Borough DVD has 'Big Picture' Implications
by Cate Murway

Developing video assets for historic Bristol on the Delaware is an essential part of a successful, informational, enlightening, and entertaining strategy that increases the social aspect of marketing. A well made DVD can explain volumes of copy in a much shorter and attention-grabbing span of time.
Promotions, especially in a small town, are often considered an entertainment event and this time historic Bristol will be given its turn in the spotlight.

The borough's exciting new marketing DVD is completed. The roll out event at the Bristol Riverside Theater consists of a viewing of the seventeen-minute program, followed by a wine and cheese reception.
The program, titled “Discover Us”, will be a source of pride for the borough as well as a highly functional tool to convey the idea to unacquainted outsiders that the wonderful, authentic little town of Bristol on the Delaware is a hidden treasure.
We're one of the area's best-kept secrets!
Realtors, service groups, tourist groups, historical societies, economic development players, relocation specialists, historic preservationists, and, of course, our Bristol residents are all invited to this enjoyable social event. Come join us for a most positive evening at the Bristol Riverside Theatre on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 as we facilitate a resurgence of local pride.
Come share your ideas about Bristol’s future and the role each of us can play in its progress.
Tickets are $10.00. They are going quickly so hurry! See you at 7:00 PM.

“Discover Us” will expose Bristol Borough’s unique cultural and historic assets and expertly promote the vitality and viability of this small town, emphasizing the fact that small communities accomplish big things.
The DVD will visually provide an inventory of Bristol on the Delaware’s physical, social, environmental and economical resources, capturing the color and flavor with a camera lens.
An appealing view of the charming architectural gridiron network of historic landmark manufacturing plants- the Grundy Commons is prominently displayed several times,
retail stores, commercial buildings, light industries,
school district and residences as well,
will highlight and give an insight into its amazing regional dimensions.
Call it 1020 seconds of a primetime Bristol presentation.

Many may be unaware of the amazing signature events and exciting weekend festivals and the plethora of local restaurants and businesses. Creative marketing can promote a prosperous and sustainable future by raising an awareness of Bristol’s physical environment.
Historic preservation, sustainable new development, and future planning all have a role to play in the success of a small town.
In the weeks to come, there will be a wide distribution of this powerful component.
It’s essentially a dream catcher production to showcase that Bristol is investment ready. An open mind will see opportunities that others may miss.

Local author William M. “Bill” Pezza, with his intellectual bent and quirky creativity, has thrown on some puffy director’s pants and is the DVD project manager, as well as the narrator of the DVD. He commented, "The goal was to create a program that advances the idea that Bristol Borough is a great place to visit, live or invest. From the early previews, I think we accomplished that."

Borough Council President Ralph DiGuiseppe, Jr. said, "When people visit Bristol Borough, they are pleasantly surprised by what they see. This DVD gives us the opportunity to reach out and invite people to give us a second look. I think the committee did a great job. Everyone who sees the video loves it."

The inspired, resourceful committee who spearheaded the production includes Bill Pezza, Bert Barbetta, historians/authors, Harold and Carol Mitchener, Corky Russell and Andrew C. Salerno.
This group is consistently updating their skill set and now they have taken the opportunity to put it all into action in this marquis piece of information, a useful mix of succinct copy with relevant images. Attention span is prime real estate.
No tactic is more engaging or persuasive that a properly crafted video and “Discover Us” is a key pillar to evangelize and spread a passion for the Borough.

Meanwhile, the Bristol Borough Business Association continues to promote the town and its businesses and attract consumers and new businesses to the Borough.
Visit them on Facebook. BBBA President, Steven J. “Steve” Corleto, proprietor of Mill Street retail stores, Barking Spyder Board Shop and Steve’s Tees, Awards and DeSigns announced that the Bristol Borough Business Association will randomly select one of their facebook friends to receive a FREE pair of tickets for the premiere of "Discover Us" on May 29th at the BRT.

Please contact if you have any questions, or call Bill Pezza at 267.251.2538 for additional information.
Tickets may be purchased at Great Id’s by Ann on Radcliffe Street, the Bristol Borough Tax Office on Pond Street, or at Mignoni Jewelry and Gifts on Mill Street.
To reserve a “will call” ticket from out of town, call 215.785.2350.

Tickets are $10.00. They are going quickly so hurry! See you May 29th at 7:00 PM.

Historic Bristol Borough
250 Pond Street
Bristol, PA 19007

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