Is there a Doctor In Your House?
by Cate Murway

“Doctor, doctor, gimme the news
I got a bad case of virus flus 
No pill's gonna cure my ill                                                                                       
I got a bad case of needin' you”           

You’ve chatted with the computer techs, now speak with Dr. Bob. He has proficiency and a confident, calming PC side manner.  You will understand the diagnosis. No Geekeze! He has been practicing computer medicine, incorporating his extensive knowledge and experience since 1977. His certifications start with a Computer Programming Certificate from The Maxwell Institute, Norristown, which pioneered and helped to define computer education in the Delaware Valley by providing a full range of computer training services. Priced competitively, Dr. Bob makes house calls throughout PA and New Jersey and he is able to service national and international patients with unique and quick turnaround shipping. 
Bristol Borough resident, Robert Charles Strack, Jr., Bishop Egan ‘79/ Accounting & Business Administration BCCC’81/ Temple U/Rider U. /U. of Pa computer programming in 14 different programming languages / Maxwell Institute’83 really can heal sick computers and networks. Dr. Bob has extensive background and a working knowledge of old and new hardware and software. As a result, he can design and build any size system and solve any problem in existing systems.  

Early endeavors included starting as a mechanic and working up to operations and purchasing manager of Burlco, Inc. –the bicycle shops of Bucks County and Burlington County and Camden County Bicycle Centers until February ‘88. During this time, Burlco sponsored him to race bicycles from 1982-1986.  He also participated in the U.S C. F. [United States Cycling Federation] and the NBL [National Bicycle League], off road bicycle BMX racing and  NORBA [National Off Road Bicycle Association] mountain biking. He “shifted gears” and began a new venture as chief cook, manager, and bookkeeper at old time Daddypops Diner on York Road in Hatboro, which drew all kinds of hungry folks for breakfast and lunch ‘til two in the afternoon. The owner, his late sister, Elizabeth Mary [Beth] Smith, Bishop Conwell ’77 opened the diner in April ’87 but was diagnosed with a fast growing brain tumor, so just making lobster bisque soup, beef barley soup or his mom’s recipe beef stew quickly turned to operating the diner. He segued from chief cook and bottle washer to Dr. Bob through conversations with the patrons of Daddypops Diner. 

It became apparent that he had an unusual depth of understanding and knowledge regarding computers and software. None of the customers knew he had formal training in this background and they would watch in awe, sitting at the counter with a small stack of computer program manuals, waiting for him to emerge from the kitchen to spend a brief moment or two, giving them advice until he had to return to the kitchen to complete the current breakfast order.

As the knowledge of his combined expertise and acquired skills began to extend beyond the walls of the diner, he realized the time had come to forgo the security of a “regular” paycheck to venture out and officially enter the business world on his own. From the outset he was making house calls to local homes and businesses providing systems and services, ranging from grammar school “student computers” to state-of-the-art network business systems. 

He officially retired from cooking to computers in June ’00. Word spread quickly of his expertise in such a diverse array of computer science disciplines and his unusually accurate bookkeeping/accounting abilities and offers came in.  He possesses the ability to locate computer problems more effectively than most in his field and reconcile business accounts with the same accuracy of a high quality CPA, at a fraction of the cost. Oddly enough a major component of his success has nothing to do with computer science or math skills, but much to do with the art and science of human-to-human communication.

Quite often, when an individual, family or business has a computer concern, the technician or salesperson attempting to help will delve into a vocabulary known as “geek speak”. Dr. Bob invests in himself, attends monthly seminars centered on human engineering and communication skills. His approach is to treat your ailing computer or upgrade need just as a doctor would treat a patient, truly setting him apart. No matter how simple or complex you system needs are, Dr. Bob has been there, treated that. From simple upgrades to major repairs, he will deliver competent and reliable service. He specializes in on location repairs and system construction.

New service provided: Innovative computer-based Video Surveillance System for homes or industry. Ability to view monitored residential and business location via the Internet 24/7 with NO monthly monitoring fees.
Dr. Bob Computers also offers:  Computer Accessories, Furniture Cases, Keyboards, Mouse, Speakers, Headphones, Multimedia/Video/Cameras, Microphones, Monitor Covers, Mouse Pads, Game Controllers, and Software. 
Custom computer sales, installation and networking to computer repairs and refurbished computers for sale, Dr. Bob provides a full range of computer services to residential and commercial customers. 

Lyrics : Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) [sort of!]  Artist: Robert Palmer

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