Reaching for New Heights
by Cate Murway

Historic Bristol on the Delaware is a great place to live and Lorraine [Rutola] Cullen, BC /Ambler Beauty Academy wants to build on this pride.
“This is a jewel, we’re on the Delaware River.”
Bristol has a strong identity of its own with a geographic location adding to its attraction, offering art, entertainment, dining, interior design, health, fitness, beauty, culture, leisure, community events and organizations. The delights of this suburban living with the backdrop of stunning scenery boasts the Bristol Riverside Theatre and the Grundy Recreation Center Ice Skating Rinks, a wealth of historic homes, a diverse list of places of worship, and the Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Museum to explore. There are a plethora of incredible eating establishments, areas for picnics or casting a line by the river, walking the dog or taking the children to the fantastic playfields, coupled with good transport links. But the hidden gem of Bristol is such an eye-catching borough, one may not want to wander too far. “People don’t like to get far away from the Grundy clock!”

“There are places I remember
all my life though some have changed”

Lorraine [meaning "from Lorraine", the name of the province in France from which Joan of Arc who led her nation's army to victory came] will be on the ballot as a Republican since she received sufficient votes [DEM 338/ REP 13] in May to appear there. She ran unsuccessfully in the primary as a Democrat for the Bristol Borough East Ward Borough Council. Her intense convictions relay that she firmly believes that her role in life is to inspire and motivate and to raise the spirits of those around herself.
"It's a great opportunity," she was quoted as saying last spring. "I'm a Democrat, but it's obvious that the Republicans want me involved. I would like the opportunity to work with the current council, which has been moving the town into a positive direction."

It was while Lorraine was working at the polls, assisting constituents to register to vote that she started days of contemplation and soul searching, mulling over the idea to run for office.
 “Let’s go positive! We need positive representation from this end of town. I will work, work, work and not stop until things get done.”

The Cullen family IS Bristol.
Lorraine grew up on Mansion Street and her parents, Donald A. and Roberta [Casmirri] Young, BHS ’58 still reside there. Her sister, Leslie LaRosa [husband Bill, St. Mark School gym teacher] also live in the Borough.
Her husband, Steven Joseph, BHS ‘76  has been a Bristol Borough school board member for twelve years and has worked at Allied Electronics for over 30 years. 
Steve was one of four children of the late Frederick "Fritz" and Railroad Avenue resident, Margaret (DeMarchis) Cullen whose family business was the DeMarchis truck/tractor trailer repair and service center.
Bristol has always been home to he and his brothers, the late Theodore Cullen, BHS ’74 and basketball coach Fred Cullen, BHS ‘78 [wife Bridget] who is highly involved in the Borough Recreation Department, and his sister, Nancy [husband Chas].

What is most impotant to Lorraine?  “My children and my family.”
The Cullens are very family oriented and their holidays are an “Open House”.

Lorraine and Steve have been married for 32 years. Their first date was a trek
to the car wash with Steve’s new wheels, a mid-sized black Ford elite.

“There is no one compares with you
In my life I love you more”

Per Lorraine, a love of sports is engrained in her children.
Their eldest daughter is 4-sport “Athlete of the Year” Tiffany Jonelle, BHS ‘96/Rider U.’02, currently a NJ social worker. The younger girls “want the big trophy” too!
Drummer Taylor Julia, BHS ‘10 has also been named on the promising basketball players in the Eastern US list and the All B.A.L. teams.
Morgan Mary, BHS ‘11 plays field hockey, softball, and is a basketball guard.
Family conversations are free and ennobeling. Lorraine and Steve talk to their children about politics and democracy. Their mantra is “we take care of people”.
The girls volunteer in the community and at the town basketball camps. Their parents are their role models. Principles are their backbone.
Lorraine, a former Lioness, volunteers at Historic Bristol Day, was a St. Mark CYO basketball coach and is a supportive part of the BHS band boosters.

She started her training early of reflecting true spirit for Bristol.
Always a major encouraging factor for the Borough, young Lorraine was a cheerleader at St. Ann School. She read constantly and especially enjoyed the popular fictional young amateur detective mysteries about the feisty spirited Nancy Drew.
After graduating from the Ambler Beauty Academy, Lorraine opened her shop, the “French Manicure” on Pond Street and then proceeded to run her business with a partner on Mill Street until 1994. 

“Some have gone and some remain
all these places had their moments”

When her younger daughters became of school age, she started her current career as a part time para educator at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School. She then worked through the BCIU at BHS for 5 years. Lorraine has been an Access Paraprofessional in the Pennsbury School district at Pennwood Middle School for the last 3 years.
“I get joy every day from the kids and happiness from what they do!”

What is the best part of Bristol?
“The people, and the sense of community.” 
These are the golden threads that tie all hearts together.

Your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but also the quality of life you are after.
Lorraine has made her decision to branch out and make herself available for people’s concerns. Strong, active leadership is needed to promote our wonderful borough. She plans to help as efficiently and effectively as she can, in any way she can, by collaborating with the current council to initiate, design, and continue to build on the unique strengths of our community. Innovative ideas create jobs and make historic Bristol on the Delaware an even better place to work and live and raise children.
Her goals include working in cooperation and support of the police department for everyone’s safety. This is a critical element for the prevention of crime.

Bristol’s children are our future, taking the scholastic and recreation plans of refurbishing playgrounds forefront. Our children need schools that educate them to think and grow.
Lorraine is prepared to reach out to the school board and watch the taxpayer’s hard earned money. She is focused on not raising taxes to keep the town affordable, while still continually striving to improve the level of service that is provided for you, the customer. This will give our beloved town an edge over the competition and brace the ability for rapid growth.

“Though I know I'll never lose affection
for people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them”

Then, her focus is on more for the seniors in town who have given so much to this community. More leisure and recreation activities for these venerated citizens.
Passion makes anything possible. She lives by that code, which is why anyone would love to have her on the team.

The Cullen family is always all about Bristol.
And eating out in the Borough is never a disappointment!
Most days start at R&R Bagels. They provide an incredible fresh assortment for happy morning [and anytime!] noshing. 
When Steve and Lorraine are interested in fine dining or just good old hometown fare, there is a rich variety of cafés, restaurants and markets, most within easy walking distance.
Everything’s homemade and fresh at Annabella’s! Bob Angelaccio’s tomato pie reminds her of the recipe her uncle used when he owned the Bristol House. The Kelch House “dining masterpieces” includes a dinner favorite, their unsurpassed crab cakes. 
Doin’ dessert? Cannoli’s authentic Italian Coffee bar & gelateria café serves Lorraine’s favorite, basil gelato. This version evokes images of Italy-and summer-with the inclusion of fresh basil leaves. 
And then there’s always Lorraine’s mom’s homemade cookie “gems” or her renowned delicate Italian ricotta cookies. Makes you want to hurry back home!

Historic Bristol on the Delaware is a dazzling hidden treasure, clearly interpreting the past and pushing toward the future. One can feel the breath of vitality.

“The town is moving in a positive direction and I would like to be part of it.”

italicized lyrics from Lorraine’s favorite song, “In My Life” by The Beatles

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November 04, 2009
Campaigning pays off for write-in candidate 
By: Gema Duarte Bucks County Courier Times

Heavy campaigning in the East Ward paid off for Lorraine Cullen, who won Tuesday. In the primary, she lost as a Democrat, but won a spot on the November ballot with a successful write-in campaign as a Republican. 
"Voters in the East Ward are intelligent people," she said. "They don't listen to lies. They know the town is moving in a positive direction." 
Marucci received a lot of criticism after facing three criminal charges - filing a false police report, harassment and disorderly conduct - over the summer. Two of the three charges were later dismissed and he has appealed the disorderly conduct conviction. The charges stemmed from incidents with Councilwoman Robyn Trunell and her son. 
The newspaper was unsuccessful in reaching David Marucci for comment Tuesday night. 
Until last week, the East Ward seat was a battleground for three candidates. Independent Michael Gerenda dropped out of the race and threw his support behind Marucci. He even ceremonially removed his own campaign signs from his front lawn and replaced them with Marucci's signs.


 By staff

BRISTOL BOROUGH — Lorraine Cullen upset Democrat David Marucci Tuesday to become the first Republican in years on Bristol Borough Council. Cullen won a four-year term for the East Ward seat by a 592-472 vote over Marucci, according to unofficial Bucks County election results. Independent candidate Michael Gerenda finished third with six votes.

Likely contributing to the upset was Marucci's recent conviction on disorderly conduct charges last month stemming from an incident where he was accused of using “racial slurs.” The incident garnered the attention of the NAACP who rallied at Borough Hall last month. Bucks County Democrats soon withdrew their support, leaving him off sample ballots distrubted before the election.

Marucci has appealed his Sept. 9 conviction and has an appeal set for Nov. 20 at Bucks County Court in Doylestown. The political damage, however, is already done, and the Republican Cullen will join a trio of Democrats who were uncontested council winners Tuesday — Patrick D. Sabatini in the North Ward, Betty Rodriguez in the West Ward and Ralph DiGuiseppe in the South Ward.

In Bristol Borough’s other big contest, former Bristol Borough Police Officer Bob Lebo won the mayoral race by a landslide, garnering 92.7 percent of the vote. He took 1,729 votes to Independent David J. Armitage Sr.’s 136.

Lebo shocked many Bristol residents by defeating fellow Democrat and longtime Mayor Joe Saxton in the Primary. Saxton was an uncontested winner for a two-year term as Bristol Borough School Director.

“I will try to lead Bristol to a brighter future and manage the town and its services to the best of my abilities. I will try continuing progressing the vision of Bristol of being a thriving waterfront town,” said the new Mayor-elect Lebo. “I will also try to bring harmony back to Bristol. I love Bristol because it is a great town with great people.”

Defeated Independent David Armitage felt that he was not given a fair chance in the election:

“There has been too many things placed against me that are very hard to overcome. [Lebo] appeared twice on the ballot — as a Democrat and as a Republican. So any voter who votes a straight ticket, no matter who is running, will flip the lever for him,” said Armitage. “It is my feeling that if you have to run on both tickets, you are not sure of yourself.”

Lebo will officially become Mayor in January.

In other borough election news, Democrats Gary A. Tosti, Beverly Breslin Kalinowski, John A. D'Angelo, Ralph DiGuiseppe III were uncontested winners for four-year Bristol Borough School Director terms.

Democrat Rose Kirk defeated Republican Margaret Scordia for South Ward 2 Inspector of Elections, 106-46.

Other uncontested winners include Democrats Anna Bono Larrisey (tax collector), Bart Krause (North Ward Constable), Penney M. Yetter (North Ward 1 Judge of Elections), Albert Nelson (East Ward Constable), Steve Ryan (West Ward Constable), Tamara A. Pugh (West Ward 1 Judge of Elections), Palm E. Hall (West Ward 1 Inspector of Elections), Patricia Mancuso (West Ward 3 Judge of Elections), Mercedes Rodriguez (West Ward 3 Inspector of Elections) and Desolina Memmi (South Ward 3 Inspector of Elections). Republican Mary Ann Ennis was an uncontested winner for the South Ward 2 Judge of Elections.

All results are unofficial as of deadline. 
For updated results, visit 


Cullen sisters come through for the Warriors 
By: KEN MANDEL Bucks County Courier Times
January 31, 2010

The siblings combined for 25 of Bristol's 38 points in a win over Friends Select. 

BRISTOL - If a ball sailed through the air at Bristol High School on Saturday afternoon, it likely originated from a Cullen.

It also likely landed in the net for Taylor and Morgan Cullen, sisters and Warriors teammates. The siblings poured in a combined 25 points in Bristol's 38-35 win over Friends Select.
Morgan had 14, Taylor had 11, and they combined for five 3-pointers.
"I take a lot of shots and I hope they fall," Morgan said. "We're just trying to win as many games as we can."

The Cullens provided a boost to Bristol (4-9), who overcame an early 6-0 deficit to lead 31-23 at the end of the third quarter. Friends Select outscored them 12-7 in the fourth, but it wasn't enough.
"I always say first team to 40 wins," said Bristol coach Marty Moyers. "We always keep it interesting. Morgan and Taylor played up nicely today."

Better success from the foul line would have made for an easier afternoon, but the Warriors went 13-for-25, although a 5-for-11 from Friends Select helped even that out. 
"We missed 12 free throws," Moyers said. "Usually, we're not a bad free-throw team. The key is to get to the line. I'd rather have the team go 13-for-25 than 5-for-6, because then you have a chance."

Daniela Reilly returned after missing a game with a deep bruise in her elbow, and sank two free throws late, helping to keep the momentum on Bristol's side.
The Cullens did the rest, moving the Warriors within a win of securing a berth in the Pennsylvania Class A state tournament.
"Hopefully, we can be a hot team late and do well in the playoffs," said Moyers, of his team's final seven games. "We have hard-working kids. I'd like to have a 6-foot tall girl, but I'll take these girls any day. They want to do well. We did job of scoring when we had to and a good job running the clock out."

Bristol 38, Friends Select 35

Friends Select (6-9)
Wylie Wilson 5 2-5 12; Keara McLaughlin 4 0-0 10; Grace Finkbiner 3 1-2 7; Drew Colman 1 1-2 3; Kai Hardy 1 0-0 2; Sarafina Kietzman-Nicklin 1 1-2 1. Totals 14 5-11 35.

Bristol (4-9)
Morgan Cullen 5 1-2 14; Taylor Cullen 4 1-2 11; Nicole Cullura 0 8-14 8; Shydai Wessels 1 0-0 2; Daniela Reilly 0 2-2 2; Angelica Rodriguez 0 1-3 1. Totals 10 13-25 38.

Friends Select 7 6 10 12-35
Bristol 8 11 12 7-38
3-point goals: F-McLaughlin 2; B-M. Cullen 3, T. Cullen 2.

Margaret Cullen passed away Monday, March 19, 2018, 
at Aria Health Bucks County. 

She was 90. Born in Bristol Borough, daughter of the late Germanio and Philomena DeMarchis, she was a lifelong Bristol resident. Mrs. Cullen retired from Leedoms Carpet Mill, where she worked as an inspector. She was a member of the Lower Bucks Activity Center and enjoyed bowling, but most especially loved spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her husband, Frederick “Fritz” Cullen Sr., and her son, Theodore Cullen, she is survived by her children, Steven Cullen and his wife, Lorraine, Nancy Cullen (Chas Hopely), and Frederick Cullen Jr. and his wife, Bridgeta. She is also survived by her 10 grandchildren, Tiffany (Ryan), Frederick (Nancy), Kelly (J.R.), Krista (Rob), Jennifer, Christopher (Katie), Preston, Taylor, Ryan, and Morgan; nine great-grandchildren; her sister, Lorraine Paul; along with many nieces and nephews. In addition to her parents and husband, she was also preceded in death by four brothers, Dominick, Chester, John and Raymond DeMarchis, and three sisters, Antoinette Wood, Mary D’Amico, and Jill Britland. Relatives and friends are invited to attend her funeral service at 11 a.m. Monday, March 26, at the Wade Funeral Home, 1002 Radcliffe Street, Bristol Borough, where friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday, and from 10 a.m. until the time of service on Monday. Interment will be held in St. Mark’s Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Susan G. Komen for the Cure online at Wade Funeral Home, Bristol Borough

Lorraine [Rutola] Cullen
left to right 
daughters, Taylor – Tiffany – Morgan