Decorative Living is Stylin’ in Grundy Commons
by Cate Murway

Decorative Living is a significant name in the world
of home fashion. It has rapidly become
one of the sector leaders as a result of
its in-depth design research, technological innovation,
attention to detail and finishing, and strict quality checks.
Ira Russell Adler maintained focused actions to
realize his ultimate vision.
He moved his Decorative Living Corporate Headquarters
and Showroom into the impressive Grundy Commons
Industrial/Commercial Complex in historic
Bristol on the Delaware.
This site is 40% larger than he had,
to accommodate the company's continued growth
and he has designed the most optimal space
to continue to accelerate his unparalleled pace. 

"I am really enthusiastic about the new space. It was built to our specifications in the historic Bristol Clock Tower which is the symbol of Bucks County, Pennsylvania," said Patricia Bullock, national sales manager. "The 30-foot cathedral ceilings and industrial-style flooring allow us to work on plan-o-grams and make presentations that emulate both our traditional retail customers as well our specialty store partners."

Ira felt that he left a building that “was function, just a location for the business. It was cold.” The president/CEO added: "We have been looking a few years for the right location, and as soon as we walked into this site, we knew we were home."
Another powerful and synergistic partnership has been born in a clearly defined structure in an environment that empowers. The Grundy Commons welcomes Decorative Living!

Commitment is one of the most critical components of a thriving business relationship.
Ira has successfully combined his persistent attitude, dedication and desire with his core values of quality, integrity and service. His high performance visions, purpose, focus, and balance have been essential in launching this business.
Ira didn’t name his company “Ira’s” or “Adler’s”. He benevolently wants it to be more about the people surrounding him. He hopes that his team will benefit and gain by their contribution to this “family oriented” business. Cousin Michael F. Lodge, the E-Commerce Coordinator and Michael Yin take special pride in their work. Accountant Michael Kieser appreciates the “very friendly environment” and Winny Lu, the product development/ catalogue graphics and creative coordinator shared, “It’s like a family here. We’re very tight knit. It’s a nice environment to work in. The building has a lot of character.”
Ira is all about the stability, “family” part of business. Each member of the staff effectively assumes ownership for what they do, making a monthly personal visit to the specialty store partners to return with feedback regarding inventory items, colors and sales.
Nothing but utmost respect is shared among them as together they edge toward exponential growth. “Fred gets the vision we have and he did a great job.”
Jointly they have clearly and uniquely defined the location structure and Ira’s team can now provide each other optimal support in an environment that empowers.

“There is no short cut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation -- veneer isn't worth anything.”
George Washington Carver

NY Rangers fan, Ira lives in Holland with his Philly Flyers fan wife, Danielle and their 6 children. Eldest daughter, Rachel has been working alongside her father during the summer but she is now trading her workroom for the classroom. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Swarthmore and will begin earning her masters/ doctorate at the research Washington University in St. Louis. She will be challenged to seek new knowledge and greater understanding of an ever-changing, multicultural world.
Rachel is multilingual and she smilingly confides that her dad speaks “wicker”.
Only son, Greg, plans to major in education at Kutztown University.
Samantha [8], Sabrina [6], Sydney [3], and Skylar [2] provide the “Decorative Living” at their home. He exudes enthusiasm about life and living and it is apparent that his home and family are his strong focus. For summer family sun and fun, you can find them at the Breezy Point Swim Club.
Ira is passionate about his business but his leisure time is his family!
He shared, “People can feel the warmth in our residence; it is not just a house, it’s a home!”
Danielle cheerfully provides his “home support so he can do his thing at work and sometimes I can be a sounding board for his ideas.”
Ira brags just a tad, “Danielle is a great cook, an amazing cook in everything, especially her cheesecake. She makes healthy food still taste good.”

Ira grew up in Westchester NY. His dad Charles taught in the exemplary educational and advocacy fields at Lexington School for the Deaf. He wrote a book providing intensive job coaching with life skill preparation for the students. His mom, Lucille was a medical and school secretary.
His father’s family owned Adler’s Haberdashery and Adler’s Menswear outfitters in the Bronx and the Lower East Side. At one time, he told his dad that he would have loved to work in that store.
Ira shared his birth date with Levi Strauss [born Löb Strauß] who founded the first company to manufacture the quintessential American garment, riveted "waist overalls", the blue jean.
His younger sister, Jillian Deifik is the Decorative Living EDI Coordinator and she handles the billing from her home.

As a youth, he was “into all sports: baseball, football and basketball.”
He graduated from Brooklyn Tech, the largest specialized high school in the US that uses a system of college-style majors for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At Columbia University, he majored in Engineering Management Systems, a field that emphasizes both technology and management perspectives in solving problems, making decisions, and managing risks in complex systems.
Ira’s first job was computerizing the Décor Home Fashions Company, where he also had the opportunity to design some tablecloth and shower curtain products.
He started his Decorative Living, Inc. in 2003 with partners, and then in January 2007, he bought out those partners.
His daughter, Rachel started asking questions about his company, the business and the industry. He is proud of his corporation and he makes certain that there are “no games going on” and that they are “doing things the correct way”.
His company’s sustainable fashion products are original, creative, functional and environmentally friendly. He knows that all actions impact the well being of people and our planet.

Decorative Living has established a meaningful influence in the Natural Fiber Home Furnishings Industry with products being carried in nearly every major retailer in North America with significant inroads in Europe, South America and Asia.
Ira has a commitment to excellence. He finds the need and fills it.
“I listen to what people tell me, the buyers, the salespeople, the consumers, the families and I translate that into a product.”

His functional and decorative Bath/Laundry/Storage/ Home Office products and seasonal baskets and “Just 4 Kids” collections help organize in an eco- friendly way, using easily renewable indigenous resources. Natural, “green” fibers, such as leaves, weeds and quick-growing reeds are hand-woven by skilled craftsman from families doing this for hundreds of years. The natural coloration baskets are not stained but some are finished with non-toxic vegetable dyes.

Service to others is the highest purpose on earth.
Decorative Living does not use children as laborers in any country in which they do business, holding true to the American standard for child labor. Instead of one time charity, Ira has traveled to impoverished areas in Nigeria and Haiti and Kenya to teach the locals who get to work in a safe and pleasant environment, the proper quality controls to make their labor-intensive products in consistent sizes to be more marketable. The ancient tribal weave pattern of hapao rattan is very popular. He helps them create the ability to make their own income, long-term self-employment.

Interior décor like accent furniture, benches and ottomans, multi-drawer cabinets and end tables decide the comfort and utility of space. The craze to replicate the stunning, leaning toward the lavish homes in magazines, has been brought closer to reality with his “chic green solutions” and their aesthetic appeal that can transform a simple room into a classy one.
His “Where Function Meets Design” items are available at select stores all across the country.

The eclectic style is in. This is the time when colonial or antique furnishing embellishes the home alongside the contemporary materials that add a touch of “modern” to the décor. The colors in this season are bold, and the season determines the shade. But color is incomplete without the right texture in the decorative furnishing accessory that is clearly created with flexibility in mind.
Textures highlight the tones and enhance the look that is to be achieved.
Decorative Living is a premier source for stylish, quality home décor products that seamlessly form a magical weave of creativity and innovation.

Ira has succeeded in capturing the market with great panache and his inimitable style.

Decorative Living
Corporate Headquarters and Showroom:
925 Canal Street, Bldg 1, Studio 4
Bristol, PA 19007