“… A Few of the Favorite Things….
by Cate Murway

Historic Bristol on the Delaware is a prime small town ambiance location so near to the SEPTA regional rail line, within two miles of I-95 and the PA Turnpike and less than a mile from PA Route 13, and mere minutes from Philadelphia and Trenton.
Quaint and unhurried, it is much less hectic than neighboring towns and boasts a distinct charm all its own!
Under the crisp crystalline morning sky, this hidden treasure is dazzling and one can feel the breath of vitality. With the significant development spurt, the character of the town’s past history and integrity is retained with the considerable degree of period architecture, one is permitted a glimpse of a borough clearly interpreting the past and pushing toward the future.

The historic waterfront Bristol Lion's park, equipped with a Victorian gazebo and park benches, has unequaled views of the Delaware River. In summer, bands play on the lakefront at the postcard-perfect gazebo and plenty of low-key activities are available in this stunning location. Bring a thermos and the “Pilot” and enjoy a picnic lunch from a plethora of the corner store delis. The extraordinary estates along the river and the town's excellent handful of gem restaurants harmoniously entice one to a much longer stay than may have been planned.
It is small, friendly [bigger is not necessarily better]; everyone knows their neighbors and there’s a church on almost every corner.  It’s very soothing to hear the church bells! Locals rarely saunter past their neighbors without a hearty “how are you” and actually waiting for a response.  Wow, who wouldn't want to live here?

Stop into Another Time Antiques at 301 Mill Street.
When you come in, look down! Don’t forget to say hello to Bentley [yes, like the car!], Rich’s buddy, a chestnut & brown Miniature Pinscher.
Owner Richard Peter “Rich” Vallejo carries great gift ideas or just a well-earned present for yourself. Check out the Signature Aurora Lamps available in black, brass, bronze, pewter, antique taupe, and antique white finishes.
They use a light to melt the candle from the top down and no worries about remembering to trim the wick or blow out the flame! The lamp actually melts the candle from the top down releasing scents within minutes of turning it on.
Experience the revolutionary convenience of flame free fragrance throughout your home.  Plug it in, turn it on, and safely enjoy your favorite scented candle.
The lamps, paired with a white frosted shade that takes on the color of the candle, are designed to accommodate most 22 oz. and larger candles and Rich has an extensive collection of scented Yankee candles.
Try the “Café Au Lait” candle. Fill your kitchen with the warm and enticing fragrance of rich, fresh brewed coffee topped with milk froth and a dash of cinnamon!     www.bristolantiques.com

Get on the right track with an R & R Bagel at the Bristol Borough train Station.
Once relegated as a bland breakfast food, there are now more bagel flavors than you can imagine. R & R Bagels is home to at least 19 flavors of freshly baked bagels. There are too many appetizing types to TRULY declare a favorite, but a few exceptional choices are sesame, honey oat, Dijon rye, pumpernickel and multigrain.
Honey Oat with a whopping helping of Health Nut cream cheese is a perfect way to start the day and their homemade stuffed green pepper soup with rice is amazing!

Make your next stop at Cannoli Coffee bar & gelateria on 129 Radcliffe Street. Owner Maryanne Carla Lalli is always happy to help! She offers much of the artisan [high-up-there gelato, made from scratch] gelato. Stracciatella [chocolate chip] seems to be a keeper!
I enter her store with innate energy; so my favorite drink is the caramel, chocolate, vanilla or hazelnut “Nienta”, sugar free, fat free, caffeine free latte.
Mary Ann says, “why bother?” but it’s delicious with no sugar, no fat and no caffeine.
Try it with a homemade $1.50 cranberry scone.

Really hungry?
Mary Frances (MaryFran) Theresa Ziegler of Danis’ Deli and catering prepares delicious Danis’ Deli “secret seasoning” convection oven roasted chicken breasts. That and an AriZona RX Energy Herbal Tonic, a surprisingly good tasting invigorating energy drink, a natural blend of green tea, tropical & citrus fruits and vitamins A, C & E makes a terrific lunch to go. For those who prefer beef, try the roast beef special with homemade Cole slaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese on the best rye bread ever!

Enjoy dinner in a romantic setting at the Kelch House. Owner Dawn Kelch provides a wonderful ambiance and terrific staff! Chef John creates “intensely prepared foods with no fear in the cooking technique”. They offer such an imaginative menu; it’s quite difficult to make just one choice!
Try the New England Clam chowder! Cup $3.00 or take home a Quart $8.00.
Next Sunday, March 1st, from 4:00- 7:00p.m. “Just Let the Music Make You Happy”! Dine accompanied by the smooth vocalist, the versatile Jonathan Ashe, who brings forth one of the most distinguished voices and spirited guitar styling in contemporary music. He boasts a career spanning over three decades. His extensive repertoire ranges from outstanding originals to soulful renditions of select favorites from yesterday and today.
Call for your reservation 215.788.3850.  www.kelchhouse.com

Take a leisurely stress relieving sunset stroll after dinner. A mini-vacation is always extremely welcomed. The wharf sports new lettering and design created by Thomas Rudesyle, BHS ’90.  T. R. Designs  www.sharpwiththeart.com 
It’s pretty mellow there and perfect for kicking back!

The remarkable history, the picturesque scenery, the restaurants that overlook water are all wonderful but it’s the people who make it special. It’s all about connections. Traditions connect the community. You’ll feel it at every corner.
Visit historic Bristol on the Delaware for another healthy dose of small town America.

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