Hungry? Head to Harriman Food Mart
by Cate Murway

Over fifty years and thousands of world famous Dietz & Watson lean meat and flavorful cheese hoagies later, the Danis Deli is re-opening as the “Harriman Food Mart”.
“People have to eat”, are the words according to the book of the former owner, Francis Joseph Danis. 
He “wishes the new owners luck and wishes that they do well.”

Harriman Food Mart is a friendly small town food shop with every day low prices.
The new owners, Karman Kaur and her father, Karem Singh are looking to find their niche as a store and the goal is to be a local, small town favorite, a hub of the town!

With gas prices rising, right now is as good a time as any to get that 'shop home first' concept back into people's thoughts.
Convenience and the slower pace and laid-back feeling is key! This can be a local stop for the pedestrian customers, and easy parking right in front of the store for those who have chosen to drive.
You can find household essentials, things that you need every day like laundry products, trash bags, napkins, pasta, cereals, soups and dairy products, as well as last minute “munchies” for a surprise get together.
They run excellent sales with some product choices being ‘buy one, get one free’.

The Harriman Food Mart carries a selection of Murry’s meats and a wide variety of chicken products. Murry’s, Inc., a privately held, family-owned business, has been the leading producer of excellent foods for more than 60 years, providing quality and value for their customers.
Murry’s, Inc. began in 1948 in the back room of a small Washington, D.C. retail food store at the corner of 44th Street and Sheriff Road, operated by the late Alfred G. and Ida Mendelson and their late son, Murry. In addition to their regular food business, the family began to manufacture a 2 oz. sandwich steak for some of the neighboring food establishments.
Try the sub steaks, burgers, meatballs, seafood sticks, French fries and breaded chicken.
Now a quick and easy meal solution is only as far as Farragut Avenue.
The French Toast Sticks are perfect for breakfast, a quick snack or a great dessert with ice cream!

The presence of a neighborhood grocery store can make residents feel better about their community as a place to live, while also reassuring those seeking to invest in the community that it is a viable, vibrant place in which to live and work.
It is a sign of a strong community, a vital part of our economy, to have a grocery store in the town.

Karman has the right attitude and the ‘customer-first’ mindset. She is committed to helping local residents gain access to products like high quality, freshly baked bread and rolls, donuts and bagels, brewed coffee and tempting cupcakes.
Planning is essential as she continues to stock the store. There is no set way to be 100% correct in an inventory forecasting without some sort of market research. She is ready to conduct a survey.
“I would like everyone to come and let me know what they would like me to have.”

Karman’s husband, Gurwinder “Sonu” Singh will soon also be manning the mart.
The couple has a young son, Gurtaj.
Karman is the eldest of the three sisters and she and Reena were born in India.
Reena is the middle sister. She attends Burlington County Community College, majoring in the Nursing program, and currently assists in the family business on the weekends.
The youngest, Rajvir is still studying in India.

Karman’s original intent was to proceed with a career in criminal justice but several years ago, she was needed to work in her father’s trucking business. She had continued her education at Collin County Community College when her family relocated to Texas.
When they returned to this area, the family owned a convenience store in Burlington.
A business acquaintance advised them of this perfect location for their food mart on Farragut Avenue.
Karman is quickly learning that an effective grocery store owner knows how to multitask. She is gearing herself to make swift yet calculated decisions, use her creativity and think of a distinct concept that is entirely her own.

Fresh deli meats and cheeses and a breakfast area are in the plans, with scrambled eggs from the grill.
Reasonable prices and a good selection will seal the deal.
Come into the store and browse down the aisles.

Mention this article and get a free donut with your coffee purchase.

Harriman Food Mart LLC
1700 Farragut Avenue
Bristol, PA 19007-5604

Monday –Friday 6:00 AM-8:00 PM
Saturday  8:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Sunday  9:30 AM -6:00 PM

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