A Lad with a Plan; Not a Flash in the Pan
by Cate Murway

It's not just the will to win,
but the vital will to prepare to win
that can make the difference.
No athlete could possibly enjoy a long, successful career
without practice and focused work on their skills.

John Joseph Doyle, Jr., BHS ‘13
has a passion not just for the sport of cross-country,
but for the process of self-improvement;
it's about winning--and that's about becoming the best
he and his team can become.
If you are not practicing, drilling and rehearsing every day,
skills will erode
and you will never be as sharp as you could be on a daily basis!

While others were possibly ‘sleeping- in’ this summer, this student athlete was initiating action by working hard on a project he located on Facebook to enhance the preparations for upcoming athletic seasons.
His penchant for success primed his creative approach to solving a workout room problem. He displayed a good mind and the ability to use it for the athletic program’s advancement as a determined leader seeking unique opportunities.

“With this grant to fix up our locker rooms which are dilapidated and embarrassing to whomever enters them as well as updating our equipment will bring our school and community together.”

John Joseph Doyle, Sr., the Technical School Representative on the Board of the Bristol Borough School Directors – 2011, proudly announced that his eldest son, John Jr. had prepared an essay entry into the RISE UP FOR YOUR SCHOOL contest, sponsored by POWERADE and ESPN.  His heartfelt essay earned Bristol High School a second tier prize of $2,500 to be used towards an athletic facility upgrade!

“With the districts funds restricted, pretty soon we may not have any sports left but with the grant from Powerade we can build a positive investment to us kids.”

John had started his High School sports career on the golf team but BHS cut the district’s golf program. No more golf program for the youngsters from Bristol schools who competed as individuals and as teams for fun and school spirit. He chose to play football last year but decided to join the cross-country team for his junior year with the intention of getting even more well prepared for his spring baseball season.

Head coach, James Esposito said, “John is a wonderful addition with his drive and determination. He is a leader on the team.”
Assistant coach Carl Vincent Waxmonsky, BHS ’06 stated similar sentiments. “He is a strong runner and he improves every week. He showed a strong kick at the end at the Council Rock Invitational. He is the first one at practice and the last one to leave.”

This ambitious and determined athlete has shown much promise his first XC season.
He understands the value of a good work ethic and individual responsibility.

“We have exceptional teachers, coaches and parents that want us to strive in all aspects of our education and goals.”

John, Jr. is the eldest of three sons born to auto technician, John, Sr. and Bensalem secretary, Sharon Caroline [Hall] Doyle. His brothers are Tyler Andrew and Brian Horace.

His life is busy and productive.
Besides running 5K courses, John is a lifeguard at Sesame Place and a BHS baseball pitcher/infielder with aspirations for a career in the medical fields.
He is a Student Council member, participates in Italian Club and the Model U.N.
John is a valuable member of Interact, one of the most significant and fastest-growing service club programs of the Rotary International, developing leadership skills and personal integrity. He has truly demonstrated his helpfulness and respect for others with his sincere concern for making things better.
The $2,500 grant he earned for his essay will make a difference.

“We can take pride in our school as well as providing the necessary facilities that are needed to perform and excel in sports.”

What would it take to change the weight room?
“New free weights, a new weight bench and equipment to strengthen the core” were the suggestions from XC Coach Esposito, a former BHS American History teacher and currently the 6th grade social studies teacher at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School.
Jim Esposito was the captain of his Bishop Egan XC team his junior and senior years, and he was named to the Bucks County Courier Times Golden Team Honorable Mention. He is well aware of the preparation necessary to compete in the 3.1 mile races.

John Doyle has pride in his school and has displayed his caring character by investing his energy and talents in securing the grant funding to make the athletic programs even more powerful.
At present, he is the 4th or 5th runner in the BHS XC pack, resolutely working his way to the front.
For the future, he is helping to prepare a network of empowered athletic individuals who translate their passions into success.

BHS programs are destined to be cutting edge, not corners!

italicized quotes are excerpts from John's winning essay.

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