Best of Becker in Bristol
by Cate Murway

Say hello to "best-in-class" Gerald Patrick Becker, Archbishop Ryan ‘72, SJU ’76 bachelor's degree in Management Marketing, MBA LaSalle U.’86 who has opened his own diversified financial services firm on Radcliffe Street. He is affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., focused on financial planning for the individual as well as businesses, bringing more than 20 years of capital markets experience to this role. He bases investment decisions on a full understanding of each of his client’s unique needs and goals through his extensive due diligence, enabling informed choices to be made about investment alternatives that would help meet each client’s specific personal objectives. His focus is on becoming your partner in building the future you desire!

Gerald’s past experiences include teaching junior and senior elective business courses at Ryan and Kendrick High Schools. “The most amazing things that happened in my life are my marriage and my children.” His wife, Mary Gaughan Becker, AR ‘74/LaSalle ’78 is the director of the well defined and structured Early Childhood program, Alpha House Nursery and Kindergarten at Holy Family University. They have four children- Manhattan, NYC attorney, Ryan, HGP ‘98/Notre Dame ‘02/ PSU Law School ’05; Asst. Director of Community Service at Fordham University, Caitlin, VJM ‘03/ Boston College ‘07/Fordham U. who is currently earning her Masters in Social Work; Patrick, HGP ‘05/Holy Family U. ’09 who is enlisting in the Navy; and Colin, HGP ’11 who assists his dad with marketing and computer work.

Gerald’s school life generally was “No sports, just NHS and tutoring programs, Student Council and academic stuff”. He totally loves his “people driven/relationship driven service business” and is proud to offer a full service brokerage to the community.
He feels that most people in their mid-50s do not have enough money to retire.
Are you still trying to get back to even? Do you need guidance despite the global doom and gloom stories where merely standing still looks like warp speed? Do you want your money working for you in a shrinking economy?

Part of financial planning is getting the right help from a top performer.
Gerald [meaning “ruling spear”] Becker understands investments, taxes, estate planning issues and he knows how to listen. Get Started! Make an appointment at GPB Investments, Inc. to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor.
Financial planning, at its smallest denominator, is essentially what you’d like to have and how you plan to achieve it. That may be oversimplifying things just a tad, but sometimes when you look at things void of all jargon, it’s a lot easier to understand it.
Take steps to empower yourself.
Financial planning means preparing for your future by making informed money management decisions in the present.
Identifying clear, achievable goals is crucial to a personal finance plan.
Come in for a Portfolio analysis. Of course your situation is unique, and factors such as how much time you have to invest and your risk tolerance will shape your investment strategy. You will be given timely individual advice. Shortfall? Kick it up a notch.

How are you going to cover your retirement needs? What do you have to do today to put your children through college?
Children are always asked what they want to be when they grow up. Doctor? Lawyer? Astronaut? As a parent, you want to make sure nothing stands in their way, especially something like finances.
Imagine your child coming to you with an acceptance letter from "the" college, the one he/she’s been dreaming of all through high school, the one that perfectly matches his/her career aspirations. Perhaps it’s even your own alma mater!
Only one thing could make you any prouder – knowing that you have done your homework, too. That no matter where your child is accepted or what financial aid is offered, you have the resources to afford the college of choice.
Just remember: Kids grow too fast. College is expensive. The time to start saving and planning is now.
Funding a college education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child, but unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive.
You're not alone if you think a financial goal like this seems intimidating or out of reach. Even if your goal seems overwhelming now, the proper planning and saving can put the cost of any college within your reach.

With tuition costs skyrocketing, it is important that parents start saving early for their children's educations. Powerful new investment vehicles including Section 529 college savings programs now join traditional investment options—savings accounts, taxable investment accounts, annuities, and U.S. Savings Bonds.
Section 529 plans may be the answer, starting with just $250.00! It’s designed to help families set-aside funds for future college costs, named after Section 529 of the IRS Code that created these types of savings plans in 1996 to be used to meet costs of qualified colleges nationwide.

Gerald exudes confidence, energy and ambition and he plans to make a significant difference in the rebirth of historic Bristol on the Delaware by dedicating his brainpower, working among the family businesses with long history and the new solid businesses established in the last 4 to 6 years. When he helps one individual, he not only helps him/her, he helps his/her children and the community surrounding that person.
He is a member of Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce and has applied to Bristol Lions Club and he attended the Wednesday Bristol Rotary Club meeting as a guest of Carol Mignoni Ferguson. Gerald will be participating in the Friday June 5th “Radcliffe Block Frank Sinatra Night” co-sponsored by Bob Angelaccio of Annabella’s and Maryanne Lalli of Cannoli Coffee bar & gelateria. He loves the waterfront of “Main Street USA”!

GPB Investments, Inc. is prepared to provide a treasure trove of cutting edge insights, priceless for the virtually clueless that are searching for comprehensive client service.
Most people are completely oblivious to their financial situation, and this leads to overestimating or underestimating the problem. Many have a difficult time looking at the reality of their situation, but if they want to develop a workable money management plan, then they absolutely must be willing to get a clear understanding of where they stand financially.

Wise people think before they act. Having a simple and clearly written financial plan is one of the key steps to getting one’s finances under control.
True financial planning is based on a long-term, one-to-one relationship with an established advisor and it involves a comprehensive, ongoing approach to managing all areas of your financial life
Gerald Becker takes a genuine interest in your financial success! He builds relationships through face-to-face interaction, and adheres to a strategy of recommending only quality investments that have proven themselves over time.

First, two words: don't panic!
It can be overwhelming to try to balance your goals - which makes it that much easier to put off saving for them. But also know that, with the right investment plan, it can be possible to live how you want today and also save for your future.
Achieving your goals starts with a strategy. Retirement should be a rewarding chapter in your life. After a lifetime of hard work, you should be able to finally do the things you've always wanted to do. Whether that means starting a new career, traveling, enrolling back in school or spending more time with family, retirement is an opportunity to enjoy the things that truly make you happy.
Unfortunately, retirement isn't a given. You need to have a solid strategy to help ensure that you'll have enough income to live comfortably after you stop working. Studies show that an alarming number of people are woefully unprepared for retirement.
You might think of your personal financial plan as a map that shows you how to save, spend and invest to reach your goals. Your financial plan helps you meet the financial needs you have today while you plan for tomorrow's dreams.

Your personal financial plan should be about you and your life.
That's why GPB Investments, Inc. takes a unique approach to develop a financial plan designed just for you.
Whether you've just entered the workforce or you're getting ready to leave it, retirement planning should always be on your list of financial priorities.

Mark June 18th noon at King George II Inn on your calendar.
GPB Investments, Inc. will be offering an education investment seminar, where you can learn the art of daily cash flow, with a complimentary full lunch. The keynote speaker will be Steve Newhouse of Claymore Securities, Inc.
Then, starting in July, Gerald Becker will offer a series of educational investment programs at 10:30 Saturday mornings with a complimentary continental breakfast.

The importance of early planning can't be stressed enough, but if you haven't started yet, no need to fret!
To learn how Gerald Becker can help identify and prioritize your goals and develop a plan to help make you more financially independent, contact him at:

GPB Investments, Inc.
Gerald Patrick Becker
President, GPB Investment Group
Financial Advisor, RJFS
101 Radcliffe Street
Bristol, PA 19007
Phone: 215.785.3500
Fax: 215.785.3502
Toll-Free: 866.844.3905

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