Christopher and “Baby”
Daniel w/ lifeguard
Joe and Dave
  Russell Gindlesperger
Rafael Ruiz
Heat on the Street
by Cate Murway

It’s "summertime, and the living is easy" but life during the summer can be downright sweltering. Everyone is at risk for dehydration and heat illness when exposed to sun, high temperatures, and humidity.

Lincoln Avenue resident Mrs. Lena Tomlinson, Pennsbury '95 was sitting outdoors playing with her 3-year-old son, Christopher and his cockatiel, “Baby”, a diminutive cockatoo prized as a household pet having a "sweet" demeanor. How do they beat the heat? Lena said, “We go to the Italian Mutual Aid 5th ward pool, visit Sesame Place or stay in the house in the air conditioning.”

Isolina Mazzanti Marozzi of Mazzanti’s Market assured, “I'm in the air conditioning. I'm never hot!” Owner Mario Jacob Marozzi said his mom still makes spaghetti and gravy in the summer.

Daniel Dragon, an 8-year-old Snyder-Girotti School student comes to the 5th ward pool every afternoon with his grandmother.  Frozen treats help him beat the heat!

Wood Street resident, Rafael Ruiz works at Delaware Valley Scrap Company on Beaver Dam Road. “It’s always very hot there!” When he comes home, he puts on the air and goes outdoors to wash his '97 F150 truck.

“But till that morning
There's a’ nothing can harm you”

Levittown residents, Sid Sholly and his children, soccer athlete, 10-year-old St. Michael the Archangel School student, Nicole and 2- year- old son, Tyler stay out of the sun and visit the Silver Lake Nature Center. They take their walks in the woods in the shade. Nicole enjoys swimming in their backyard pool and they both love ice cream! Vanilla for Nicole and Tyler likes chocolate.

Joseph Mack of Bristol Township is retired from Wesser Hardware in Philadelphia. He claims, “I find the biggest shade tree I could find and I drink water and eat a lot of fruit.”
Drink, drink, drink - plenty of cool, plain water or sports drinks with electrolytes!! DON'T wait until you feel thirsty -STAY completely HYDRATED.

David McCargo of Croydon lays asphalt all day, so “I can't stay cool. I just drink some water!”
When working outside, take periodic rest breaks in a cool area. So relax, slow down, pace yourself and find a place in the shade to sit down.

Dan Snyder, Pennsbury '91, said, “I stay cool with a mixture of creamy empyreal double chocolate and pistachio gelato at Cannoli Coffee bar & gelateria at 129 Mill Street.” He also stays in the air conditioning and drinks a lot of water.

Employee, Gabriella Louisa [Gabby] Moyer, BHS ‘07 eats Limonato [sorbetto- their choice of flavor, blended with lemonade] to keep cool!

Wood Street resident, Russell Gindlesperger originally moved here from Pittsburgh in 1955. He manages an apartment complex and shares that he beats the heat by
“walking down by the river, hiding under a shade tree or sitting in air conditioned restaurants.”
Use sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher (the most effective products say "broad spectrum" or "UVA/UVB protection" on their labels).

Nicole Vanverberg is visiting from Germany and her daughter, Alissa [8] may dress the same as a store mannequin but she stays on the outside of the display window on Mill Street!
Dress in light, loose, cotton clothing that allows air to circulate. Snug clothing doesn't give your skin room to breathe and get rid of the heat building up in your body. Natural fabrics like cotton are much cooler than most synthetics

“Fish are jumpin and the cotton is fine”

St. Mark School student, Chase Panzano also swims at the 5th ward pool or in her Nan's in ground pool in Fairless Hills. A summer treat is lots of fruit like watermelon and cantaloupe or cookies n' cream gelato at Cannoli Coffee bar & gelateria.  "It’s really good. I liked it!"

Resource and Info Chair on the Bristol Borough Community Partnership Executive Board, Robert Barton Patrick keeps cool with fans and air conditioning. The Radcliffe Street resident eats light, nutritious, and non-fatty meals, like light foods, salads and skinless chicken and fruits and vegetables high in water content.
Don't use your oven; use the microwave or a toaster oven. Better yet, eat out.
Bob also drinks about 1/2 gallon of herbal iced teas. He schedules physically strenuous activities for cooler times and walks his Shih Tzu named “Atzami Dog” in the evening and the early morning.

“One of these mornings
You’re goin to rise up singing”

President of the Bristol Borough Business Association and owner of Another Time Antiques, Richard P. [Rich] Vallejo claims, “I try not to think about it.” He keeps candles in the store so he must maintain air conditioning!

“So hush little baby, don’t you cry”

St. Mark kindergarten student, Brianna and her parents Dawn and Michael Myers visited Martha's Vineyard and they, too, swim at the 5th ward pool. They ride their bikes by the Delaware [Brianna always wears her pink bike helmet] because "it’s cooler by the river". They eat nachos, apples, watermelon, salad and cucumbers, and cookies 'n cream gelato at Cannoli Coffee bar & gelateria.

“With daddy and mamma standing by”

So when the sizzle is soaring into the stratosphere, a great way to beat the heat is to get out of it occasionally!

[italicized– “Summertime” lyrics from Porgy and Bess - George Gershwin/DuBose Heyward]

Lebo's lemonade
Myers family
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