Mary McNulty proves to be a “Sew and Sew”
by Cate Murway

What? You thought “Sew”? Perfect, visit Mary at “I Thought Sew!”
Has it been a challenge for you to find clothing that you not only like but that fit you as well? Do you often settle for clothes that are ill fitting? Are your pants always a tad too short? Are your jeans tight at the hips but much too roomy at the waist? Do you spend hours in the dressing room trying on clothes but find nothing that fits? Whatever your dilemmas, Mary McNulty can willingly and professionally assist you. 

Almost every body is irregular. Isn't it about time that your clothes fit you, rather than for you to fit into your clothes? The fit of your clothing is vital. It influences other people’s perceptions of you during social interaction or job interviews and it is truly crucial for specialized clothing, such as sports or athletic wear.  
Often there are times when we purchase clothing, it would either be smaller or too big for us. Clothing must fit. It looks better when tailored to perfection. So as not to waste your purchase, the perfect solution is bringing it to a skillful seamstress. Clothing items that all fit and work together better reflect your personal fashion choices. An assortment of clothing that fits and flatters expands your attire options tremendously. 

Mary Elizabeth [Noll] McNulty, the eldest of seven, originally from West Mifflin in Allegheny County,  just outside of Pittsburgh, is original and inventive and has been “keeping the world in stitches” since she’s been 5! She continually expands her gifted potential as a member of [PACC] The Professional Association of Custom Clothiers and [ASG] American Sewing Guild.
What a delight to discover “I Thought Sew” where one can have any garment taken up, taken down, stitched or sewn, made smaller or larger and where "everybody does know your name!" Mary is able to expertly alter, repair, restyle, re-size and fashion clothing 
for both men and women and she specializes in the alteration and custom fitting of formal attire for any special occasion. Save hours of frustration as Mary helps you to enhance the positive and camouflage the challenges. Impeccable attention to detail and customer service is the cornerstone of her business. She stands in the long shadow of tradition and craftsmanship that is the art of tailoring.

“Help me to accept the things I cannot change and a good sewing machine to change the things I can.”

She and her husband, Farruggio's Express Inc. truck driver, E-5 Navy veteran/National Guard, David Murray McNulty, Cardinal Dougherty ’66 purchased their Borough home and store property on Pond Street from Junior Field’s sister, Gloria in 1989. Their joint family includes their children, Florida resident, Barbara Ann; Elizabeth Marie in Michigan; N.Y. residents, David Michael, BHS ’93 and Lisa Ann, and five grandchildren. The current alterations, embroidery and dressmaking retail store has housed Bristol Wholesale Florist, 2 Barber Shoppes and J.R. Sports. Mary and Dave had a cathedral style ceiling installed with skylights for the natural light and energy efficiency and commenced to fill the space with all different types of sewing machines, needles and threads, bobbins, several different varieties of scissors, a cutting table, yard sticks and measuring tapes, pins, chalk, binding tape, zippers, buttons, snaps, hook-and-eye sets, linings, and all sorts of other notions.
In 1987, she purchased her trusty “workhorse” of an old industrial Singer sewing machine, circa 1930-1940, for $100.00. A few replaced leather belts later, the Singer is still “humming”! 
Her displayed Certificate of Occupancy declares she opened in the Summer of 1996.

98% of Mary’s business is alterations and then embroidery and dress making.
She proudly offers Wedding Dress Conversion, fashioning your cherished keepsake into a beautiful, one of a kind heirloom Baptismal or Christening gown.

Embroidery can create a sense of identity with fun and whimsical alphabet letters or
funky initials. She specializes in cool, trendy monogrammed or personalized gift products and even adds bling! Plain T-shirts embellished with rhinestones and embroidery make a fashion statement. Add some bling…give it zing. A plain “T” no more!

Bring in the shirt you’ve chosen in the favorite color you love and Mary will help you to select a design or opt for a message. The result is a unique individualized garment. You get the idea! “I Thought Sew!” Embroidery can enhance the look of towels and bottle wraps without being overly costly. Personalized baby items such as receiving blankets and bibs [spit happens!] are perfect gifts. Monogrammed tote bags and gym bags with top quality workmanship that fit any budget or style, make great bridesmaids gifts, birthday gifts, a thoughtful practical gift for teachers, gifts for girlfriends, or YOU!!! 
Unique, monogrammed gifts leave a lasting impression! Nothing makes a present more special than personalization and you will find just the right touch at “I Thought Sew”. 

Choose from a selection of 40,000+ designs for intricate and exquisitely embroidered ornaments to adorn your holiday tree or function as bookmarkers, ranging in price from $5.00 to $12.00. Decorate the tree or make a gift package seem more festive!

You can PhotoStitch a treasured photograph. Image-stitching converts a photo to a cross stitch pattern that can be framed and is a faultless memorable or sentimental gift.
Meticulously designed to accentuate the beauty of your favorite Kodak moment! 

Mary prefers old musicals like the 1962 film “Music Man” based on the 1957 Broadway musical of the same name by Meredith Willson, and one of the most-loved and celebrated film musicals of all time, set in 1927,  “Singing in the Rain” co-directed by acrobatic dancer-star-choreographer Gene Kelly.  Her favorite color is any color as long as it’s the calming, strong and steadfast or light and friendly tones of blue! She’s not fond of shoes.
Bare feet allow a person to get to know the world in a much more intimate way.
For Mary, going barefoot is one of those glories that can't be rivaled.  “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson aptly provides the ring tone for her cellular phone. Her food of choice at “A Taste of Asia” is the sweet and spicy deep-fried Hunan Chinese dish, General Tso's chicken accompanied by the chicken broth based egg drop soup. Her favorite meals at home such as stews and casseroles are created in a Crock Pot, the modern slow cooker. 

Mary loves the Borough and the residents! Her Pond Street location is perfect for parade watching as the organized procession of wailing fire engines and marching people strut along the street, accompanied by the elaborate floats. She has created the entire Santa suit [what the best dressed Santa will be wearing!], as well as reseaming [checked it twice!] Kris Kringle’s pair of velvet overalls. She made sure Tigger’s head was stitched and the orange and black striped tiger was ready to bounce, tickling the tykes fancy!
One year, Glinda, the self-centered but charming good witch, made her entrance sporting Mary’s elaborate creation with a sparkling organza overlay.
So parade or prom, wedding or work, school or social affair…. clothes make the man or woman and it’s all about fit! Stop in to one of the Borough’s hidden treasures.

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I Thought Sew
500 Pond Street [Rear]
Bristol, PA  19007
Mon-Fri 1:00p.m.-7:00p.m.
Sat- 9:00a.m. –Noon

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Mary Elizabeth McNulty