Giving Life his BEST SHOT
by Cate Murway

The major difference between the big shot and the little shot is the big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting.
Zig Ziglar, Self Help Author and Religious speaker

The shot put is a track & field athletic event involving "putting" (throwing in a pushing motion from the shoulder with only one hand and kept in close proximity to the chin) a heavy 12# metal ball, the shot, as far as possible within a 40 degree sector at the front of the circle. The thrower must start the throw from a stationary position and leave the 2.135 meter circle under control from the rear half after completing the throw. Numerous rules to throw a heavy object into far places but apparently, [little D] David Cuevas, Jr., BHS ‘08 has mastered that set of proper techniques.

His supportive family includes his parents, [big D] David Cuevas, Sr., BHS ‘85 and Tammy Yvonne [Davis], BHS ’84 and his sisters, Victoria, BHS ’03 and Yvonne Marie, BHS ’06, who is currently attending DeVry University in Fort Washington.

Sports have always been a hefty segment of Dave’s youth. He played the demanding 1st base position in Little League Baseball, playing deep enough to cover as much ground as possible, while being shallow enough to make it to first base prior to a throw being made from a position player. Dave earned the “All League, All Star” team title for football defense line in the seven-team recently disbanded Independence League, a football-only league established about a dozen years ago for smaller schools. He also accrued the title of “Lineman of the Year” for BHS.
His BHS throwing coach is Reggie Stancil but Dave has also had the opportunity to work with Jim A. Bortz, Delhass H.S. ‘65/Temple University ‘71/ College of N.J. M.Ed ’75, the Holy Ghost Prep in Bensalem throwing coach. Per Jim, “Dave’s a wonderful guy; strong as an ox. Refreshing talking with him and it’s a joy to work with him. A very classy young man always interested in learning how to improve.” Coach Jimmy Jones, BHS ’59 shares, “He’s very conscientious, willing to learn, willing to listen!”

Listen he does! The BHS “Most Valuable Player” qualified for the State Competition at Shippensburg University by winning both the shot and the discus throws at the District 1 Track & Field Championships at Coatesville Area H.S. last May. One of his most powerful shots is 51’8 and a potent discus thrust is 142’03. He explodes with sheer strength and imparts maximum velocity to give his “best shot” and most daunting discus. The 3# 9 oz discus's distance is also determined by the trajectory the thrower imparts, as well as the aerodynamic behaviour of the discus. Dave works hard to hone his skills. This season, he has consistantly earned medals at the Boys' Indoor Track and Field  TFCAGP DIVISION II  competitions at Lehigh University.

He has another “secret” talent and he shared this in the 6th grade at the Snyder-Girotti Elementary School when he sang the National Anthem. He cultured his love of working on and racing cars under his [big D] dad’s guidance. Together they are working on a 1968 white convertible Chevelle that originally debuted for the 1964 model year as a mid-size automobile from Chevrolet and was one of General Motors' most successful models. The goal is to race in the “Super Chevy Show” at the Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA. Their collective efforts are also focused on a 1972 Datsun, the first Japanese collectible “Muscle Car”, to render an excellent performance classic that runs very strong, in great shape with sturdy engineering.

Dave is working to maintain an Honor Roll status and his favorite and best subject is Algebra2 Math. He loves BHS and the fact that he knows everyone and feels that the teachers and staff take the student “under their wing”. Mary [Younglove] Gesualdi, Bishop Conwell ‘68/Trenton State ‘77/ College of N.J Principalship ’85 taught [big D] David, Sr. “They are such a determined, hard working family. It is truly a pleasure to see their children becoming so successful.”
Several colleges have exhibited an interest in Dave, Jr. for football. He has received information from University of Pittsburgh, University of Maryland in College Park and Ursinus College in Collegeville. Track and field interest has come from the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD and the Robertson University in Colorado Springs.
Dave enjoys his time in the weight room, excelling in the bench press that has been considered one of the “core” weight lifting exercises for many years. He “plans his work and works his plan”, benching a maximum of 300# to strengthen the triceps, anterior and middle deltoids, pectoralis major and minor, and wrist flexors.   Throwing techniques are quite difficult to master, but David is determined to give them his “best shot”!

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David Cuevas, Jr.