Behind the Scene, Keeping the Town Pristine
by Cate Murway

Historic Bristol on the Delaware remains vibrant and robust even while too many people and businesses have been profoundly impacted by a struggling economy. We daily witness an unyielding determination and unfettered resilience that keeps our beloved town on its steady course toward better and brighter days.
Our course reflects the values and vision we share as a community.

As always, the strength and vitality of historic Bristol comes from the people who serve it.  Time and again, over the past years, our borough employees and myriad of volunteers put forth an extraordinary effort in their dedication to our town.
We are all extremely proud of those who answer hundreds of calls, respond to emergencies, and clean up enormous amount of debris to keep Bristol pristine.
There is much hard work, dedication and success that often go unnoticed.  On a daily basis, an amazing effort makes Bristol Borough safe, prosperous, and a terrific place to live and work and run a business.
Turning this corner is of paramount importance to this Borough Council President Ralph DiGuiseppe, Jr. and to Mayor Robert A. Lebo.
The quality of our life here in the Borough is a reflection of the commitment of all of our people, from the members of the Borough Council who have dedicated themselves to sound public policy, to the diligently working men and women who deliver outstanding municipal services by continually doing more with less. You are appreciated.

Last Tuesday evening, the Borough Fire and Safety, Police, Firefighters, and Rescue Squad Departments and their families enjoyed a “Thank You” Appreciation Cookout with refreshments and desserts, courtesy of the host, Frederic H. Baumgarten at his Grundy Commons complex.
The Emergency responders were also given a tour of the complex to see where power boxes and gas lines are located and to understand the layouts and details about the insides of the buildings.
The tours will allow officers who had not previously been in the Grundy Commons to see exactly what the interior looks like and how it is laid out.

On Saturday, the new 12,000 square-foot Public Works Facility structure built on the 5.3-acre property at the Maple Beach and Canal’s End roads near the Delaware River, was dedicated. Rose Marie Mignoni-Szczucki sang the Star Spangled Banner and Public Works Director, George Waldron raised the flag. All of the Public Works Employees cut the ribbon.
Ralph DiGuiseppe thanked the public officials and benefactors who supported the project, ensuring the residents that the taxes would not be raised for this project.

You are here......... and we thank you!
Fred Baumgarten explains his Grundy Commons complex and locations using the map before starting the Firemen Family Cookout and walking tour.
Father Gerard Lynch, Chief of Police Arnold A. Porter, Fred Baumgarten