A HILL of a Difference
by Cate Murway

One person can make a difference....and everyone should try!

Pulmonary disease and COPD, a most common lung disease in particular, are unfortunately on the rise and are fast becoming the number one cause of deaths in this country. It takes a team of individuals including respiratory therapists to deal with acute respiratory problems, rehabilitation, and prevention in these cases.
John James Hill is a pioneering spirit with a penchant for initiating action and his decidedly upbeat attitude is rarely discouraged.

John’s mother, Catherine Teresa [Aidone] was born in Brooklyn and came to Bristol at the age of six and his late father, James Hill grew up in Shenandoah, a small town located in the lower part of the anthracite coal region of Schuylkill County, PA.
They resided with his maternal grandparents, Maria and John Aidone. The family had a home on Lafayette Street for 150 years. “I grew up with the clock”.
The Aidones owned an Italian market called “The Little Store” on Lafayette Street and his home was so steeped with this culture that his first language was Sicilian.
“My mom is a great cook. She made homemade pasta and manicotti.”

Studies were always this future teacher’s primary interest and he earned numerous science and math awards from grade school.
John was an altar boy and played some soccer in Bishop Egan High School but admits, “I was always in the Grundy Library”.
He began his college career as a bio major at Lock Haven University but when his grandmother, Maria Aidone became ill with her breathing and heart issues, it totally changed his outlook on life. He witnessed the care she received from the dedicated, quality team of individuals who pulled together to provide the best possible treatments for her.
John Campbell, the respiratory therapist at the old Delaware Valley Hospital in Bristol, especially impacted his life when John saw the compassion and care given to his beloved grandmother. He understood that the respiratory therapists were a critical part of the healthcare team.

“The most rewarding part of my job is using my skills and knowledge to help others” and he fully realizes that it is a calling to serve others. He understands that he is not going to get rich monetarily doing respiratory care, but it is truly personally rewarding for him.
“I am a patient advocate.”

Healthcare is always changing and his learning never stops.
John graduated from Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, in the Respiratory Therapy program in 1987. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Eastern College, St. David’s, PA; his Polysomnography certification from the California College of Health Sciences and he is currently pursuing an MBA from La Salle University.
His professional activities and achievements are impressive.
He was an adjunct faculty member for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and he is currently a member of the Brookdale Community College Advisory Committee.  He has served on the South Region New Jersey State Respiratory Care Council and he is a member of The American Association for Respiratory Care.
John is a recipient of Vapotherm Innovator of Respiratory Therapy Award.

He is a lifetime resident of historic Bristol on the Delaware and he feels that “the Council has done a great job in the town.”
His parents served as State Constables for twenty years, providing prime examples for him to be dedicated to the betterment of his community.
John served on the Bristol Borough School Board as liaison for the BCIU.
“I entered politics for the right reasons. I wanted to do something for the kids, help to watch the town taxes and the curriculum. Kids need people to be there in case they run into trouble. Don’t give up on them. They need people as mentors. I have 9 godchildren and I am always there for them. I like to help people.”
He is also a member of the Sons of Italy in Haddonfield, NJ. He was invited to join after making his presentation to the group about heart disease.

John has worked at Deborah Heart and Lung Center for the last 27 years.
He enjoys the challenge of complex clinical care and thrives in an environment of teamwork.
In the early 1990’s, he went on a medical mission to Soviet Russia to open up two heart centers in Tbilisi, the Republic of Georgia. He then traveled to Vilnius in Lithuania for another medical endeavor.
The hospital is celebrating its 90th Anniversary and John J. Hill, BA RRT-NPS, the Director of Respiratory Care, is proudly working on plans to highlight the hospital at the financial support Benefit to be presented at the Bristol Riverside Theatre the first Saturday of June.

John stated, “It is the best hospital in New Jersey. No co-payments.”
Deborah prides itself on never billing a patient for medical services rendered. Wealthy philanthropist Dora Moness Shapiro established Deborah in 1922 [changed to Deborah Heart and Lung Center in 1973] as a tuberculosis sanitorium to provide care for those who could not afford it.
Her motto was "There is no price tag on life!"

Deborah Heart and Lung Center is located at 200 Trenton Road in Browns Mills, NJ, only 22 miles away from Bristol. It is the only regional hospital focusing exclusively on cardiac, vascular, and lung disease using state-of-the-art technology and care. Deborah has been named by Philadelphia Magazine as "the place to get the best cardiac care" and is ranked among the top hospitals in the country for patient satisfaction by independent research companies, national consumer magazines, and the federal government in its monitoring of healthcare organizations.
Deborah received national recognition for its Employee Satisfaction when Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News named it in “Top Work Places 2010”.

On Saturday, June 2, 2012 a unique production of the play, “Rent” will be performed, along with a Wine and Cheese Reception, Basket Raffle and a 50/50 Raffle [chances are $5.00 each]. Proceeds will benefit Deborah Heart and Lung Center. The festivities at the BRT begin at 6:30 PM.
The cocktail hour will highlight singer/songwriter Ginger Coyle from Southampton, NJ, an indie [independent music], pop, soul, and retro singer, weaving conscious lyrics over acoustic guitar and piano. She is currently preparing for her debut CD release of “Homeward Bound”.

Tickets are available at the cost of $50.00 per person.
RSVP by May 15, 2012.
Please make checks payable to DEBORAH Hospital Foundation.
Donations are appreciated if you are unable to attend. Thank you.

Simply put, no patient has ever received a bill from DEBORAH for the services received!
Your donation will go a long way on helping to save the lives of our families, friends and neighbors.

Deborah Hospital Foundation
Attention: John J. Hill
20 Pine Mill Road
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

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