Favorites Galore “in Store”
by Cate Murway

Seasons change but the retail climate is constantly altering.
As retail competition increases, the survival of small retailers is threatened.
Historic Bristol on the Delaware store owners continue to provide outstanding customer service, offering quality merchandise, and demonstrating community involvement.
This results in business success for small retailers.

Stop in at Schmidt’s Flowers and ask Horace for a $2.00 map.
Stroll the entire town using the full-color accurate and readable street map of Bristol. It is marked clearly with historic sites, shopping centers and social service agencies, created by the late local graphic designer, Bill Zukor.

Some favorite shops include:

New Villagio
1500 Farragut Avenue

Are you a strong advocate of eating whole foods? A whole food is something that grows from the ground, or walks around on the ground, and is prepared with no [or very little] alteration of the ingredients.
Have you always had a
soft spot in your heart for
milkshakes ...
real milkshakes,
you know, milk + ice cream =
real milkshake.

The mastery lies in two things: good ingredients [ice cream is key] and proper technique.
New Villagio’s incredible individually blended to order milkshakes are the best - creamy, thick and made with real milk and high quality ingredients. Manager Jessica Walton can help you choose from hand-scooped strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and cookies 'n' crème. It’s a cool taste of reminiscence, not a facsimile of an American classic!
Caution- sometimes you have to go back for more.

Pass & Stow
204 Mill Street

Where did Jeffrey Harry “Jeff” Davis
get that name for his store?

When the Liberty Bell cracked on its first ringing, John Dock Pass and John Stow of Philadelphia offered to recast the bell in 1783 and their surnames appear inscribed on the bell. The bell continues to toll but let’s stop the style wars.
Jeff stocks authentic DISSIZIT! They are the Streets, Hip Hop, Graffiti, and graphic pioneers and apparently one of the only brands of unique artistic t-shirts, clothing and fashions that matter. San Francisco based headwear, the 100% wool New Era fitted caps feature embroidery on the front panel. They are the newest and coolest style.
Walls are decked with a diverse assortment of Jeff’s photographs and unique paintings
by creative consultant Thomas Rudesyle of T.R. designs, including one of the landmark Grundy Commons clocktower.

Take Five Video
400 Dorrance Street

Candy and confections are what make Take Five Video the sweetest place in Bristol.
It simply makes people happy!

Whether you call it penny candy,
retro candy, soda shop candy
or nostalgic candy,
Donna [Mazzocchi] Zuczek
can help you find all of your
favorites from the past.

Take a trip down memory lane and relive those sweet memories of the good old days.
Mike and Ike fruit-flavored jelly candy, similar to a jelly bean.
[Rumour suggests that the singer Ike Turner would shovel the beans into his mouth onstage whilst gripping the microphone with his other hand. An employee saw such a performance and the phrase 'Mike and Ike' was born.]
Mounds of milk chocolate Mallo Cups, milk chocolate coating containing coconut, with a whipped marshmallow cream center are tempting.
The color of the Pennsylvania Dutch Mountain Taffy is a little bit more vibrant and the taste is super fruity.
In 1900, Milton S. Hershey developed the recipe for what would become a great American classic with a taste as rich as its history.
But the Hershey cookies 'n' crème version introduced in 1994, is the first choice of Angela Bethea, BHS ’12.

Glamorous Life
125 Mill Street
Bristol, PA 19007-4806

According to the all women’s gym associate, Debra Joan [Debbie] D’Emidio, BHS ’82, Glamorous Life is “one stop shopping for women.”  Tanning, hair and nails services and clothing, travel bags and jewelry.
Welcome to the “charming” world of Trollbeads, where every bead has a story and every story has a bead. There are stunning new additions to the collection for the perfect jewelry statement for the fall. Choose from the richly colored Italian glass collection or the gold and silver beads.
Or design your own original Chamilia charm bracelet. Each detailed Chamilia design is made of Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold or a combination of both. You can change and re-arrange the charms in any position. It’s the perfect gift, and is compatible with the Trollbeads.
After you’re dressed and ready to go, consult travel agent Marisa Ann Pirri at TravelCity.
Everything at your [now perfect] fingertips!

Part of the local shopping appeal is that local merchants offer a less frenzied venue and a smile…. always a smile!

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