Paddle with Driftwood Water Adventures
by Cate Murway

Water is the source of life, the mystical and indispensable primordial element. Its flow reaches throughout our worlds and even stretches our imaginations in the designing of a vast array of exhilarating ways to enjoy the outdoors while developing strength, coordination, and fitness.

Kayaking is an intricate dance of strokes, maneuvers and balance between person, boat and paddle.
Paddling a kayak is fun and it is a sport for water enthusiasts of almost any age! Do we really need any other reason to go kayaking?
It is the fastest growing sport, offering outdoor enjoyment, healthy exercise, active connections with friends, or solitude, fishing, a challenge, an adventure or just a peaceful escape. Kayaking definitely gets one much closer to nature than many other activities, while enhancing friendships and building camaraderie.
Plus, there are few activities that offer this degree of aerobic exercise mixed with the upper body conditioning in such a safe and predictable environment.
Or, if relaxation is the quest, relaxing and sitting in a kayak and watching the sun set over the water offers real stress relief.
If you’re not already crazy about kayaks … you will be.

“We’re in a river town; kids should be prepared and confident in the river”, states Patrick W. Mulhern, personal trainer and Bristol Borough native. Patrick and Robert Arthur “Bobby” Moyer are excited to share their passion for the outdoors and they are focused on delivering first class customer service, instruction and expertise. Bobby earned a Masters in Science and worked as a tour guide in the Everglades in Florida for many seasons. He and Patrick are avid scuba divers and experienced rescue people who became acquainted through kayaking and mountain biking at the Silver Lake Nature Center.

Their Driftwood Water Adventures, LLC is located in the Falls Township Community Park, where they offer rentals of kayaks, canoes, paddleboard/surf boards and standup paddleboards. Boats, sailboats and inflatable boats are also permitted on the clear, spring-fed 70 acre lake, with a great variety of birds, fish and turtles visible while you are on your water expedition. The kayak and paddleboard water fun tour schedule extends from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day for individuals or for groups of up to 15 [Friday 2-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11-5pm], then by appointment only. Call or email for details. Programs are tailored to accommodate any group!
“Let us make your group outing an awesome experience, from kayaking to paddle boarding, each group will receive a safety briefing and lesson.”

Driftwood Water Adventures is a gear outfitter, supplying everything needed including a personal floatation device, also known as a PDF, with an alerting whistle attached to the life jacket or life vest. “No need to lug anything; just pull up and we will train you.” Pat and Bobby are in the business of education. They will teach the fundamentals of proper technique and safety, and injury prevention.
Ask for a punch card for discounts for 5 sessions! 

What’s SUP? There are Paddle Fit [Stand Up Paddling] classes offered on Saturdays. Imagine a mix of Crossfit and stand up paddle boarding. This workout is 90 minutes of cardio, strength training and balance, all set to the beautiful background of water and sun, taught by a certified Paddle Fit instructor. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of stand up paddling or you want to train like an elite athlete now is the time. Learn to appreciate and take advantage of the natural terrain to enhance your workout experience, both physically and mentally.  
Kayaks and paddleboards are for sale as well.
The Falls Township Community Park also boasts a sand volleyball court, baseball field, basketball courts, two large picnic pavilions with a private shaded gazebo and two playgrounds. 

The Delaware River is the last major free-flowing River in the eastern United States, flowing for 330 miles through 4 states, 42 counties and 838 municipalities. Rather than serving as a dividing line among these communities, the Delaware River is a unifying element in the landscape.
Bobby is a 7th grade biology / life sciences teacher at Snyder-Girotti who zealously educates and advocates safety in, and the health of, the waterways. On Thursday, April 30th the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, along with Bobby and fellow teacher, Doug Braun, will board the A.J. Meerwald. They will leave from the Burlington side of the Delaware River for a 3-hour onboard educational program with some hands-on experiences with sailing, and valuable lessons on how to protect and defend the Delaware River. Preserving and enhancing the health of the River is critical for sustaining recreational uses and protecting the local economies that rely on it.

The two- masted 85-foot A.J. Meerwald is New Jersey’s official Tall Ship, added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 7, 1995. She is a restored oak hull oyster dredging gaff schooner, built in 1928 at the Charles H. Stowman & Sonos shipyard, whose home port is in Bivalve, Commercial Township, NJ. 

Driftwood Water Adventures is currently operating out of Falls Township Community Park but Patrick and Bobby aspire to be even more involved in historic Bristol on the Delaware as the waterfront docks are developed and further uses for the canal are explored.
Recreationally, there should be is no off-season for the Delaware.  

Driftwood Water Adventures
Falls Township Community Park
9021 Millcreek Road
Levittown, PA 19054

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