Fairfield’s Bird’s Eye View for You!
by Cate Murway

As unmanned aircraft fill the skies, fascination in the tri-state area has really taken off!
Drone content is going to be a massive part of marketing, adding a completely unique perspective to an experience. Innovative aerial videos and photographs have created a stir in the industry as they have proven, quite simply, to be the most compelling and engaging visual form. 
According to Skift’s Marketing Trends, “Visuals are the new language of the digital era.” This format attracts and engages more than text and stills, providing a new arsenal of communication to a vast audience with innovative video content and remarkably unique views. Surreal views, integrating both aerial and ground filming with a cinematic approach from every viewpoint provide a potent wow factor. A standard video or photograph simply would not do the same justice to the area or event nor capture the same attention.

James Carl Fairfield is a self described “Father, Husband, Photographer/Film maker/climber/former volunteer Penndel firefighter”. James goes beyond the “traditional” way of presenting any subject! He is an active part of the future in showing an audience innovative branding campaigns and area presentations from a prospective most likely never seen or even imagined. His use of drone footage enables one to visualize more comprehensive value and the very essence of a place or an occasion, driving engagement, reach, and traffic to the brands that hired him. The possibilities are endless to get shots that previously would have required the assistance of cranes or other additional machines and equipment.
The technology is transformative and cool, safety is a real issue and he is quite mindful of it.

James is “living life to the fullest”. Perhaps he is channeling his inner Wright brothers…..
He is a professional climber and photographer working the fields of Arboriculture, who started his career as a climber doing work in the Tree care world, Rescue world, Industrial world, and sport climbing world. James has always loved taking photos but never picked up a real camera until his veteran drill sergeant father, Sgt. 1st class Carl James Fairfield passed away, his father who carried a camera every place he went, through the war in Korea to photographing his grandchildren, he was never far from his Nikon. He served two Army stints in Korea and Viet Nam. “My dad owns 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Silver Stars, a Bronze Star, and several other awards. He was that kind of super hero.”

James still does full time tree work and industrial work for Lou Giroud Tree and Lawn Service in Huntingdon Valley. When he first started climbing at 17 years old, his friends would ask, “What do you do”?, so he began making films to explain what he did, basically making “how to videos”. Then he started filming around town and capturing event footage, including fireworks.
 “I had a camera before the drone but I’m a professional climber guy way more than a film guy!”
This certainly gives him greater agility to broaden the FAIRFIELDS of superb image rendering and gorgeous photography.

He grew up in Fairless Hills and he met his wife, Lauren [Brambani] from Hulmeville through a mutual friend. They are the proud parents of two sons Dylan [7] and Wyatt [3].
A Pennsbury H.S. graduate, James had played some school golf and volleyball and a little soccer. 
No track? “No, I ran enough in the Army”, he laughed.
Between his Junior and Senior years, James joined the Army. He was involved in Advanced Individual Training Civil Affairs [AIT], reconstructing areas after an attack and lessening the impact of military operations during peace. He was primarily stationed in Philadelphia. 
Thank you for your 4 years of active service and 2 years in the Inactive Reserves. 

He is armed now with his Nikon D750 FX-format Digital camera and his DJI Phantom III drone, working currently on crisp aerial views and images for promotional films/commercials for Brian Adams, proprietor of Trainpops Attic, LLC on Mill Street and for Jean-Marc Dubus’ incredible photographic captures and paintings. He lets his creativity fly!
“First there was Radio and then TV and then the internet to market and in the 1990’s, everyone opened their mail. Then there was You Tube and Facebook. People’s attention is shorter. I go where the attention is; short term advertising. That is where it’s at.
Once a platform is gone, I go to the next spot. I film in a good way that makes it pleasing.”

His goal has been to move his photographing and filming passions to a full time career.
Raising the Bar Chairman/ local author Bill Pezza asked him to showcase historic Bristol on the Delaware in a drone film for the “Small Town Revolution” winning celebration. 
The residents loved the film and it was viewed by former Bristolians and friends and relatives and friends of friends. “Oh my god, that’s my old town….”, so many views!

If your organization and its marketers haven’t yet started to use drone content in marketing and customer engagement strategies, it is not too late. This is still an unchartered territory.
Be cutting edge, NOT cutting corners. Fairfield Photography B.C. is determined to help you succeed.
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