Focus Further on Favorites
by Cate Murway

Historic Bristol on the Delaware is worth a pause during your journey, wherever you’re headed! It proudly maintains its local character. The town is wonderful and it’s filled with great people who are intent on preserving a piece of historic Bristol heritage, not just saving endangered species. It’s unbelievable what can be accomplished when a group of people share a vision and are proactive in seeing it through. Some towns can be connected digitally yet very disconnected on a personal level. Saunter through the Borough where a spirit of community shines in the faces as residents smile with recognition and greetings are exchanged with warmth. Families go back generations and everyone knows everyone!

The seasons change but the connections remain constant.
Whether it's the long-awaited change of winter into spring, or the quiet fading of a fun filled summer into fall, for many folks the changing of the seasons means more than just vacation plans and a new wardrobe -- it signals the start of seasonal allergies.
Fortunately, relief is just the Mill Street Pharmacy counter away. Pharmacist David B. Cunningham carries a wide array of traditional medications to help.   215.788.88RX

Pick up some sunscreen while you are there! According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure. A sunscreen product acts like a very thin bulletproof vest, stopping the UV photons before they can reach the skin and inflict damage. Outdoor athletes are vulnerable to premature aging of the skin and skin cancer due to their constant exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Optimum sunscreen can decrease that risk. Those with sensitive skin may have a tricky time choosing a sunscreen that does not irritate their skin, but check with Dave, he can assist you with that also!
Rather than simply dispensing medication, this pharmacist is recognized for his cognitive and people skills. His very presence is an argument for local character over the bland big box.

“Top off” with a trendy “Mill Street Pharmacy” cap [in black or khaki] paired with stylish new shades to provide an effective means of protection from UVA and UVB rays and protect your eyes from the glare! “Head” out for a day of fun and stay energized!
A balanced diet and taking additional supplement nutrients have been shown to possess a variety of vital advantages for daily and overall health. Numerous studies have provided strong indication that taking vitamins on a regular basis plays a critical role in the deterrence of several degenerative and chronic diseases today. So, check out the vitamin aisle before you purchase the perforated plastic Wiffle ball and bat! Dave, a highly trained and skilled healthcare professional, offers the utmost quality products at an affordable price! Let the games begin!

Score tied! Time to trade the catcher’s glove for an oven mitt. Make it fun… make it a kitchen tool for one! Even a hand safety, heat-resistant potholder can be embroidered by Anne Walp at “Great I.D.’s by Anne”.

Perk up your kitchen with colorful spring accessories! New dishtowels in bright hues with custom personalized cheery designs and handmade functional Great Bay Bristol pottery stoneware, unparalleled in its quality, design, and reputation, make a unique addition for your display or daily use items.
Consider personalized aprons for the grill-master and his helpers and keep the heat out of the kitchen. Let them be caught “cooking up trouble”!
Make an “initial” impression! Pack a lunch for tomorrow’s adventure in a monogrammed cotton lunch sack, a stylish alternative to the brown bag [perfect gift for the person who has everything!]. Don’t forget a personalized beach towel, fleece throw, or stadium blanket [options are endless for a very personalized gift], just right for “snackin’ under a tree” in Lion’s Park [bring a thermos and the “Pilot”] and enjoy unequaled views of the Delaware River.
p.s. A treasured keepsake makes an ideal refined gift for the special women in your life on Mother’s Day, 5.10.09.
Little details make all the difference!

So does the perfect distinctive piece of jewelry! A statement of fashion and power, it enhances an outfit to complement the tone of every occasion. Carol Mignoni Ferguson, an owner of Mignoni Jewelry & Gifts knows that the giving of jewelry makes anyone feel pampered and special.       215.788.3243
Ask Carol about the Celtic jewelry from Shanore, the leading Irish jeweler specializing in handcrafted Claddagh rings, the symbol of love, friendship and loyalty with a contemporary Irish design and a traditional feel. Such a beautifully presented gift, rich in intricate and exquisite detail, will send the message to a loved one and say what no words can say.
Italian artisan hand-carved cameos, a miniature work of art having an exquisite classic beauty that has held the attention of generations, make memorable gifts. They're great for graduation, Mothers' Day, or a wedding anniversary.
“You never actually own a real hand carved cameo; you merely look after it for the next generation.”

As you enter Mignoni’s Mill Street store, Ireland can easily get you in her grasp while you listen to a compilation of original Irish songs.
“Hear the pipes, their sweet refrain, resounding o'er the glen” in your own home too with the fine CD of Live recordings,  “Hibernian Sessions” volume 1 “Live at the Hibos”.
One hundred and twenty five years after its formation in 1883, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division #1, is still a thriving organization with the oldest Hibernian Clubhouse in the U.S.A. The proceeds of the sale of this CD go to support the Hibernian Hunger Project, Project Children, Project St. Patrick, & the A.O.H. Division #1, in Bristol, PA.
So, pick yourself up a copy of this Limited Edition Release CD…[only $15.00] to support some great causes… and listen to some good fun Irish pub sing-along music.

Enrich your life a tad more with a wee bit o' Irish luck! Mignoni’s and the Auld Sod Export Company has made it possible for you to own a little piece of Ireland no matter how far you are from the Emerald Isle. Grow your own official Irish shamrocks [derived from the Irish 'seamrog' meaning 'summer plant'] with seeds and a 1-pound Pouch of “Official Irish Dirt”. No garden-variety gift for you, lassie!

While you are there, check out the new Byer’s Choice unique hand made spring collection figurines that feature women selling flowers and toddlers totin’ baskets. Amish Men and Women are among the special character pieces offered.
Everyday is a special day for someone!

Sometimes the simplest gesture can be the most meaningful.
A hearty potted plant, a bouquet of flowers fresh from the fields or a “thinking of you” basket packed with snacks from Schmidt’s Flowers make the most delightful gift and can truly make someone’s day!    215.788.0451

Spathiphyllum (spath-i-fie-lum), more commonly called the peace lily, is a tropical houseplant universally favored for its shiny dark green foliage and long white flag-like flowers. This easy-to-care for plant cleans the indoor air we breathe of many environmental contaminants and the white blossoms it bursts are up to six inches long and four inches across, unfurling atop green stems. It’s appropriate for any sentiment and is perfect for the home or office and can be delivered throughout the city and the suburbs. 

Ask Horace to include a full-color accurate and readable street map of Bristol with your gift. It is marked clearly with historic sites, shopping centers and social service agencies, created by the late local graphic designer, Bill Zukor. For information aficionados, the map also includes a summary of the borough's history and facts such as the population, the size and the curfew. Bill even included approximate driving distances to several cities, but who wants to leave historic Bristol on the Delaware?

The neighborly feeling of the Borough extends throughout the churches and the synagogue, community associations and businesses where the latest local happenings and chitchat aren’t hard to come by. You can even ride your bikes all over town with no worries!
Local shops do give the neighborhood their uniqueness and add character and diversity to the community. So, yes, enjoy the quirky sign and the coffee drink not made from a trucked-in mix. But take pleasure, too, in being well taken care of.
Historic Bristol on the Delaware is a small “walkable” town that is proud to preserve its history; artistic, and natural offerings, and showcase its individuality.
It’s a place the girl/guy next door proudly calls home!

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