooperative team of Student Ambassadors and a member of the Student Council who unselfishly assisted with the November and March blood drives.
In 9th grade, Jen participated in the Moose Lodge Leadership Conference in Elizabethtown.
She has excelled in academics, extracurricular activities and community service and her positive achievements will be recognized. Jen is one of the determined students who represent the top 5% of American students, whose goal is to make a positive difference in their communities, get good grades, and continue their education. Her commitment earned her an invitation to the invigorating, hands-on National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders.

Outgoing and sociable, Jen plays varsity field hockey and softball, and is captain of the BAL champion cheerleaders. Her enthusiastic presence involves the crowd and encourages school spirit. She is obviously in it to win it, and agrees she is “more passionate about softball”. “Shortstop is my all-time favorite position”, Jen shared. “At first I was scared; it’s a big position to fill.” To achieve the incredible you have to attempt the impossible!
Her skill set includes an aggressive prowess in her fielding style. She must have tremendous arms and a sure glove for everything that comes her way, so she painstakingly creates muscle memory with her established practice routines to insure that she is an exceptionally accurate and fast thrower.

The BHS Softball team is 2-0 [vs. Neshaminy & New Hope] at this writing.
Jen was listed as 2B/SS in the starting lineup for Coach Michael N. Lalli, BHS ’76 [23rd year of coaching] in the Courier Times Spring Sports Guide. Her coach agrees, “Jen works extremely hard and she is a very committed athlete. She knows what she wants and works extra hard to get it!”

Teammate catcher Nicole Ashley Adamson, BHS ’09 stated, “Jen works very hard at everything that she does. She’s a great all-around player. Her goal is always perfection.”
Coach Edmund “Buster” Spadaccino, BHS ’79/U of Tampa shared “Jen played infield and outfield on the team and was part of the Jr. Girls State Championship team who took 4th in the state in Puxatony. She has a great work ethic; a pleasure to be around!”
Jennifer was awarded “Honorable Mention Golden Team” softball athlete in the Courier Times 2007 Spring Golden Teams.
She is further demonstrating her commitment and dedication to the sport by joining Philadelphia Spirit fast pitch softball.

Math and science are her favorite subjects and they seem to come easy for her. Her continuing education plans include Nursing or Physical Therapy. St. John's University, NYC, one of America's leading Catholic universities recognized for its superb academic programs, diverse student life, BIG EAST excitement and New York vitality is her #1 choice. St. John's is known for giving students the knowledge, skills and confidence to serve others while achieving personal and professional success. Jen is adamant about continuing her academic excellence and her pursuit of wisdom and hopes to play Red Storm softball. Becoming a U. of VA Cavalier is also an option.

Leaders are readers. A favorite book is the devastatingly arresting young adult novel, Looking for Alaska by John Green that brilliantly chronicles the indelible impact one life can have on another. This book earned the Michael L. Printz Award, exemplifying literary excellence in young adult literature. This will make “flix fanatic” Jen extremely happy- film rights to the novel were acquired and the release date is expected in 2008. The movie is believed to have been renamed “Famous Last Words”.

Jen smilingly confirms that fluffy mountains of classic, gravy-loving American mashed potatoes are a cornerstone of her meal choices. Her dad claims, “I never get any!” Chicken is her favorite- Chicken Parmigiana at Italian Family Pizza or Chicken Piccanti at “Cesare’s Italian Specialties Ristorante” [the closest thing to home cooking!]. Stracciatella Gelato [Italian chocolate chip] is her dessert choice at Cannoli Coffee bar & gelateria.

The car to drive, according to the Book of Jen, is the ultimate “girl” car, the mind-numbingly pink (including the pink lug nuts on the tires) convertible VW Bug, the longest-running and most-produced automobile of a single design. Inside you will find even more pink highlights, inserts in the leather seats, steering wheel, door panels, and floor mats, to anything else that that could be colored her favorite color, pink!

Borough entertainment included the BHS production of “Annie” with her lovable mutt, Sandy. Erica Tiffany Segers, BHS ’10 played the spunky Depression-era orphan determined to find her parents. Jen praised, “Erica has such a good voice!”

The future entices Jennifer with “life in the city” but for now, she loves “to have fun” and is enjoying her life to the fullest at her “home plate”.

Prayer of a Softball Player

Lord, give me strength to hit the ball, And if I do, don't let me fall. Help me choose the pitch that’s right, Then let me knock it, out of sight!
Let me run, at a fast pace, But please don't let me miss first base! Then to second, stay with me Lord, 'Cause this one out, we can't afford!
Let me zoom like a flying bird, Right down the line and on to third. Let me slide down in the dirt, Across the plate and not get hurt!
But first of all, Dear Lord I pray, JUST TELL THE COACH TO LET ME PLAY!!

*source: The original version of this poem and it's author is unknown.

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Jennifer Ann Jaeger
Jen and her parents
Coach: Mike Lalli (24th year)
Last year: 19-3 (13-0 BAL Independence, won division title)
Fab Five: Sr. Nicole Adamson (C/1B); So. Brooke Dugger (SS/3B); So. Kiersten Cain (RHP); Sr. Jen Jaeger (2B/SS);
                        Jr. Kelly Pond (CF)
Jen Jaeger recognized for mental and physical prowess
Do-it-all Jaeger leads Bristol
The Bristol High School softball team loses to Old Forge 0-1 in a state quarterfinal game in Allentown on Thursday afternoon. Here the team walks back to the bench after the game, lead by Jen Jaeger (far left, #5) and Kelee Pinto (second from left, #3).
This ends the Warriors' season. -
  End of a great season..............
A Duel to Remember...