A “GROOVY” First Birthday
by Cate Murway

An eclectic treasure trove of recycled choices and a plethora of themed celebrations, including Second Saturday events, have been benevolently offered at Groovy Used on Mill Street for the last twelve months. Happy Birthday!
The bow legged, floppy eared Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, courtesy of Laurine Cook, made an appearance at the First Anniversary party. Laurine works in Member Services at PT Transformations, also located on friendly Mill Street.
There were prizes and “groovy” cookies and a “goodie and give away” table manned by Staci Henry.
An antique Secretary drop down desk was raffled off for just $10.00 a ticket.
Kira Ansuini purchased the winning ticket that was pulled by Rebecca from Attraction Tattoo. Congratulations, Kira!

Groovy Used is family owned and operated and Lathan and Missy Andrews take pride in what they have. Apparently their motto is “Never landfill a re-usable item”.
Reusing an item means that it continues to be a valuable, useful, productive item, and replaces new items that would utilize more water, energy, timber, petroleum, and other limited natural resources in their manufacture.

Lathan and Missy are also proving that Groovy Used is much more than a thrift store.
It is a virtual goldmine of furniture, light fixtures, home décor, low-cost, gently used clothing, vintage items and community activity. They have made their store a very successful "recycling" method, giving still usable items a second life.
With patience it usually is possible to find just about anything.
We live in expensive times. Thrifting is a scavenger hunt, where you can hope and dream about the ultimate bargain. 
Serious thrifters know that Groovy Used is a hub for great finds.

When clothes shopping, are you just looking for cute stuff in general, or something trendy, detailed and artistic, or do you have something else in mind?
You can keep your personal style here because you are not limited to this year's colors and styles. The selections include anything from current to retro or "vintage style".
Soon to be a Mrs., Maria Borreros was shopping with her sister, Carmen, the proprietor of the Christian bookstore in the Mill Street MarketPlace. Maria was eyeing a lovely sheer pale pink chiffon gown hanging on the back wall and she was pleased to find that there is a dressing room available for a try-on session to assure a perfect fit.

Need a prop for a school assignment? A thrift store is a perfect place to find elements for more creative get-ups for next Halloween or a drama costume need, or just great raw material for other projects.
Keep your eyes [and mind] open for items that might fill a need in an unusual and interesting way.

Attractive, quirky displays entice you in and you’ll find that the phenomenal savings keep you in!
Lathan has also recently opened ABC Bikes, an all “recycled” bike and cycle shop and some of his merchandise is displayed in Groovy Used. A chrome Totally Twisted Low-rider Frame Cruiser commands a front display window. 

A stop in to “Groovy” is a must for decorating an apartment on a budget, or awesome decor for your room, such as posters, pictures, trinkets and more, stuff with character and a bit of wear, bits and pieces that reflect your own taste.
Or locate a just right accessory for a special event.
You'll find belts, purses, luggage, shoes, hats, and even jewelry [usually the costume variety] at a fraction of their regular prices.
Holiday attire and any items that are rarely worn are good candidates for purchase at this thrift shop. 

New parents, Jennifer Sroka and her husband Thomas are both teachers and originally purchased an antique typewriter that Missy and Lathan had advertised on their facebook page. Now Jen was perusing the infant and toddler apparel racks.
It’s a great source for children's clothing and toys, because very young kids outgrow stuff long before they wear it out.  
Picking up used toys for your children is an economical option. A used toy is just as good as an old toy. Its value comes when a child plays imaginatively with it.

Stop in and check out their selection of gently used furnishings.
Look for hidden potential in rare and collectible items. Would an item be stunning after you clean it, polish it, work it into the right arrangement, or fix it up a bit?
The good stuff never lasts long, so make frequent trips to insure that you do not miss any incredible finds, as the quality of older some real gem items frequently surpasses modern manufacturing techniques.

Keep a look out for their storewide sales, specials and surprises and they offer half-price days, such as “Pink Dot” Tuesdays.
Missy said that they are “goin’ green” for St. Patrick’s Day. Selected items with a Green Dot will be marked down 50%.

Check back often at this “exclusive boutique”! It will save you a mint.

Be prepared to search, to sift, to rummage. It’s fun!
Don't delay buying something that interests you. Somebody else may snatch it up while you're busy thinking about it.

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Groovy Used
324 Mill Street
Bristol 19007

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